Sahara Reporters Paid People To Protest Against Mrs Waziri In 2009, Now It Wants To Do Same To Saraki, Sources Bemoan


A top police source at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has revealed to this online news, how Sahara Reporters sponsored a fake protest against a former chairman of the anti-graft commission in 2009.

Sahara Reporters along with others in New York, plotted together to carry out what EFCC workers thought to be a revenge mission against Mrs Farida Waziri, who was on the mission to investigate a leading FCT Minister.

Eye witness say that paid protesters where made to carry placard with the words, “Ole (Thief) Yaradua and Waziri.”


Staff say Mrs Waziri who initiated the Assets and Forfeiture units at the EFCC, which is an influential tool in the current fight against corruption, was immediately transported out of the event.

EFCC workers speak highly of their former boss. According to them, “Mrs Waziri made provision for staff in a way that prevented them from seeking kickbacks from suspects.”

‘Where Is Mallam Ribadu’s Recoveries?’

Unfortunately, there are no records of assets recovered during the reigns of Nuhu Ribadu, the pioneer chairman. Mallam Ribadu is a close friend of the leading FCT Minister who was under investigations during the tenure of Mrs Waziri.

Despite many high profile cases of recoveries made by Mr Magu, the EFCC has been unable to convict any politically exposed person  during his watch as boss.

The EFCC’s acting boss, Mr Magu missed a deadline for the submission of a report on recoveries made.

The deadline for the directive given by President Muhammadu Buhari to all anti-graft agency was on April 7.

EFCC sources say, confirmed to reporters from DENISAURUS News that “SR sponsored so many attacks on the person of Mrs Waziri.

One said that the “reason was because the former Assistant Commissioner of Police was targeted for her failure to compromise. Hence, enemies of the anti-graft boss, with the aid of Sahara twisted a report that was used by President Goodluck Jonathan for her sack.”

This news outlet has previously reported the mischief of Sahara Reporters, which has constantly peddled false information about those it sees as enemies of its sponsor, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Mr Magu was rejected by the Senate following an indicting intelligent report it received from the Department of Security Service, DSS.

Following his woeful screening last month, Senator Saraki was unable to confirm the nomination of Mr Magu.

In retaliation, Mr Magu’s online ally has conducted a smear campaign against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his colleague who represent Kogi West, Dino Melaye.

DENISAURUS News understands that Sahara Reporters are now planning to organise a protest against the Senate President when he visits Houston, United State, next month.

‘No Rift Between Executive and Legislative’ – Senator Saraki

The senate President has doused rumours of a rift between the executive and legislative.

In an interview with Arise TV, Senator Saraki said their suggestion of a face off between both arms of government was “noise,” adding that the relationship between the National Assembly and executive was not based on one individual.

He went on to explain that Mr Magu’s rejection had not soured the relationship between NASS lawmakers and President Muhammadu Buhari.

When asked about a committee set up to reconcile the legislative over the issue, Senator Saraki said none had been set up.

“I’m not aware of the committee, I think it was announced after a cabinet meeting, but since then that has not happened,” he said: “May be on second thoughts, I think the question to ask is, is the committee really necessary? Besides, when the relationship was not as good as this, when we had major issues such as the budget (last year), we didn’t have a committee.

“So this can’t define the relationship between the executive and the Senate based on one nominee, because we are addressing more important issues.”




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