REVEALED: Magu Of EFCC Joins Campaign Legions To Invoke “Death Wish” On PMB

Exclusive: By Staff Reporter From The Pebbles News

The Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is yet in another round of marabout and fetishist indulgences, which he feels are hidden from all.

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

The Pebbles News observed that Adenike Lucas, the Editor of an online news media, DENISAURUS News, who has been very vocal over several impunity and atrocities of perpetuated by Mr Magu, despite intimidation given to a popular blogger Abubakar Sidiq Usman “ABUSIDIQU.Com” on Monday, 8, August, 2016, when the anti-graft agency’s boss ordered his arrest.

Most gullible Nigerians have in a way lend deaf ears to the allegations so far levelled against Mr Magu, simply because they think and believe that judging a book by it cover is the best way to access the anti-graft agency’s boss.


On Thursday, 15 December, 2016, representatives from the upper legislative chamber had in its executive session deliberated on the suitability of Mr Magu to head the anti-graft agency.

Unfortunately, the “double-faced” acting EFCC Chair failed an integrity test, which the Department of State Services, DSS had subjected him to during a security-check.

As a result of the DSS indicting report, the NASS Senate rejected the Presidential Nomination of Mr Magu as the substantive chair of the EFCC.

Staffers of the commission say that the Senate’s decision gave a  new-birth to Nigerians and the International community


Running From Pillar To Post

Due to this development, Mr Magu has been running from pillars to polls, all in the name of seeking for redemption where there is none.

Even as some lobbyist have approached President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB pleading on behalf of the self-acclaimed anti-graft czar. Though, these set of Top Politicians forgot to realize that most of them seeking for Mr Magu to be renominated and represented by PMB, were themselves known to have some blemishes under their skin.

However, it was only one among all who had made effort to save Mr Magu of EFCC, though having moral standing and dignity, and a very close ally of PMB, that got the right information on what the anti-graft agency’s boss have been indulging since his appointment.

As a result, the said trustworthy personality made a U-Turn, and one of the Non-Governmental Organization run by the fellow, had dragged President Buhari to Court for the immediate sack of Mr Magu.



Meanwhile, Mr Magu having realized that there was no more hope to rescue his dead personality, has resorted to the use of “marabout and fetish” means, in order to cajole everyone whom he feels could be an impediment to him becoming the substantive EFCC chair.

The Pebbles News gathered from a reliable source, who is very intimate with the anti-graft agency’s boss that: “Mr Magu of EFCC was telling a friend of his, that he has been told by marabout, that even if anyone gives PMB any damaging information on him, ‘Baba will not be able to act.’

According to the source “they hope PMB’s health will fail and a Chieftain  of the rulling party has promised Mr Magu that should that happen he ~(Mr Magu) will have nothing to worry about.

The Chieftain believes that his loyal Top Government Official, will ensure Mr Magu becomes the EFCC Chair at the demise of PMB.”


A few months ago, it was reported that Mr Magu was moving from a spiritualist “Sat Guru Maharaj Ji” to other marabout.

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji

On this case, he was taken to the place of the spiritualist at Ibadan, Oyo State by his Chief of Staff who is a relative to Top Government Official. This did not end here, as Magu of EFCC also have been using a police officer he recently brought into the anti-graft agency from his state, to carry out further consultations on his behalf at various locations within Nigeria.



Magu: A Back Stabber

The Pebbles News is beginning to question, who between Mr Magu of EFCC and Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, really wish President Buhari “DEAD”? Could it be the former, who happens to be an appointee of PMB, yet  is stabbing the President from behind, all in the name of a worldly vanity as EFCC Chair. Definitely, insanity can only be the reason for Mr Magu’s actions. To think as a Muslim which he claims to be, and forgetting their tenets of “Destiny” as the cause of any occurrence, then Mr Magu of EFCC needs a mental re-examination.

The Pebbles News can recall that in January 2015, the present Governor of Ekiti State, Gov Fayose, had placed an advert in a mainstream newspaper, Sun News Nigeria. In that media newspaper, Gov Fayose placed an advertorial where he alluded that the North was so unlucky, as most of their past Head of State/ President, always end up dead. Inferring, that voting for PMB in the 2015 General Election, was akin to expecting death for President Buhari.


Now, The Pebbles News, seek from Mr Magu of EFCC to explain to Nigerians and Presidency, between himself (Mr Magu) and Gov Fayose, who is the sworn enemy of the President.

Sack Him Now

In the last two days, several Civil Society Organizations, CSO have called on President Buhari to sack Mr Magu of EFCC.

Some say, they are giving PMB an ultimatum or a Court Suit, while others insist it is becoming embarrassing to the Federal Government, as most international community may not take Nigeria serious.

These and many more were part of the warning that The Pebbles News recalled, was given by DENISAURUS News.

The ball is now in the court of President Buhari, if he chooses to remain silent, even after ridiculing the Offices of the DG DSS and Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, for Mr Magu of EFCC.

Another reliable source also says “It is very obvious, if all these diabolic acts of Mr Magu of of EFCC is coming to the public domain. No wonder at times, while we are in the office, our boss bring in some ‘strange persons’ into the vicinity, most especially weekends to carry out sacrifices.

We sometime wonder, where he usually gets such ragtag individuals, who actually look fetish and diabolical”.

Similarly an anonymous source who did not want to be identified says: “Unlike other Executives of the commission, Mr Magu is the most desperate for the position of the anti-graft chair. His desperation is like never before in the history of any law enforcement or security agency in Nigeria.

“This goes to show that, other than the ‘arrest and recovery’ gimmicks, Mr Magu of EFCC has an ulterior motive, which he is yet to hatch.

“We hope PMB gets to understand this, and not think anyone is against the Federal Government’s anti-graft war, as a reason for exposing the impunity and atrocities of our boss”

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