Irate Magu of EFCC Exchanges “Harsh Words” With Commandant of Academy

Editor, Denisaurus News

The “Power Drunk” Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is alleged to have taken his anger out on one of his lieutenants.

The EFCC acting boss has been reported for desperately working to be confirmed as the substantive chair of the anti-graft commission.

This blog has given an accurate detail of his desperate act and demanded for a report from the Department of State Security, DSS be released. This call received the backing of a few senators on December 5th.

Sources within the EFCC believe this has further unsettled their boss who is now not trusting any one at the commission. They say the latest person to feel Mr Magu’s wrath was a Senior Officer, among the new Senior Police Officers.


Insiders say Mr Magu is playing the blame game. The Deputy Commissioner of Police got into a physical war of words with an officer he had brought into the anti-graft agency recently to head the EFCC Academy, Abuja.

EFCC sources present when the spat  with Mr Magu and Kaigama Bunu, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP took place, said Mr Bunu was so vexed, he walked out of the commission.

Defending Mr Bunu’s decision to walk out, a source close to the ACP told DENISAURUS that “the most paramount reason for the grievance between Mr Magu of EFCC, and the Commandant ACP Mr Bunu, is simply an accumulated acrimony.”

Some staff members say that “the commandant had queried why the anti-graft agency’s boss moved the training of newly recruited cadets out of EFCC Academy, Abuja to Nigeria Air Force Training Institute, Kaduna State.  

They say the move was accuring unnecessary cost to the anti-graft agency more in terms of finance, owing to the current recession.

Accordingly, another source also say “the commandant was disturbed, by the huge sum of over N500m which Mr Magu spent without prudence in just few months, despite the existing ‘International World Class EFCC Academy Abuja’, upgraded by the Ex-EFCC Boss Mrs Farida Waziri.”

This it was said, angered Mr Magu of EFCC. The Borno indigiene began to “use obscene words on the commandant, due to his ‘power drunkenness'”.

Reports came in few months ago about the resignation of five Core Managerial staff. It was noted in that part of the complaints given by the resignees was the “I Know It All” syndrome of Mr Magu, and the way and manner in which he bambooze operatives into doing the wrong thing and later denying them.

This was seen in a more recent of this type of scenario, which staff reportedly saw during a public embarrassing case that happened between Mr Magu of EFCC and the said ACP Bunu, who is the head of the EFCC Academy, Abuja.

Insiders say “Mr Magu of EFCC had through his usual way, tried to alter the activities of the commandant on the ongoing training of New Cadets of the Anti-graft agency.

“This Mr Magu, intends to do by pushing for his ‘Recruitment Lobbying List Candidates’ to be endorsed into a training gone far.”

Our informant said the Officer who spoke to Mr Magu, warned that failure to heed his warning would “amount to bringing out half-baked Cadets.” Despite, the warning Mr Magu in “his usual way, insisted and a fracas ensued.”

Also, others say “Mr Magu of EFCC had ordered that female candidates be subjected to physical examination by male staff.

“This case went viral, such that it drew attention of many to the kind of EFCC recruitment being carried out under Mr Magu’s reign.”

Although the Anti-graft agency’s boss had through the spokesman denied the allegation and claimed it was those candidate who did not pass that are spreading such rumour.

But our source say the “truth is, that was the actual incident that happened at the Nigeria Air Force Training Institute, Kaduna State.”

An Inspector of Police, who craved anonymity, say “I wonder why Mr Magu of EFCC would speak to the ACP in such a manner, when even as per intelligence and vast knowledge, the commandant is too sound compare to the anti-graft agency’s boss, who can barely read out a  ‘prepared speech’ on different occasions, nor could he be articulate in public outings.”

Another staff say “We sensed that Mr Magu of EFCC was being too power drunk, that he barely want to allow staff do their work. Instead, he (Mr Magu) prefers to verbally tell you what to do without proper documentary instruction. So that at the end of the day, when things go bad or Chips are down due to his wrong ideas, the Officer is sacrificed for him to own and protect his (Magu’s) image.  What a leader.”


Following the highhandedness, bullying and victimisation of EFCC Core Staff, several illegalities perpetrated by Mr Magu of EFCC had been revealed by DENISAURUS News Service over six months ago.

Meanwhile, these allegations were well investigated and more staff members at the anti-graft agency, have continued to speak to DENISAURUS, and confirming the authenticity of the impunity that reigned under Mr Magu of EFCC.



