ANTI-GRAFT WAR: After Visiting The Villa To Appeal On Behalf Of Magu Of EFCC, Pastor Tunde Bakare’s SNG Drags PMB To Court To Demand The Sack Of Anti-Graft Boss

By Adenike Lucas

The latest move made by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu to be confirmed as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commision seems to have failed.


Rejected EFCC Acting Boss

On New Year’s Day, The Editor of this blog received vital information about a scheme to pressurise President Muhammadu Buhari into keeping Mr Magu at the anti-graft agency.


A source revealed to DENISAURUS News that a former Vice Presidential candidate, Alhaji Baba Gana Kingibe lead a group of “old politicians” to the Villa so as to speak to President Buhari over Mr Magu’s situation.

An indicting report written by the Department of State Security, DSS had prevented the Senate from confirming Mr Magu as the substantive chair of the EFCC, on Thursday, 15, December, 2016.

Despite the DSS report, this old politicians which includes a powerful chieftain of the ruling party, a Senate member from Borno South and a very senior government officer whose relative is Mr Magu’s Chief of Staff, are making frantic moves to get Mr Magu confirmed.


A report published by a newspaper on January 2nd confirms the information an insider gave to this blog about Alhaji Kinigbe meeting President Buhari to plead on Mr Magu’s behalf.

The Nation was able to disclose that a close confidant of President Buhari, Pastor Tunde Bakare had also visited the Villa with Alhaji Kingibe.

However we can now disclose that having seen several confidential report of corruption and mal-practises perpetuated by Mr Magu, Pastor Bakare might have made a u-turn about PMB keeping Mr Magu.

Brothers: Pastor Tunde Bakare and President Buhari

The Incorporated Trustees of Save Nigeria Group, co-founded by fiery Pastor Bakare initiated a court case marked FHC/ABJ/CS/1072/2016 filled at the Federal High Court registry to compel President Buhari for the immediate sack and a request for a criminal proceeding against Mr Magu.

The plaintiff counsel, Mr Kingdom Nnamdi said since the Senate had rejected Mr Magu his office should become vacant.

He also prayed the Court to declare “that the provision of the Civil Service Rules is applicable to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions, and that under the Federal ‘Civil Service Rules (010101, 020603, and 020604 of the Federal Civil Service Riles 2008) a person appointed in acting capacity can not act in such capacity for more than six months.)

The group is also requesting for the sack  or suspension of  the Secretary to the Government of the Federation,  David Babachir Lawal who was accused of benefiting from government contracts.

The call by the SNG a civil society which is known for its uncompromised members – who had refused a cash bribe of $50, 000 from the past President, Goodluck Jonathan, was supported by  an anti-corruption body, Kingdom Human Rights Foundation International.


A government source who was present in the Villa when the Pastor Tunde and the others paid the visit, said  “since Pastor Bakare was PMB’s confidant, Baba must have shown him something personal about Mr Magu.”

The staff who did not want to be named said: “PMB has an alarming number of information about Mr Magu. Those senior politicians lobbying for Mr Magu should trend carefully because soon, the tsunami will surely flood Mr Magu away  from the EFCC and they may also be affected.”

DENISAURUS News has done a  through investigation over the past seven month. The investigation showed Mr Magu has corrupt officer who used seconded policemen to carry his dirty work.



This allegation were confirmed in the DSS report.

This blog took the decision to stand in solidarity with core staff  who had constantly complained about their bullying boss.


After revealing Mr Magu’s ways to the public in a report written by Adenike Lucas and published by Abubakar Abusidiq Usman, Mr Magu ordered the arrest of Mr Abudsidiqu with the aim of gagging other members of staff.

Staff have constantly accused Mr Magu of being desperate that he was doing all sort to be confirmed.

With the entire allegation levelled against him, Mr Magu is still desperate to remain as substantive boss. There is more to this than meets the eyes. Mr Magu is clinging on to power for power sake, senior staff told DENISAURUS News.

A civil society which has always supported Mr Magu has decided to drag the Senate to the UN over its refusal to confirm Mr Magu,

This decision taken by SERAP has been condemned by some Nigerians who say that it had decided to support Mr Magu, despite the thorough DSS report and many allegation of abuse of power made against him.

A user on Facebook posted about the willingness to support Mr Magu even after the allegation against him.

Rabboni Aluwong wrote on Facebook “It’s shocking that those who shouted crucify Dasuki, FFK & Abatti are suddenly chanting ‘innocent until proven guilty’ for Magu and Babachir!”

Yesterday, the agency operatives intensified their calls for the prosecution of Mr Magu, saying: “Instead of  Mr Magu  to ask those top politicians, to plead with PMB not to prosecute him for all the series of impunity and corruption allegations, he is rather requesting to be retained as substantive boss of EFCC.

“There is more to this, than meets the eyes. PMB should watch and see, as soon as the Anti-graft agency’s boss is Officially announced sacked, then would the Presidency and Nigerians get to know who he is, and not this “double life” he lives.


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