MARABOUT GUTS: Magu Of EFCC Says NASS Senators Are Bunch Of Rogues, While DSS Lacks Moral Standing To Accuse Him

Exclusive: By Danjuma Aliyu and Adenike Lucas, **DENISAURUS News

The rejected Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is cooking up new mischief, DENISAURUS News can reveal.

On Wednesday, Mr Magu who failed in his bid to become the substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency plans to arm twist the President into keeping him in the role of chair at all cost.

Three months after his first rejection, Mr Magu who performed woefully at his screening was rejected again by the Senate.

The Department of States Services, DSS stated that the anti-graft agency’s boss “failed the integrity test and that if confirmed, he could eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption drive of this present administration” of President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB.


But, Mr Magu who could not defend himself from the indicting report written by the Nigerian secret police still believes it is “right to head the commission.”

‘Desperate Magu’

EFCC staff have told DENISAURUS News that Mr Magu who is desperate to become the 4th substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency, has promised to do all he can to overturn the decision of the Senate.

A staff close to the Borno anti-graft chair explained that despite his rejection, Mr Magu “turned up at the office on Thursday, looking very pissed.”

According to the source, Mr Magu who has schemed many plans in the past so as to be confirmed “is so upset he was rejected, he has also promised to do a lot of damage to the PMB administration.”

The source who chooses to remain anonymous explained that irrespective of NASS Senate, DG DSS or whoever, Mr Magu says “he has come to stay with the support of people like Professor Itse Sagay, online media and Civil Society Organisation, whom he had favoured in one way or the other.”

Those present at the office on Thursday, heard him bragging about how his high and mighty friends were doing all they could, at all cost to get him to remain the head of the agency.

Despite being indicted by the DSS report, Mr Magu is so confident of retaining his post. He said even “President Buhari could not sack him from the EFCC.”

DENISAURUS News has learned that Mr Magu’s assurance of getting the job, despite his rejection by the Senate, comes from the fact that he knows that he has the backing of a top government official and he plans to consult other spiritualists over this matter.

Previous report  about Mr Magu’s marabout and spiritual activities and his death wishes for PMB, can be found online.



DENISAURUS News has been relentless in exposing the corrupt, Deputy Police Commissioner.

Over the past 12 months, the editor of this news site has reported and exposed Mr Magu through first hand evidence gathered from those working at the commission.

DENISAURUS News discovered a unholy alliance between Mr Magu and the arrested air commodore, Umar Mohammed, rtd. The DSS report went on to corroborate that both men were running a blackmailing syndicate with documents illegally obtained through the EFCC.

‘Self Interest’

Mr Magu is not really interested in the success of this administration,” an insider alluded, during a telephone conversation with DENISAURUS News.

The insider who has worked in the EFCC since 2003, explained that the recent interview where Mr Magu granted after his confirmation screening at NASS Senate plenary, was an example of how low Mr Magu would go to castigate those he perceive as his enemies.

As a result of his rejection, the staff said “Mr Magu has resorted to bad mouthing everyone and has told those close to him that he will definitely remain in the position no matter what.

“He is presently spreading all manner of wrong impressions to the public about PMB’s government.


DENISAURUS News has for the past 12 months revealed several allegations, made against Mr Magu, even from among his staff members. Some of the levelled complaints on the anti-graft agency’s boss included the bullying and victimisation of EFCC core staff, as well as destroying the career of virile staff of the anti-graft agency.

Information at the disposal of DENISAURUS News indicates that Mr Magu has been brainwashing and hoodwinking the gullible Nigerian populace. The anti-graft agency’s boss has alluded that it is because the NASS Senate and the DG DSS Lawal M Daura are “partying members in corruption”, that is why they do not want him to be confirmed as EFCC Chair.

As though, Mr Magu sees himself as the only “saint” that Nigeria has ever gotten to head the anti-graft agency.

Similarly, Mr Magu says he has a case against over 15 Senators out of 109 and that is why they don’t want him as the anti-graft agency’s boss.

But truth be told, whether Mr Magu is head of the commission or not, the anti-corruption war will continue. The anti-graft war will only be successful if the Federal Government of Nigeria under PMB did much to strengthen the EFCC as an institution, rather than individuals.

How can, out of over 180 million Nigerians, would the anti-graft agency’s boss feels that he is the ONLY Saint?

Mr Magu and his allies – Human Rights Lawyers/ Civil Society Organizations / Online Media such as Femi Falana, SAN, Prof Itse Sagay, CACOL, SERAP, Premium Times, Sahara Reporters, The Nation, CTV and others supervised by a Ruling Party Chieftain- are busy  are now misleading and misguiding Nigerians for their selfish gains.


Mr Falana, SAN, who happens to be a Rights Activist / Constitutional Lawyer, has become so engrossed in all of this antic. So much so that, the senior advocate, who was the same person that requested a ‘due process’ by NASS Senate in Mr Magu’s screening, is now going back on his words, just to find any loophole in favour of his paymasters against the NASS Senators.”

