London Bank staff Ayinbode, Galsinh, Omoregie, Jones, Facing Jail For Helping “fraudsters steal millions”

By Christian Smith

Four Lloyds bank workers are facing jail sentences for helping fraudsters to steal millions of pounds from rich clients.

Courtney Ayinbode
Courtney Ayinbode

Courtney Ayinbode, 29, Tajinder Galsinh, 35, Molly Jones, 24, and Benjamin Omoregie, 23, passed sensitive financial information to criminal gangs who went on to pose as customers and steal hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

One victim lost £750,975 in three days but a customer with a £3million saving account was fortunate and avoided becoming a target because another staff member became suspicious and called him.

Prosecutor Paul Cavin, told the Old Bailey said “Account with large balances – in some cases several millions of pounds – were targeted. An employee was recruited to help the gang. The insider would assist in breaching security protocols to steal the money.”

Kushveer Raulia, 25,operated a network of bogus companies which was used to launder the proceeds.

Mr Calvin said that the money eventually  the money “would disappear offshore. Once offshore it can come back onshore and nobody can trace it.”

Kushveer Raulia
Kushveer Raulia

Ayinbode, of South Norwood, south London, and Galsinh, of Hayes, were convicted of conspiracy to defraud. Hussain, of Romford, east London, was convicted of converting criminal property.

All four were released on conditional bail and sentencing is expected within the next three weeks.

Jones, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and Omoregie, of no fixed address, both admitted their part before the trial.


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