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Former Business Secretary, Vince Cable To Contest In Snap General Election

By Abdul Tukur

Vince Cable, the former Business Secretary, plans to contest for a seat in the surprise general elections, which the Prime Minister announced this morning.

Sir Cable, 73, a Liberal Democrat who once formed a coalition with the Conservative Party, stated on Twitter that he would stand in Twickenham, a seat he lost in 2015.

Theresa May took over from David Cameron last year. Today’s announcement was made, despite several assurances from Ms May that she would not call for an election before 2020.

After making the announcement at Downing Street, aides of the Prime Minister say she will not take part in TV election debates.

Critics of Ms May say she wants to dodge appearing alongside her main opposition Jeremy Corbyn who has made this government take several U-Turn over the months.

While confirming his decision to stand, Sir Cable says he “plan to lead fight back to recapture Twickenham for Lib Dems. Brexit. Heathrow. School cuts. Social care. Plenty to campaign on.”

Other Lib Dem veteran who have been re-selected includes Sir Ed Davey, Sir Simon Hughes and Mr Julian Hupert.

Labour MPs such as Harriet Harman, David Lammy and Catherine West are all seeking re-selection.

However, their colleague, Tom Blekinsop and Alan Johnson have decided to step down.

The election is scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Meanwhile, charges could be brought against 30 Conservative MPs over election fraud that took place in the last General Election,

A spokesperson of the Crown Prosecution Service said the announcement of the snap general election would have no impact on the timing of decisions on whether to press charges.


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