Reporters from DENISAURUS News learned that Mr Falana’s house in Maitama was bought by a beneficiary of the OPL245 Malabu Oil Deal.

DENISAURUS News is asking, is it the same Mr Falana, SAN, who agitates for the Principle of “Separation of Power” among the three arms of government that has now thrown away professionalism for the alleged piece of cake he gets regularly from Mr Magu? This calls for question on his acclaimed integrity on Constitutional Law.

Mr Magu had in a national TV, during NASS Senate plenary on his screening confirmation, with furiousness lacking decorum, wrongly accused the DG DSS of having a “questionable integrity” as a security and intelligence chief, hence the two reports on him (Mr Magu).

This utterance by the anti-graft agency’s boss, is quite broad, as he is also accusing President Buhari of lacking integrity for appointing DG DSS, who is one of questionable character that heads the Secret Police.

‘Fair Hearing’

DENISAURUS NEWS has also gathered from an authentic source, that in the course of DSS investigation on “power drunken” Mr Magu was given “fair hearing,” despite what the anti-graft boss would like people to think.

For instance, he (Mr Magu) was invited for interaction by DG DSS Lawal Daura.

The Junior Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Magu, arrived at the National Headquarters of State Security, NHSS and discovered that the DG DSS was a little occupied.

But instead of waiting a bit, while the DG DSS concludes what he was doing, he stayed for only five minutes and angrily left the premises of the NHSS.

According to those present, Mr Magu claimed he was a busy man. Unknown to Mr Magu, the DG DSS was viewing him from his CCTV.

Subsequent recall of Mr Magu or was made, the anti-graft agency’s boss snubbed the Secret Police Chief, claiming he cannot be reporting to that office and be kept waiting.

Insiders say: “Mr Magu’s pomposity is the beginning of his downfall, as he lacks humility and decorum to be EFCC Chair.”

‘Not Suitable For Chairman Post’

But in the light of the forgoing, DENISAURUS News has often revealed that Mr Magu lacks the decorum, to be the Chief Investigator of such an anti-graft agency like the EFCC. Else, how can one who aspires to lead the EFCC, makes such blunders and derogatory assertion, during his screening to become substantive EFCC Chair.

During his confirmation process, Mr Magu could not express himself. Even in past interviews, he was neither coherent nor could he articulate, his thoughts well.

Staff say they observe that when he was questions, rather than respond, their boss “was biting about the bush, scratching his body, pocking his nose and all features akin to a “demented” patient, needing urgent psychiatric examination.”

Yet, staff wonder how he has “the temerity to challenge an internationally recognised spy chief as DG DSS Daura.”


Meanwhile, a very confidential source who is a friend and associate of Mr Magu, but did not want his name in prints, has voiced out his thought on the non-confirmation of his close buddy.

He said: “I wonder why my bosom pal, would take this matter on his rejection for confirmation by NASS Senate, too far, knowing fully well that there are pending DSS allegations against him, uncleared”.

Staff members at the EFCC who are mostly victims of Mr Magu’s victimisation, have reached out to DENISAURUS News, appealing that their boss lacks; corporate culture, social intelligence and moral etiquette to be the EFCC Chair.

They therefore, urged President Buhari “to as a matter of alacrity, send a “fresh nominee name” to the NASS Senate for confirmation.

Many support the call for “the immediate SACK and ARREST of Mr Magu.

The Deputy Police Commissioner must answer for all his impunity, corruption, blackmails and atrocities committed outside the eyes of gullible Nigerians.”


They concluded saying: “He who wears the shoes, knows where it pitches”.



5 thoughts on “MARABOUT GUTS: Magu Of EFCC Says NASS Senators Are Bunch Of Rogues, While DSS Lacks Moral Standing To Accuse Him

  1. Our advice to PMB is that, irrespective of all the sordid utterance of PACAC Chair, Prof. Sagay, Femi Falana, Selfish CSOs; SERAP, CACOL, Online Media; Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, The Nation, TV Media; TVC, Channels, And selfish Politicians; Ruling Part Chieftain, Top Govt Official, Foreign Allies; Transparency International, etc, the President MUST be firm. As, most of these individuals/ organizations are sponsored by his selfish party members. If we Nigerians cannot interfere on Internal Security of foreign nations, PMB must be steadfast. As he must avoid rubbishing the DG DSS Lawal M Daura, who I doing all to protect the President, without attachments of any selfish interest. PMB must put a stop to all the mess, by Nomination of A new person, Qualified, with integrity and decorum, for NASS Senate Confirmation. Magu of EFCC is not #FIT to be the Anti-graft Agency’s Boss. Apart from the DSS Repot, EFCC Core Staff members are often bullied, victimized, framed up regularly with Impunity, using his Police croniea as allged by DSS.


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