EFCC CHAIR: Magu’s Second Confirmation Letter To NASS Senate Was Forged, Sources Say

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

The second letter forwarded to the NASS Senate, asking for the confirmation of the Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu was forged, Government sources say.

In December 2016, Mr Magu’s name was sent to the NASS Senate, for nomination as substantive EFCC Chair.

However, following an indicting report from the Department of State Services DSS, the anti-graft agency’s boss was rejected.


First Nomination

Evidently, it could be recalled that at the first instance when the name of Mr Magu was sent to NASS Senate, the DSS had yet to complete its “security check”.

However, DENISAURUS News gathered that it was when President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB had travelled to the United Kingdom UK for medical check-up in June 2016, that Mr Magu’s name was delivered to NASS Senate for confirmation.

This was with the order of a top government official who is a sympathiser to the anti-graft agency’s boss.

Regardless, the NASS Senate went on to reject Mr Magu during an Executive session based on the DSS Report.

The DSS report was enough to reject Mr Magu, but following a clamour from Nigerians, the Presidency ordered an investigation to allow fair hearing for the Acting EFCC chair.

Hence, being that the NASS Senate represents Nigerians; the senior Federal lawmakers retracted their decision, and allowed for the Presidency to re-nominate Mr Magu for consideration, the second time.

In its effort to uphold the will of the people, by carrying out her Constitutional Right and in adherence to the principles of “Separation of Power”, the NASS Senate decided to embark on the second screening of Mr Magu.

This time, the screening was conducted with “due process” at Senate plenary, for all Nigerians and the world over to see the performance and inefficiency of Mr Magu.

Even though Mr Magu and his online media allies tried to deceive Nigerians, by claiming that if their paymaster was rejected by Federal Government of Nigeria, the Foreign organisations did not.

A spokesperson for the anti-graft agency, Wilson Uwujaren made out that an anti-corruption agency in the UK; Transparency International had endorsed Mr Magu, despite his rejection.

This claim was quickly denied by TI-UK, after an exclusive inquiry by DENISAURUS News


Forged Letter To NASS Senate

DENISAURUS News has been reliably informed, that the letter requesting for the nomination of Mr Magu for the second time to NASS Senate in January 2017, when President Buhari proceeded for another 10 days medical check-up in London, was entirely forged.


A source expressed that “The President did not write the letter that was sent to the Senate.”

He explained that: “For confidential, urgent and emergency circumstances, the President signs a few copies of letter headed papers. While he was away one of the letter headed paper, were illegally obtained and used to draft the letter to the Senate to ask for him (Mr Magu) to be screened for the second time.

This is contrary to the recently leaked memo, with evidence to support allegations against Mr Magu by DSS, which the Attorney General, and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, would not have professionally cleared him off.”

Another person said: “You will agree with DENISAURUS News that, when Mr Magu was rejected earlier in the first instance by NASS Senate, the tough and incorruptible President Buhari, had ordered Mr Malami, SAN, to carry out a thorough investigation on allegations of corruption against his appointees, Mr Magu and Babachir David Lawal, the Secretary to the Federal Government.

“However, feelers believed that the AGF Malami led probe, must have exonerated Mr Magu, hence the reason the name of the anti-graft agency’s boss was re-nominated by the Presidency for a second round screening to NASS Senate.”

For the record, DENISAURUS News has been unable to find any memo, letter, briefing and broadcast where President Buhari cleared Mr Magu on any of the allegations.


DENISAURUS News was told that the “person, who sent the letter to the Senate, authored it himself.”

DSS Insists On Allegations

Recently, a DSS report to Mr Malami, SAN leaked to the media. From an examination of the report by DENISAURUS News, the memo was sent to the Office of Attorney General/ Minister of Justice in December 2016, after the first rejection of Mr Magu, and at the commencement of the AGF Malami’s probe.

EFCC staff are asking “Nigerians to be fair, honest and sincere with their conscience. Do you think with such kind of Memo from DG DSS Lawal M Daura to AGF Abubakar Malami, the later would throw away professionalism and gross act of corruption against Mr Magu of EFCC, at the instance of damaging the integrity of President Buhari? That is impossible.

“Also, we like to ask Nigerians again, that as meticulous as PMB is, as known by many, would the DSS had written any Report as weighty as that of Mr Magu, yet the Commander-In-Chief not being aware?

“That is also impossible! No nation has Security and Intelligence bodies/agencies, yet ridicule their report and the C-In-C being prevented from having a fore knowledge. NEVER, it is not possible.”


