BOOK REVIEW: Adoke’s Memoir Confirms DENISAURUS’ Expose On “Corrupt” EFCC’s Magu

👤 Exclusive: By Adenike LucasDENISAURUS News 

Mohammed Bello Adoke, a former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, has stated schemes Ibrahim Mustafa Magu deploys in his pretence to fight corruption.

Mr Adoke, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, revealed in his memoir titled: “Burden Of Service: Reminiscences of Nigeria’s former Attorney-General,” detailed plans of how the anti-graft boss, cooked evidence in order to play hero in the fight against corruption.

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The former AGF, who is currently in self exile, explained in the 249 page book how Mr Magu, a man described as a “perennial offender” and a “liability to the corruption fight” by the DSS, had “taken the combined onslaught against my person by the EFCC and its Nigerian media propaganda arm – in collaboration with some sinister elements in the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) – to paint me this black.


He said: “the media and civil society collaborators may not altogether be blamed, considering the extensive grand plan of the EFCC. But they can’t be totally absolved either for not independently digging deeper. They have failed in their role to closely interrogate whatever they are being fed with. They must take responsibility for abandoning their sacred duty to humanity. They failed me by swallowing twisted facts hook, line and sinker, despite unassailable documents that I had placed at their disposal. My story here will, hopefully, offer the public the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and set the records straight.”

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Mr Adoke pointed out that an online media, which DENISAURUS News, which obtained a preview copy of Mr Adoke’s book – Burden of Service, has always stated, was worked with laundering the image of Mr Magu.

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DN01He said: “But first, it is important to understand the modus operandi of the EFCC as exemplified by the media reportage on the case they filed in court in respect of the OPL 245 transaction. On 21 December 2016, the EFCC filed a nine-count charge against me and eight others at the Federal High Court, Abuja.

“Curiously, it was only my name that appeared in the headlines of most news reports. That alone would make it appear to the undiscerning public that the entire court case was about me. The EFCC typically spins the focus of reports to suit certain narratives and leaks them to their trusted media propaganda arm, which in turn insinuates them through highly publicised channels. Soon their quarry makes the ‘Breaking News’ and then operatives of the EFCC will jump from their vantage corners to play heroes of anti-graft wars!”

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In 2016, the editor of DENISAURUS News, Adenike Lucas received vital information from the Commission staff about what Mr Magu was doing in running down the fight against corruption.

At the time, whistle blowers at the Commission argued that all the discoveries of “orphaned” monies in market, airport were all media propaganda. It was a ploy by their boss who was desperate for confirmation.

They also stated that “Mr Magu of EFCC resorting to providing false information to his cohort at the Sahara Reporters about senior members of the government.”

This would not be the only time the Borno born Commissioner of Police has leaked information against officials.

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A former President accused him of sponsoring an attack on his wife.

Segun Adeniyi, who is privy to the details averred that “sometimes in 2008, during the arrest of Mr Magu and certain devices recovered, my late boss, (Umaru) Yar’adua, had called my attention, and asked that we held a very private and confidential discussion.

“Upon which, my boss showed me a raw document with the inscription ‘Hajiya Turai Yar’adua is the President of Nigeria, and not her husband.’ This shocked Mr Adeniyi, who wondered why Mr Magu would engage in such media blackmail and Propaganda against the humble person of Late President Yar’adua.”

Similarly, Nigeria’s suspension from a vital financial intelligence unit, was down to Mr Magu’s leaking of sensitive information to media allies.

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DENISAURUS News is the first media house to report Nigeria’s suspension from Egmont a Financial Intelligence Unit.

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It is also the first to provide the DSS report against Mr Magu.

The paper which has a huge following online reported exclusively Mr Magu’s promotion as Commissioner, and became the first media house to report on the desperate act of the EFCC acting boss such as using marabouts to keep his job and bullying and victimisation of staff.

The claims of Mr Magu using marabouts to keep his job was also confirmed by Lawal Daura, erstwhile boss of the DSS.

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