PMB: DENISAURUS’ Exposé On Magu Of EFCC, A “Whistle Blowing” Not “Corruption Fighting Back”

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

Fresh information about the desperation of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu to become the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been exclusively obtained by this paper.

The new information which was passed on to reporters at DENISAURUS News on New Year’s day shows that some powerful old politicians are pressurising President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB to ensure he retains Mr Magu, who was rejected by the Senate following a damning report written by the Director General of the Department of State Security, DSS.

A source who crave to remain anonymous, named a one time Vice Presidential candidate who served as Secretary to the Federal Government, SGF of Nigeria in 2007, as one of the “powerful old politicians” who where working behind this scheme to force PMB into ensuring Mr Magu remain the substantive boss of the anti-graft agency.

DENISAURUS News can authoritatively state that this top politician, who is also from Borno State like the rejected EFCC acting boss, is no other than Baba Gana Kingibe.

Connecting The Dots

Alhaji Kingibe was the Vice Presidential candidate to the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale, M.K.O Abiola who contested under the umberella of the then Social Democratic Party, SDP, in the 1993 elections.

Our source had previously alerted us to the underground move being made by the chieftain of the ruling party to crown Mr Magu as chair.


Reporters of this news website discovered that this chieftain, a close associate of the late M.K.O Abiola has asked Alhaji Kingibe to speak to President Buhari over Mr Magu’s issue.

Subterfuges Everywhere

An opinion piece written exclusively for DENISAURUS News by a staff reporter from the Pebble News on November 21 (OPINION: PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI’S LONELY FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION) states: “That it all started from the day President Buhari appointed the present Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Mr Magu was appointed sometime in November 2015. Immediately, the acting anti-graft agency boss went round the country to pay homage to top politicians, asking for their blessings and endorsement. 

A reliable source has since revealed an astonishing fact and plans by a top government official – said to be sympathetic to Mr Magu of EFCC for being loyal to the party Chieftain, to make an agreement with the NASS Senate to shed their sword and confirm the anti-graft agency’s boss. 

The plot was the outcome of a secret meeting of the top government official, together with officials of NASS Senate, during President Muhammadu Buhari’s official visit to Morocco for the COP-22 on climate change.”

According to our source, “Alhaji Kingibe was deployed to speak to the President to ensure Mr Magu remains in the Commission.”

Still Desperate For Confirmation

What’s Magu Got To Hide?

A close confidant of Mr Magu informed Miss Lucas that the Borno indigiene who really wants to head the anti-graft agency, has “promised  Sen. Adamu Aliero (former Governor of Kebbi) Sen Aliyu Wamako (former Governor of Sokoto), Sen. Sani Bakura, Abdulaziz Yari (Governor of Zamfara),  et al that he will not investigate or review any of their cases.”

The insider explained that Mr Magu “has to protect the interest of the chieftain.”

According to our source, “A case was made against the chieftain by one CSP Babakura Mohammed, a Borno born police officer.

This newspaper was made to understand that the investigation against the top chieftain was referred alongside one made against Ex-governors Attahiru Bafarawa (Sokoto), Aliyu Doma (Nasarawa), Adamu Muazu (Bauchi) and others.

But we discovered that CSP Babakura, the team leader and an Insp. named Dickson Greynond who were both investigating the case of the chieftain since 2009, where arrested, detained and later redeployed back to Nigerian Police Force.

Investigations shows “that both were redeployed because after drafting the Operation Action Plan of the ruling party chieftain’s case, Mr Babakura “sneaked the documents out of the office and sent to this same chieftain who gave a kick back of N300Million.”

Govermnet sources believe this corrupt act is “one of the reasons many are pushing for Mr Magu’s confirmation.”

They say “the politicians would never want the input of Mrs Waziri, in order not to expose the chieftain.”

Similarly, this blog discovered that “Alhaji Kingibe’s in law named, Hon Shehu Sale Hassan also a Son to former National Chairman Defunct DPN, Alh Saleh Hassan is having case of defrauding Skye Bank.

Investigation shows that “the case was commenced in 2009 by Mrs Waziri but Mr Magu has frustrated it.”

