By Adenike Lucas

“He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.” Ibrahim Mustafa Magu wants to head the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, but his hands are really soiled.

According to staff who have spoken to Adenike Lucas, Editor of this news website, for over seven months, Mr Magu is ‘neck deep’ in corruption.

READ – https://www.abusidiqu.com/acting-efcc-chair-magu-alleged-to-be-neck-deep-in-corruption-to-take-promotional-exams-this-week/

They say that he “lacks the decorum” and is not suitable to hold the prestigious position of chair, because he is “corrupt”, “an angry bully” who is “intolerant to professionalism.”

EFCC staff added: “Mr Magu is not fit to lead the commission because of the challenges he has in presenting himself to the public.”

Those present at a Lagos symposium where Mr Magu presented a written paper ‘This Is Our Chance’ questioned the authenticity of his University Accountancy Degree.

One person said: “when you ask him, sometimes he’d say he went to Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria another time, he says he graduated from University of Maiduguri.”

Another lambasted him for not being able to read a well written paper that was given to him days back. They say he has “become an embarrassment to himself and the government.”

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/09/20/civil-society-group-want-president-buhari-to-order-the-immediate-release-of-dss-report-on-magu-of-efcc/

Staff also complained that Mr Magu who can barely write or articulate himself, tends to pass oral instructions to them, so, when things go wrong he is not held responsible.

They cited the incident that happened at the National Assembly where Mr Magu had authorised the EFCC National Assembly Liaison Officer, Suleiman Bakari to decorate Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, as “Anti-Corruption Ambassador”.

READ – https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/news/1846-ekweremadu-not-efcc-s-anti-corruption-ambassador


Mr Magu has a short fuse and would normally use profane words at staff. Many times, he threatened to slap them up. His latest outburst against a senior staff was reported in this blog in December.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/13/irate-magu-of-efcc-exchanges-harsh-words-with-commandant-of-academy/


Staff who had complained about their “angry bullying” boss pointed to an interview which Mr Magu granted to Channels TV, Sunrise Daily, where he was vexed because a journalist had dared to ask him about the relationship he has with the Attorney-General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN.


CSP Iliyasu Kwarbai, a known friend of Mr Magu who knows most of his atrocity is reportedly at loggerheads with him.

DENISAURUS NEWS learnt that Mr Magu of EFCC accused his police lackey (CSP Kwarbai) of orchestrating a plan to oust him and take over his position as the chairman of the EFCC.

Consequently, Mr Magu has decided to transfer CSP Kwarbai out of Lagos office of the Commission, where he was the Deputy Director of Operations and Head of Operations in the Lagos Zonal Office of the EFCC, back to Abuja without a portfolio.

Similarly, Mr Magu accused him of refusing to breach the Public Service Rule, by recalling staff who are legally on annual leave to resume back to the office.

CSP Garba Gulum has assumed the role of Acting Head of Operations Service.


Information at our disposal revealed that Mr Magu is planning to mobilize groups to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over the rejection of his appointment by the Senate.

DENISAURUS NEWS has decided to report this following his past antecedent of using media allies, such as Sahara Reporters, SR and some paid Civil Society Organisation to disparage PMB’s appointees and associates in the past.

In the past, Mr Magu wanted to hold a conference where he would bash the President over his failure to interfere with NASS over his confirmation.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/11/11/efccs-ibrahim-mustafa-magu-to-hold-conference-to-bash-pmb/

Mr Magu of EFCC went from bullying and victimising staff, to several attempts to lock PMB against his appointees and associates and giving ‘false information to his New York online media ally, SR for publication.

They say aside to providing regular update to SR, Mr Magu was passing “documents which he usually provides for his predecessor, Ibrahim Lamorde for his further directives on how to scuttle some cases on behalf of the latter.



Information gathered by this blog revealed that Mr Magu  might have ordered some policemen to the Former First Lady’s house located at Igbeti Rock Street, Maitama, Abuja.

This blog learnt that the EFCC is the only law enforcement agency investigating Mrs Jonathan but we believe this raid was illegal as source have revealed to this blog that the house was unoccupied at the time it was raided on Wednesday, 4, January, 2017.
It’s common knowledge that a law enforcement agent must not proceed to search a property without the owner of the house. A search  warrant is also needed for such operation but police officer who carried out the search failed to secure one.

The reason for this illegal action, we are told, was for Mr Magu to embarrass this government led by PMB and to create more chaos in the Niger-Delta, in order to divert attention from him.


An investigation carried out by this blog has exposed much reasons to why  Mr Magu should not be made the substantive chairman of the EFCC.

