REVEALED: Magu and his Godfather, Dodged In New Money Laundering Palaver


The NSA chief, General Babagana Monguno (rtd) and his Godson Mr Ibrahim Mustafa Magu were today, dealt a bitter blow following new allegations of corruption and money laundering on their part.

Adenike Lucas, Editor of DENISAURUS News, who has carried out a thorough investigation over the past month concerning corruption at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC was informed by a reliable whistle blower of the illicit methods in which Mr Monguno and Mr Magu are using to divert billions of government funds.

According to the informant who pleaded anonymity, Gen. Monguno the former commandant of the Defence Intelligence Agency, DIA uses military attachĂ©s that usually provide additional security support for embassies in another country to “hide illicit money.”

A police officer who revealed this information said, Gen Monguno who was obligated to assign military attachĂ©s to embassies does this by transferring “huge amounts of illicitly gained money to the attachĂ©s for them to keep on his behalf.”

When Major General S.D. Aliyu, a Defense Attaché in China PRC refused to be used for money laundering by Gen. Monguno the National Security Adviser recommended him for an early retirement.

Gen Monguno who is enmeshed in other high profile corruption cases including the usurping of Peace Keeping troops allowance is said to have brought in his Godson Mr Magu to cover this investigation in their tracks.

A source at the military made claims that “most of the diverted government funds by Gen. Monguno were converted to dollars, and that is what he used to purchase several illegal houses in Nigeria, one of which is at David Jemibewon Street, Apo, Abuja.”

The source stated that “the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money is done typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.”

A picture of the house located in Apo is attached below in this write up. Gen. Monguno who is worried about being caught out by President Muhammadu Buhari for his numerous dodgy dealing is said to have stopped all works at his Apo properties.

Meanwhile, Mr Magu has found fresh new ways of diverting money out of the anti-corruption commission by way of outsourcing the training of new operative to friends.

Despite the EFCC owning a world class Law Enforcement Institute based in Karu, Abuja, Mr Magu keeps outsourcing the training of new staffs to friends outside of the commission.

In a text message (picture below) sent out to “successful” junior candidate who had “just concluded the aptitude Test of the EFCC,” they are told to “report to Air Force Base Ground Training centre, Mando, Kaduna on Thursday 4th August 2016.”


A different text informed successful senior applicants to “report to old NDA Kaduna.”

Police Officers recently seconded to the Port Harcourt office who did not want to be named, says “the EFCC Academy in Karu, Abuja was initially brought about by the pioneer chair, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu.”

When Mrs. Farida Waziri took over the Academy, he said:  “she upgraded it into world class training center which was used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other countries such as Liberia.

FBI staff members being trained at prestigious EFCC Academy, Karu, Abuja

They questioned the reasoning behind Mr Magu’s decision to train at a different center calling  it a “waste of money.

“If it is not befitting why are foreign security agencies such as the FBI, US embassy, Liberia trained at the commissions.”

They also stated that Mr Magu in his desperate attempt to “label everyone as bad should be questioned over his motives and deliberate squander of government money.

“Is he saying Madam Waiziri or is it his former boss Mallam Ribadu that got it wrong in building the training centre?

“It is distasteful that at these economic challenging times, money was been spent needlessly.”

EFCC Academy, Karu

A previous investigation carried out by Miss Lucas exposed Abubakar Sadiq as a major front for the arrested Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (rtd) who is allegedly linked to Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, Mr Magu and Gen Monguno.

It is understood by those involved in the case that Mr Monguno and Mr Magu are working very hard to get Justice Nnamdi Dimgba to release their friend, Mr Mohammed.

Due to blighting revelation by the DSS, the Senate refused to screen Mr Magu before house members went on recess last month. The Borno state indigene who is said to be desperate to receive his confirmation from the Senate met up with 60 senators he was trying to blackmail, this week. He is said to have used the cases they have with the EFCC against them in the hope that they can persuade other serving lawmakers in the red chambers in his favour.

Since the Air Cdre who runs the blackmailing cartel for Mr Magu and Mr Monguno is in DSS custody, Mr Magu has decided to blackmail the 60 Senators in his frantic move to get confirmed.

Worried staff members at the Port Harcourt office are warning PMB to be “weary  of Mr Magu of EFCC’s desperation to get confirmed.”

They say “in the history of Nigeria Security and Law Enforcement, there has never been such desperation for power like Mr Magu of EFCC and his Godfather, Gen. Monguno.

Several calls were put to Mr Magu’s phone by Miss Lucas; however, he did not pick or reply to them.


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