Information reliably gathered by this blog further revealed that the “current Chief of Staff to Mr Magu, Ola Olukayode is the relative of a senior politician.”

A senior government official who passed this information to DENISAURUS News, said: “this is the reason why the Chief of Staff to PMB, Abba Kyari, was pressured to forward the name of Mr Magu of EFCC to NASS Senate, without proper DSS Security-Check. Which has presently brought a huge shame and embarrassment to the government of President Buhari.”

DENISAURUS News learnt that this top politician who head a group which includes Alhaji Kingibe, “aim at discrediting CoS Kyari, DG DSS Daura, AGF Malami and others”, alluding:  “that these persons are corrupt( Untrue), hence they want to stop the confirmation of Mr Magu.

PMB was advised not to listen to such information and must not given to this pressure, as “most especially the DSS DG and AGF will never in any circumstance, or filmsy reason betray the trust of Mr President.”

Desperate For Confirmation But Indicting DSS Report Wouldn’t Allow

DENISAURUS News has constantly accused Mr Magu running from pillar to pole, in desperation to clinch the seat of the EFCC Chair.

Mr Magu’s desperate move is seen as to unusual and unbecoming, of one who is expected to head that revered office as anti-graft czar.

Mr Magu is so desperate to be confirmed but he has been indicted by the DSS report.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police was ordered to provide a report to the Attorney-General of Federation, AGF Abubakar Malami but he failed to respond at the given time.


Using Media Ally To Fight Perceived Enemies

Series of plot exposed EFCC’s Mr Magu of using media ally to tarnish images of persons he thinks are oppose to him.

These reports from his media ally have become intense lately. The anti-graft agency’s boss in his usual way still uses some of his online media pally to carry out this dastardly act.

In most cases, Mr Magu of EFCC ask Sahara Reporters SR, to serve as his spokesperson in blackmailing most PMB’s Appointees and Associates to include Chief of Staff Abba Kyari, DG DSS Lawal M Daura, AGF Abubakar Malami, Gen AB Dambazau, Lt Gen TY Buratai, Alh Mamman Daura et al.



Secret Visits To Spiritualists

Presently, Mr Magu of EFCC is using a recently Seconded Police Officer, CSP Ibrahim Musa from Biu in Borno State, to carry out all his spiritual marabout indulgences, where he has spent over N2million of the anti-graft agency, at Kaduna State.

However, following the rejection of Mr Magu by NASS Senate on December 15, 2016, the anti-graft agency’s boss has taken a new step, to see that he begin to use the plan ‘B’ mechanism, reported by DENISAURUS News several months back, to embarrass the government of President Buhari.

Worst still, is the inclusion of government agencies and their leadership to include; National Assembly NASS, Department of State Services DSS, Presidency, and others to mention but  a few.

Staff Reach Out To PMB Again

Finally, staff say to President Buhari, every leader have his/ her confidants.

Therefore, if having trust worthy personalities by the President is anything to go by, he must not ignore advice and opinions from those appointees and associates whom Mr Magu of EFCC had been using Sahara Reporters to disparage, since the anti-graft agency’s boss started his desperation to get confirmed as substantive EFCC boss.

Rather, PMB should ensure that anyone who comes to speak in favour of Mr Magu to be retained, the DSS be ordered to interact with such personality.

This because, there is more to what the President may be seen or have heard about the impunity, corruption and other atrocities of Mr Magu.

PMB must realise that no one is saying he should do away with his ally, an APC powerful Chieftain from Southwest, but he must thread with caution, as virtually all those coming to lobby on behalf of Mr Magu of EFCC, are sent by this Ruling Party Chieftain.

With the entire allegation levelled against him, Mr Magu is still desperate to remain as substantive boss. There is more to this than meets the eyes. Mr Magu is clinging on to power for power sake, senior staff told DENISAURUS News.

“Instead of  Mr Magu  to ask those top politicians, to plead with PMB not to prosecute him for all the series of impunity and corruption allegations, he is rather requesting to be retained as substantive boss of EFCC.

“There is more to this, than meets the eyes. PMB should watch and see, as soon as the Anti-graft agency’s boss is Officially announced sacked, then would the Presidency and Nigerians get to know who he is, and not this “double life” he lives.

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