Our allegations received the backing of the Department of State Security, DSS who made similar claims against Mr Magu.

The DSS report was what made the Senate to reject the nomination of the Deputy Police Commissioner on Thursday, 15, December, 2016.

READ – https://denisaurus.com/tag/senate-rejects-magu/


On the 2nd of August, operatives who had approached were elated when their complaint about their boss was published by popular blogger Abubakar Abusidiqu Usman.

READ- https://www.abusidiqu.com/efcc-boss-magu-commences-total-war-core-efcc-staff/

Unfortunately this led to the arrest of Abusidiqu. EFCC staff discovered that their Borno born boss had ordered the arrest of the publisher and blogger.

READ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-37024062

Mr Magu having seen the reaction of Nigerians over his combo style arrest of the Kogi publisher decided to travel out of the country in a bid to absolve himself from the situation.

Staffers believe Mr Magu had decided to arrest Abusidiqu in order to frighten them from speaking again. But, this plan only made them more determined to speak out.

On October 11, EFCC operative revealed to DENISAURUS News that the boss of the commission was “selling out lies about senior members of the cabinet,” in his ongoing blackmail for confirmation.

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/10/11/magu-of-efcc-plots-with-sahara-reporters-against-pmb/


On May 21, 2016, the Department of State Services, DSS arrested one Air Commodore Umar Muhammed (rtd), who was a member of the Presidential Committee on Arms Deal.

The suspect was arrested at his Maitama residence in Abuja for several allegations, bothering on money laundering, illegal possession of arms, running a blackmailing cartel, possession of unauthorised documents from the EFCC, arms deal panel and the office of the President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB.

The DSS report corraborates our findings about how Mr Magu was living in N40 million house paid for by the Mr Mohammed.

We reported a group who insisted that Mr Magu had given the contract for the renovation of a residence, he recently moved to at Maitama, Abuja to the tune of N43million to the Air Chief.

A source within EFCC say, Mr Magu of EFCC has abandoned the house for rats and cockroaches, for fear the DSS may use this as exhibit linking him to the Air Commodore. And on that premise, advised that the president should relief Mr Magu of his appointment.

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/11/24/magu-of-efcc-cited-as-an-accomplice-to-dss-detained-air-commodore/


Mr Magu began to put pressure on members of the National Assembly before the House went on recess in July. The Borno born hoped that by doing so he would be called for screening once parliament reconvened in September but so far pressure from various civil societies has prevented NASS from screening Mr Magu.

EFCC sources have constantly spoken against Mr Magu who tried to blackmail prominent Emirs from the North. Mr Magu said to be under pressure to be confirmed began to bully core staff when things stopped going his way.

It is stated that Mr Magu of EFCC’s callousness and power drunkenness had known no bounds since he assumed as the Acting Chair of the anti-graft agency.

An example of his “power drunkenness” was when Mr Magu of EFCC clamped down on a popular blogger, Abusidiqu “Abubakar Sidiq Usman” in August 2016.  Abuisidiq had published a report made by staff who accused their boss of bullying.


Mr Magu has refused to promote core staff since assuming the role of acting chair. Despite making many redundant, the EFCC boss went on to hire 750 new operatives.

Senior Officers approached Mr Magu to advice him on the need to promote staff whose promotion were long over-due but instead of taking actions, he transferred, suspended or sacked them.


An on-going recruitment revealed that Mr Magu has lodged two prospective candidates in a hotel. Mr Magu plans to illegally put them into the commission.

This news blog took the decision to stand in solidarity with the Managerial Core Staff who accused Mr Magu of frustrating their efforts before they all resigned en masse.

In the process of giving fair reporting, the Editor of this website approached the EFCC for a comment about the allegations, but instead of granting the request, the EFCC ignored us, only to then claim that some dark forces bent on preventing Mr Magu’s appointment had created the story about the mass resignations.

On the 14th of November, an investigation conducted by a main stream newspaper confirmed our reports about Mr Magu.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/11/14/new-report-proves-denisaurus-was-right-about-magu-of-efcc/

READ – http://www.dailytrust.com.ng/news/general/magu-the-trial-of-efcc%20boss/171413.html#FpG7JBXlQqFTO0zm.99

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/05/magu-of-efcc-is-a-deceptive-cunning-bullying-and-blackmailing-chair/


Magu’s attempt to blackmail First Class Emirs- in Prolonged Battle For Confirmation was documented by this blog.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/09/07/efcc-magu-seeks-ally-in-media-begins-blackmail-of-first-class-emirs-in-prolonged-battle-for-confirmation/

READ – http://politicsngr.com/efcc-boss-magus-plan-shield-nass-member-embroiled-n15-million-bribe-exposed/

READ – http://www.nigeriatoday.ng/2016/10/exposed-how-efccs-magu-and-sahara-reporters-peddle-lies-to-the-media/


For example, quoting the spat between the EFCC boss and the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Abubakar Malami who ordered an inquiry into the death of Mr Desmond Nunugwo, the EFCC source confirmed that Mr Magu was indeed angry about Mr Malami’s decision to investigate the matter he was so desperate to have swept under the carpet.