The Editor-in-Chief of this blog, has reported many of the atrocities perpetuated by Mr Magu. Having spoken to many cadet of the commission, she learnt that, Mr Magu’s tenure has been the most disastrous anomie that could happen to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari PMB.

This blog is in support of EFCC staffers who have demanded that the Senate refuses to confirm their boss.

A staff at the EFCC says it “would be the mistake of the National Assembly NASS, to try to confirm the appointment of Mr Magu of EFCC as a substantive boss of the anti-graft agency.”

“We have done the part of revealing all the hidden impunity and atrocities of Mr Magu of EFCC, to mention but a few, however, the onus lies on the government to either believe the usual saying of Mr Magu ‘corruption fighting back’ or accept this medium as that which is helping the government to bring out live accounts of ‘whistle-blowers’ from the anti-graft agency.”




It will be recalled, that several persons in the past, have foretold on the antics of Mr Magu of EFCC, to embarrass this government, in the event that PMB does not help to arms-twist the NASS for his confirmation.

Even as Mr Magu had tried several blackmailing antics, using his Sahara Reporters SR ally, to feed gullible Nigerians with lies against some PMB’s Appointees and Associates.



However, staff  say Mr Magu of EFCC might be at “the dying minute of his desperation to get confirmed.”

One who has followed the case reported to this blog that Mr Magu “is doing everything to secure that seat, at the same time being paranoid with everyone around him, believing they are the cause of his misfortune”

From the victimisation of EFCC Core Managerial Staff, leading to some of them resigning, and to the posting and transfer of any among them who try to caution his (Mr Magu) excesses and impunity, the anti-graft agency’s boss is not relenting.




In another quite strange perspective, staff members say “Mr Magu of EFCC has asked all the Anti-graft Agency’s Zonal Heads to assist him in answering the (imaginary) possible questions he would be asked, upon arrival to NASS for his screening confirmation.

“As if the Lieutenants know the type of questions that would be put to their dumb Chief Executive.”

They say, “if Mr Magu of EFCC had his way, he would prefer asking any of his staff lieutenants to go to NASS and represent him for the screening.”

Similarly, staff have complained of the constant breaking of Public Service Rule.

According to staff members who did not want their names mentioned or in print, they say latest of his (Mr Magu’s) impunity after depriving staff of their leaves, promotions, allowances, and dismissals, suspensions etc, “our boss has ordered staff to be at work on public holidays even when you are not on duty.

“His reasons is that, this is a very strategic time requiring him to do everything possible, even though its detrimental to staff, just to get confirmed by NASS as the substantive EFCC Chair”.


In another development, DENISAURUS learnt that a Seconded Police Officer was in the habit of supplying PsychoTropic (Hard) drugs to suspects in detention at one of the EFCC Offices. This was revealed by a source who crave anonymity.

According to our insider account, they say “while some EFCC Core Staff were on duty at the cell, the seconded police officer secretly came to handover the hard drugs (substance) to the suspect.

The eye witness said “it took the vigilance of some staff on duty to detect an exchange of substance between the Seconded police officer and the suspect.”

The source believes, “Mr Magu of EFCC, being that the police officer is from Borno State, is planning to shield and conceal this information, so he can quietly return him to their mother organisation, Nigeria Police Force NPF.”

Staff say “if it were an EFCC Core Staff who had engaged in this despicable act, the Boss would have asked the incident be covered by the media, while they prepare the Core Staff for outright dismissal”.




In his final attempt to lobby NASS Senators, a very close ally of Mr Magu of EFCC say “the Anti-graft agency’s boss meet with about 10 Senators.

One of whom is a Principal Officer from among the Senate leadership, who hails from the same state as Mr Magu.

At the end of the secret meeting which took place at the home of the Senator late last week, the Senators assured Mr Magu of EFCC that irrespective of all the allegations and DSS ‘indicting’ Report, they will prevail on their colleagues to support and Confirm him as the substantive EFCC Chair.”

Staff members are calling on President Buhari and the National Assembly, to have a second thought on this kind of individual who should head the Anti-graft agency. They say ” the arrest and recovery gimmicks of Magu of EFCC, should not make the Federal Government believe all is well. Rather, the Anti-graft agency’s boss, is only wooing the minds of government officials, whom he believes have no knowledge of his real being”.

A text message was sent to the EFCC Spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren for a comment on the public disagreement between Magu of EFCC and ACP Bunu. Though, at the time of filing this report, there was no reply from Mr Uwujaren.

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