Revealed: Magu of EFCC Plots With Sahara Reporters Against PMB


Staff of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC have slated the boss of the commission for “selling out lies about senior members of the cabinet,” in his ongoing blackmail for confirmation.

Over the month, shocking reports revealing how the Acting Chair, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has been desperately trying to secure his confirmation as the fourth substantive chairman of the anti-graft has been documented in this website.


 Mr Magu began to put pressure on members of the National Assembly before the House went on recess in July. The Borno born hoped that by doing so he would be called for screening once parliament reconvened in September but so far pressure from various civil societies has prevented NASS from screening Mr Magu.

EFCC sources have constantly spoken against Mr Magu who tried to blackmail prominent Emirs from the North. Mr Magu said to be under pressure to be confirmed began to bully core staff when things stopped going his way.

It is stated that Mr Magu of EFCC’s callousness and power drunkenness had known no bounds since he assumed as the Acting Chair of the anti-graft agency.

An example of his “power drunkenness” was when Mr Magu of EFCC clamped down on a popular blogger, Abusidiqu “Abubakar Sidiq Usman” in August 2016.  Abuisidiq had published a report made by staff who accused their boss of bullying.


 Mr Magus’ decision to clamp down on the “truth” has added another layer of credence to the argument made by staff who had complained bitterly of bullying.

Upon this one singular act by Mr Magu of EFCC has sets a bad precedence which most political office holders have bought into to victimize Nigerian citizens.

Amnesty International had quoted the arrest of blogger Abusidiqu (Picture below), as an infringement on the provision if the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as well as the International Freedom of Speech and journalism also guaranteed by the United Nations.

Even the BBC World condemned this act which many now see to be giving President Muhammad Buhari (Pictured below)  a bad name and causing embarrassment to this government across the world.


Desperate act for confirmation has seen, Mr Magu of EFCC resorting to providing false information to his cohort at the Sahara Reporters about senior members of the government

Those in the know believe that it is an attempt to portray President Buhari (fondly called PMB) as one who condones his associates to be corrupt, while hunting others, and showing that PMB’s associates are tampering with the work of Magu of EFCC.

Many of the government staffers interviewed by this blog have said in the past that the aim of Magu of EFCC and Sahara Reporters is to portray PMB has aiding corruption.

This further reveals that allegations by several others, that Magu of EFCC uses Sahara Reporter SR, to achieve his hatchet plans, was not in doubt.

Just as the editor of this blog, Adenike Lucas had on a different occasion been accosted by a Nigerian Online Media Editor, regarding a request made by SR to assist in tarnishing the image of some PMB associates.


They say in the event that PMB does not push for Mr Magu to be confirmed, the EFCC acting boss would say that “the President did not appreciate his effort, despite all arrests and recoveries.”

This should not deter Mr President, as it is better to listen to the voice of the people, which is the voice of God “Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”


In ensuring that he leaves no stone unturned, Mr Magu of EFCC is said to be using various gimmicks to convince gullible Nigerians into believing that he is Mr Integrity and anyone he accused of corruption, his verdict is final even before being arraigned in a Court of competent jurisdiction.

This is further buttressed, when Magu of EFCC stated that “Anyone Invited by EFCC Can’t Come out Clean,” That is like saying, Mr  Magu of EFCC is this investigator, prosecutor and judge at the same time.”


EFCC sources said “for a long period of time now, the antics used by Mr Magu of EFCC include blackmails, bullying, impunity, and several other allegations being levelled against him from all corners.”

One said: “Not even his mother organization, the Nigeria Police Force, is on the same path with Mr Magu’s humorous indiscipline and bullying, how much more the EFCC Core Staff that cry for help day in day out for a rescue from PMB?”

Today, having failed with all other plans, Mr Magu has taken a different dimension in his bid to be confirmed.

Sources close to the Anti-graft leader is responsible for making hoax of the possible links between Senator Bukola Saraki and Chief of Staff to PMB, Abba Kyari; DG DSS Lawal M Daura, and others will follow one after the other to completely put PMB’s Integrity into question.

Mr Magu of EFCC is already trying to make Nigerians feel that the government of President Buhari is stylishly taking the country back to the Military Era of Decree 4 of 1984.

PMB who declared himself as a “converted democrat,” as contrary against the campaign of calumny by Peoples Democratic Party during the last Presidential Elections 2015, must as a matter of fact, be wary of Magu of EFCC and his draconian ways of doing things.

Simply because Magu of EFCC “in his imagination” thinks PMB is fighting Senator Bukola Saraki, he is making a new effort to see that his New York media ally do everything possible to link the Senate President with most associates and  appointees of PMB.


 Worst of all, the source said: “Mr Magu of EFCC claims to be a no-nonsense and a man of integrity.” But this was being question by those who know him.

They ask if he was he not aware of the monumental corruption and impunity under his predecessor, Mr Ibrahim Lamorde?”

Yet till this moment, no effort to question Mr Lamorde on his so many illegal indulgences that included the divert of staff entitlement into unauthorized recruitment, as could be corroborated by the Budget Office, which in some cases Magu superintended on his predecessor’s behalf.

In the meantime, Mr Lamorde has disappeared from the public scene, claiming to be attending a course at NIPSS in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

On authority this website understand that Mr Magu’s bed fellow, Mr Lamorde, recently collapsed at the venue of the course, and had since been rushed to the United Kingdom for medical attention. Staff who complained of this ‘corrupt’ anti-graft leader say “nemesis is already taking a toe” on those who have messed up with the anti-graft agency and its core staff.


 In June 2016, Magu of EFCC was accused of using the arrested DSS Suspect Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (Rtd) as a front.

Documents from EFCC were recovered from the Maitama, Abuja home of the Air Chief. Now and it was alleged that Mr Mohammed alongside Mr Magu were running a blackmailing cartel.

RTD AIR CDRE: Mr Mohammed

Sahara Reporters who has constantly reported the call for the release of the Air Chief must explain to Nigerians why it’s sympathetic to the DSS Suspect. Could it have been due to the revelations that he fronts for SR ally, Magu of EFCC?


Two civil society group, Nigerian Youths for Change Initiative and Transparency for Social Justice and Equity have on different instances called for the immediate relief of Mr Magu of EFCC, due to the contract of N43m for Maitama Resident he gave Air Chief Mohammed which Mr Magu has now deserted due to fear of being indicted, and on the other hand, the request for PMB to order DSS to release the indicting report on Magu’s blackmail cartel with the DSS Suspect.

Several calls were put to the spokesman of the commission but as always he did not pick or return the call.

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