“Think about it, when the acting Inspector General of Police (Ibrahim Kpotun Idris) promised to investigate pension cases in the EFCC, Mr Magu decided to tarnish his reputation by planting false stories in spaces managed by his online loyalists in New York,” the source went on to add.

Also, it was pointed out that a recent recommendation made by the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Mr Abubakar Balarabe Mahmoud SAN had also upset Mr Magu of EFCC. Mr Magu was enraged by the call for the review of the Prosecutorial Powers of the EFCC.


In a leaked tape Mr Magu, called Ibanga Akpabio, the younger brother of the former Akwa Ibom State Governor and current Senate’s Minority Leader saying: “can you see this stupid boy, he is serving a reminder.”

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/10/26/audio-tape-reveals-magu-of-efcc-secret-deals-with-ibanga-akpabio/

Mr Magu of EFCC went on to give assurances to Mr Akpabio, who was a Personal Assistant to his brother, Senator Godswill Akpabio “that he’ll plan for it. ”

Many believe that the anti- graft acting chairman (pictured) has been a stumbling block to the fight against corruption.


Fresh information about the desperation of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu to become the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been obtained by this blog.

The new information which was passed on to reporters at DENISAURUS News, on New Year’s day shows that some powerful old politicians are pressurising PMB to ensure he retains Mr Magu, who was rejected by the Senate following a damning report written by the Director General of the Department of State Security, DSS.

A source who crave to remain anonymous, named a one-time Vice Presidential candidate who served as Secretary to the Federal Government, SGF of Nigeria in 2007, as one of the “powerful old politicians” who were working behind this scheme to force PMB into ensuring Mr Magu remain the substantive boss of the anti-graft agency.

DENISAURUS News can authoritatively state that this top politician, who is also from Borno State like the rejected EFCC acting boss, is no other than Baba Gana Kingibe.

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2017/01/02/pmb-denisaurus-expose-on-magu-of-efcc-a-whitsle-blowing-not-corruption-fighting-back/


So desperate to be confirmed and having failed with all other plans, Mr Magu seem to have enlisted a new means to achieve his aim.

The recent and most catastrophic antics of Magu of EFCC is the use of a sensitive Unit in the Agency to “BUG” the phone lines of PMB’s appointees and associates, and thereafter, Furnish SR with information to blackmail them.

Where nothing is found as in the case of the CoS Abba Kyari, DG DSS Lawal M Daura, Gen. Abdulrahman B Dambazau, Alh Mamman Daura, Lt. Gen. Tukur Y Buratai, the duo conjured their own stories and the aim was to tarnish their image to the public and to PMB himself.

Government sources say that Mr Magu is fighting perceived enemies who he believes are agauinst his confirmation. EFCC staff collaborate this argument adding that MR Magu of EFCC realised that PMB’s Associates have known his true colour, and do not want him to keep deceiving them nor the Nigerian populace.

READ: https://denisaurus.com/2016/10/31/magugate-efcc-staff-tell-acting-chair-to-give-account-for-himself-instead-of-using-sahara-reporters-to-respond-to-allegations-reported-in-denisaurus/


EFCC staff have been told by close acquaintance of their boss, that Mr Magu plans to deal with them as soon as he is confirmed as the substantive chairman of the commission.

READ – https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/31/magu-of-efcc-plans-to-deal-with-core-staff-if-confirmed/


Staff has advised President Buhari, that he should listen to his appointees and associates, to inculude AGF Malami, DG DSS, Lawal Duara et al, and not all those lobbying for Mr magu to be retained as chairman of the EFCC.

Except if PMB wants to ridicule and embarrass his strong confidants as mentioned above, in favour of Mr Magu who is silently destroying and embarrassing the President behind.

They say: “many Nigerians supported and believed in the work of DSS on corrupt judges, so would we rather discard that of DSS report on Mr Magu to favour self-centred politicians who are lobbying for him?”

They say this “is left for the President to decide.”


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