Magu of EFCC Plans To Deal With Core Staff If Confirmed

By Adenike Lucas

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Ibrahim Mustafa Magu plans to deal with core staff of the agency as soon as he is confirmed, this news website can reveal.

Sources within the EFCC said Mr Magu “wants to carry out a clandestine search at the homes of staff members who he feels helped to expose his secret impunity, corruption and atrocities to gullible Nigerians and the Presidency.”

DENISAURUS News has published a number of reports of abuse of power and corrupt act done by Mr Magu.

A particular report of such abuse was published by Abubakar Sidiq Usman which led to his arrest on August 8.

Staff gathered from senior colleagues that it was Mr Magu that ordered the arrest of Mr Usman, but they remained undeterred and adamant about speaking out on the atrocities committed by their boss.


Senate Says No To Corrupt ‘General’ Magu

A source close to the Borno indigene known as ‘The General’ whose nomination as chairman was rejected by the Senate on Thursday, 15 December, 2016, informed this news website that “the unit in charge of investigating politically exposed persons had uncovered a case involving the NSA Babagana Monguno (Rtd).”


Disappearing Case Files

The source who spoke to this website about a corruption case involving the National Security Adviser, Major- General Monguno (Rtd) and one General Garba of the Nigeria Army, explained that: “The file against the NSA Chief has been ‘Kept In View, KIV.’

“During the proceeding of the investigation, the team discovered that the NSA Monguno, had a hand in the said deal involving the former NSA chief Sambo Dasuki (Dasukigate), and sought for the permission of Mr Magu of EFCC on the next line of action.

“Mr Magu feigned ignorance when asked about the case to the team, but most of the staff know what he has done with the case file,” the source added.

“This was the same way Mr Magu had made a “KIV for a case involving his godfather who diverted troop allowances using most Defense Attaché to launder funds , while he was in charge of Defence Military Intelligence, DMI.

“As soon as the team approached the Anti-graft agency’s boss, he initially did as if he was in support of furtherance of investigation.”

“At a later date, the Major-General Monguno (Rtd) got wind of the investigation, and called upon his godson, Mr Magu of EFCC.”

In another development, due to the rejection of Mr Magu of EFCC by NASS Senate, the anti-graft agency’s boss had commenced attacking EFCC core staff, alleging that he knows they are corrupt, and that he will deal with them.


DSS Allegation #13: Using Police Lackeys To Cover Up Crimes

This paper accused Mr Magu of use corrupt police lackey to do most of his dirty deals. This allegation was confirmed in the DSS report.

A former Police officer, who was seconded to the EFCC, but has since been returned to their mother organization, Nigeria Police Force NPF has since confirm this allegation has well.

The police officer who is well known to Mr Magu, and fully armed with all the hidden secrets which Mr Magu is hiding from Nigerians, has threatened to expose the anti-graft agency’s boss.

However, the police officer said for fear of retribution, he will only wait until President Buhari does the needful, by sacking Mr Magu, before exposing the ‘double life’, Mr Magu leads.

These are the instances of injustice to core staff by EFCC’s acting boss, Mr Magu in favour of his seconded Police cronies.

  1. A staff he accused of cultism and corruption, but freed a police crony who led the illegal act.
  2. A staff used by a senior police officer to collect bribe for him.
  3. A staff who was given bribe by a top politician.
  4. A police officer who gave psychotropic substance to suspect in detention.
  5. A staff who collected bribe of $150,000 on Arms Deal for police officers.
  6. A staff who took money from exhibit with knowledge of senior police officer.
  7. A staff who gave award to Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu.
  8. A senior police officer under whom case file and exhibit got missing, but not punished.
  9. A staff who was set up by Senior police officer for pension bribe.
  10. Staff supposed to be whistle blowers, and suspended.
  11. A seconded police officer, who led robbery into seized property of Air Chief Alex Badeh.

Mr Magu of EFCC has also been accused of retaining a seconded mobile policeman at the agency, “who had given a psycotropic drug substance to a suspect in EFCC Detention Cell at one of the Zonal Offices.

Insiders say, the police officer is from Borno State, and highly favoured by the Anti-graft agency’s boss.

Some say, if it were an EFCC core staff who committed the heinous offence, Mr Magu would have call in media to cover the scenario, and subsequently dismiss the regular staff immediately.  As has been the case in several countless instances.

Magu Visits Spiritualist Sat Guru Maharaj Ji 

In all effort of desperation for confirmation as substantive chair of EFCC, the Anti-graft Agency’s boss visited the shrine of saint Guru Maharaj Ji to bribe the marabout.

DENISAURUS News learnt that Mr Magu was taken to see Guru Maharaj Ji by his Chief of Staff, Ola Olukoyede.

It was reported a few days ago, that Guru Maharaj Ji has sent a message to President Buhari asking for Mr Magu’s confirmation to be granted.

Is the  EFCC Chairmanship Zoned To The North East Permanently

Ropo Sekoni is a professor of Semiotics and a Board Chair of the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ), wrote an article which asked if the  EFCC CHAIRMAN WAS PERMANENTLY ZONED TO THE NORTH?


And our investigation shows that since its inception, the EFCC chairs have been chosen from the north east.


The EFCC Act 2004 stipulates that a chief executive can be chosen from other law enforcement agencies and not only the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

All those who have held the role of executive chair of the agency where picked from a particular region (the north east).

In his piece, Professor Sekoni did not recognise the fact that Farida Waziri was appointed by late President Umaru Yar’adua, under the State of Origin of her husband, which is Gombe State.

In a nut shell, all those so far appointed to be the Chairmen of EFCC, had always been from the north east and are all Muslims.

But staff are advising that the President look elsewhere. Nigeria is comprised of six regions in Nigeria- north west, north east, north central, south west, south east and south south.

In each of these six geopolitical zones, “we have ‘Christians’ from among at least about all the regions.”

Staff wish President Buhari would “deviate” from the norm and pick someone that is not a police officer.

They say: “so far we have had the same and it has not worked. This is even the more reason PMB must as a matter of urgency, deviate from the usual trend, and consider the next EFCC chair from a different region, religion and regiment and i.e. NOT a Muslim, not from the NPF and not from the northeast.”

Name Region- Religion Regiment
Nuhu Ribadu Northeast (Adamawa State) Islam Nigeria Police
Farida Waziri Northeast (Gombe State) Islam


Nigeria Police
Ibrahim Lamorde


Northeast (Adamawa State)




Nigeria Police


Ibrahim Mustafa Magu (if considered) Northeast (Borno State) Islam Nigeria Police


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