EFCC’s Ibrahim Mustafa Magu To Hold Conference To Bash PMB


The Acting chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is to hold a conference later this morning where he would bash President Muhammadu Buhari for refusing to interfere with NASS over his confirmation.

Mr Magu had hoped to mark his first year in office with the confirmation of his appointment as substantive chairman, but this was not so as DENISAURUS News found that mounting evidence of corruption against the executive of the anti-graft commission had caused many to call for an investigation into his activities.


DENISAURUS News was reliably informed that PMB as he is fondly known, was handed an extremely damming report by the Department of State Security, DSS  about Mr Magu.

Following the DSS’ disclosure and a six month report by the Editor of this news website, Nigeria’s Commander-in-Chief, known for his total dislike for corruption was not able to push on for Mr Magu’s confirmation.

This has obviously angered Mr Magu who has fooled everyone into thinking he is working hard, yet has not gained any serious conviction aside to the  cases he inherited, which our informant says were practically set in stones.

An EFCC source present in a meeting called by Mr Magu a few days ago revealed that Mr Magu would be holding a conference in a few hours from now, where he would bash the President who he wanted to apply pressure on NASS for his confirmation.

At the conference which is meant to be attended by ambassadors from different embassies, Mr Magu wants to portray that PMB as slacking in the fight against corruption.

Government sources say that PMB questioned why screening was not done before appointment was made to Mr Magu. However, an EFCC cadre let it known to us that those backing Mr Magu, had prevented the DSS, the security outfit powered to screen public officials in Nigeria from screening him before he was appointed by the President in November last year.

One person conversant with the matter said the incriminating report from the DSS, along with various complaint of corruption made by Core staff members against their boss was the sole reason the Borno state indigiene had not been confirmed by legislators in the Upper Chamber.

The person points to recent reports given by media allies of Mr Magu about his stalled confirmation and insisted that Mr Magu’s anniversary gift was prevented by the level of corruption cases linked to him.


“Psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning”.

For those who know Mr Magu, he is the master of Psy-Ops. His inability to convict those Politically Exposed supected to be involved in serious corruption cases in his one year  tenure has led many to question whether the fight was just in the media.

According to staff, Mr Magu has kept the pretense by enlisting media allies. It is the same news outlet such Sahara Reporters that have been calling for Mr Magu’s confirmation, but an official said it was a sign of desperation, adding that “there were ulterior motives to this. Mr Magu’s main focus should not have been about his confirmation.”

“Whether as acting or substantive, Mr Magu’s concern should have been about fighting corruption not how long he can stay in the job.”

Personal friends of Mr Magu  say “covering his back” as lead to his desperation for confirmation. They say Nigerians should “forget all the nonsense in the media. Mr Magu has not been confirmed because of the amount of corruption cases linked to him.”


Mr Magu has gone from bullying staff members, to several attempts to lock PMB against his appointees and associates and giving ‘false information to his New York online media ally, Sahara Reporters for publication.

They say aside to providing regular update to SR, Mr Magu was passing “documents which he usually provides for his predecessor, Ibrahim Lamorde for his further directives on how to scuttle some cases on behalf of the latter.


EFCC operatives have spoken about how desperate their acting boss is to get confirmed as the substantive chairman of the anti-graft commission. Many of this report have been detailed in this news blog.

Inside sources say that the Deputy Police Commissioner having failed in his bid to blackmail PMB, arranged for Civil Society Organisation to write a petition demanding his confirmation.

It has been revealed that owing to the astonishing exposé by this blog, Mr Magu  is making last minutes place to leave the country.

Indications points to the fact that the anti-graft agency’s boss is planning to disappear from the radars of Federal Government.

Before doing this,  Mr Magu plans to hold the conference, where he will tell the world that he has done very well – more than all his predecessors put together, and wondered why President Buhari doesn’t want to appreciate his work for a confirmation as substantive EFCC Boss.

This was revealed from a very reliable source within the EFCC, as they said “Mr Magu of EFCC had called for a meeting of his Lieutenants to brief them of the possibility of anything can happen”.

Our sources conveyed that the EFCC Acting chair was looking  at alternative way out  because “more and more persons are coming out to expose most of his (Mr Magu) illegal dealings in the anti-graft commission.”


The Editor of this media platform disclosed an audio tape were a senator’s brother boasted about his relationship with the EFCC acting boss.

The audio tape which must not be ignored, proved what staff have reported to this blog on how Mr Magu has stalled the President’s war against corruption with his dodgy back handed deals with those being investigated.

Those who have spoken out in the past about his blackmails, impunity and bullying of Core EFCC staff at the anti-graft agency say he is trying to “makes out to people that he worked hard but was not confirmed hence PMB is not serious with the fight against corruption.But in reality, Mr Magu has failed to get any major convictions outside the cases he inherited which were already set in stone.”


A police source said “the revelation that got Mr Magu more demoralised, is the exposĂ© on the diversion of N18billion ‘Police Intervention Fund’ under the Ex-IGP Solomon Arase, which was reported to the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit NFIU, but Mr Magu concealed and protected him”. The source said it would be wrong to ask the same Mr Magu to investigate such a case after IGP Ibrahim Idris concludes his preliminary investigation.

Most importantly, those who have spoken out say “Mr Magu has become a bone in the neck of his staff, not for making them do the right thing, but for terrorizing them as the boss.

They say that the recent resignation of Core EFCC Managerial Staff, which he ‘shamefully denied,’ despite glaring evidence and his plea for one of the most hardworking and dedicated one to return, are the nails he used to seal his own coffin.

As well as the deceptive arrest of Ibanga Akpabio, brother to Senator Godswill Akpabio, who recently exposed him in an “audio leak” which went viral.

Senior staff say they will continue to call on the President, the Attorney General of the Federation AGF to come to their aid in order to bring back the good name of the anti-graft agency as set-up by its founding fathers.

Citing the popular adage, “he who wears the shoe, knows where it pinches,” they say they are in the best position to talk about Mr Magu’s abuse of power and corruption as they see it every day.


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