Nigerians Continue To Praise DENISAURUS News For The Expose On Magu of EFCC

By Danjuma Aliyu

Adenike Lucas, the editor of DENISAURUS News has received high commendation for leading the expose on the corrupt act of the rejected chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Having gathered first hand evidence of corruption from staff, Miss Lucas has published a number of reports of abuse of power and corrupt act done by their boss.

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Desperate act for confirmation has seen, Mr Magu of EFCC resorting to providing false information to his cohort at the Sahara Reporters about senior members of the government

Those in the know believe that it is an attempt to portray President Muhammadu Buhari (fondly called PMB) as one who condones his associates to be corrupt, while hunting others, and showing that PMB’s associates are tampering with the work of Magu.

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Senate Reject Magu

Despite all his scheming and plotting, on Thursday, March 15, 2017, the Senate for the second time rejected the nomination of Mr Magu based on an indicting report written by the Department of State Security.

Many of the staff at the EFCC were jubilant went they heard the decision to reject their boss who had performed woefully at his screening.

In its submission, the DSS said, “in the light of the foregoing, Mr Magu has failed the integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption drive of President Buhari’s administration.

Miss Lucas who has dedicated over 12 month investigating their claims, was the first to inform the public on the indicting report written against Mr Magu.

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She said: “she made the decision to stand with the staff, noting that they had been consistent with their accusation of corruption against their boss.”

The DSS report confirmed their allegations- one of which was how their boss was fraternising with the arrested Air Commodore, Umar Mohammed.

EFCC document were later found at Mr Mohammed’s house in 2016. The retired air pilot has confessed to ruining a blackmailing cartel with the documents.

Similarly, Mr Magu has also confessed to taking documents home in 2008. This offence led to his suspension.

According to the EFCC rules commission only an executive is allowed to take files home.

Staff told DENISAURUS News, that Mr Magu was probably doing the same thing as his friend Mr Mohammed.

One said: “If Mr Magu really wanted to complete work, he would have stayed back at the office to do so, like many other staff.”

EFCC staffers also told me back then that their boss was a bully”

The allegation of bullying made by the commission core staff was expatiated in an article written by Miss Lucas and published by Abubakar Sidiqu Usman in August, 2016.

DENISAURUS NEWS Praised For Expose on Magu

In an email sent, this month Miss Lucas was “commended” by a Nigerian who has had dealings with the EFCC.

The Nigerian whose identity we have kept hidden, spoke of his recent experience as a petitioner who had made a report to the EFCC.

He said: “the current leadership of the EFCC seem to be nonchalant and less interested in fighting corruption within the EFCC.

“Corrupt police officers are simply transferred back to the Nigerian police without punishment after they must have made millions of Naira without any positive punishment whenever they are found wanting.”

This are similar allegations staff have made against their boss, Mr Magu. EFCC workers previously told DENISAURUS News that their boss was deliberately hindering the fight against corruption.

Miss Lucas, was applauded and encouraged to continue with “the great work you have been doing and for your positive efforts towards exposing the most corrupt public law enforcement agency in Africa THE EFCC.”

After the commendation, Miss Lucas was asked to investigate an issue involving one Mr Isa Dogonyaro.





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