DENISAURUS News has made a recap of events, which had been reported on its site over a year ago, on the illegal activities of Mr Magu. This includes victimisation and bullying of staff, high level corruption, blackmail of officials/ suspects under investigation, divulging official information to online media and allies (Sahara Reporters SR, Premium Times PT etc.), among other several allegations so weighty, that cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, the purported second letter sent to the NASS Senate for the re-nomination and confirmation of Mr Magu, was allegedly doctored by top government officials, who took advantage of the Health Condition of President Buhari in January 2017, by clearing the Anti-graft agency’s boss, in a way, to tarnish the image of PMB in the eyes of the Nigerian populace, thereby rendering the Credible image of PMB questionable.

“This is obvious, after all the DSS allegations indicting Mr Magu, yet purportedly, it was made believe that President Buhari had listened and read the response of Mr Magu, but did not find the anti-graft boss wanting. This is ridiculous!”

DENISAURUS News gathered that some supposedly top appointees of President Buhari, whom a Party Chieftain had compromised, are the brain and arrow head behind the doctoring and forgery of the second letter from President Buhari to NASS Senate, for the re-nomination and screening of Mr Magu.

According to an investigation carried out by DENISAURUS News in third quarter of 2016, Mr Magu had pledged a full loyalty to the said Party Chieftain, where he was giving assurance that in the event of any hurdle or impediment from angles of President Buhari or NASS Senate, all mercenaries of persons/group/media war would be deplored to either do image laundering or embarrass the government of President Buhari.


Mr Magu’s Degree Certificate Questionable

In another development, DENISAURUS News has been reliably informed, that Mr Magu did not study B.Sc Accounting from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, like he claimed.

Authoritatively, it was gathered, according to close associate of the anti-graft agency’s boss that “the EFCC acting boss did not actually attend the degree program he claimed. Rather, it was the degree result of his late cousin, who happens to bear similar family name with him, that he is using.

“As a result, Mr Magu made me understand that it was quite difficult scaling through school that time, hence the decision to cut-corner for soft landing when he joined the Nigeria Police Force NPF.

“Are you not surprised, during his (Magu’s) screening at the NASS Senate, an Accountancy Degree graduate, being unable to respond to the question on the sum so far recovered by the agency under Mr Magu’s leadership?

“Even if he could not be certain, possibly that at the time he was at NASS, Mr Magu should know the last recovery by the EFCC.

“Leave the DSS Report out of all these noise, my friend disappointed me, with his incompetence, which I believe a junior Operative at the anti-graft agency, would have been more prepared after this long space in between his confirmation. I am so much ashamed,” the source intoned.

The source added that “in the past he (Mr Magu) was known as Ibrahim Magu, but when appointed, he introduced ‘Mustafa’ into his name so people would not know he was using his cousin’s certificate.”

The DSS must ascertain the genuineness or otherwise of this allegation, as Mr Magu might think he can hoodwink and cajole gullible Nigerians, but a Security and Intelligence agency like Department of State Services, DSS cannot be ignored.

DENISAURUS News whose steadfastness in exposing Mr Magu, has never been compromised, remain adamant and is in support of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB.

This news site would ensure that devoid of any form of sentiment; it will expose anyone who tries to undermine the effort of PMB in salvaging our damaged country.

Similarly, DENISAURUS News will always be behind the EFCC core staff, whom from start have had confidence to trust, believe and confide on us, hence the success recorded thus far.

Fair Hearing 

“He who comes to equity, Must come with clean hands”. Let President Buhari do the needful, and not be swayed by blackmail, threat, and sabotage in any form or manner.”

To confirm all the DSS allegations against Mr Magu, DENISAURUS News have gathered that, for whistle-blowing against all the corruption, victimisation, bullying and impunity perpetrated by himself (Mr Magu) and predecessor, Ibrahim Lamorde, some EFCC Core staff had been victimised by Mr Magu.

Owing to the fact that he (Mr Magu) fears that their exposé, would further reveal his impunity and penchant for sabotaging the government of President Buhari, on the fight against corruption.

In other words, staff say, “Mr Magu detests the presence of whistle-blowers at the anti-graft agency, hence his suspension of some senior officers as alleged, without pay, salaries and allowances, for over 15 months till date.”

EFCC core staff have made several petition to President Buhari, about what they have suffered in the hands of Mr Magu.

They said when people speak on having ‘Fair Hearing’, Mr Magu should rather shut his mouth, and remain silent until the DSS arrest him and he is jailed for all his atrocities, against PMB’s appointees and associates, as well victimisation and bullying of EFCC core staff.”

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