EFCC Staff Warn President Buhari Of “SLY FOX” PACAC Chairman, Prof Itse Sagay

By Adenike Lucas

Staff members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC have lambasted a senior advocate over the comment he made about the rejection of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu as substantive boss of the commission.

The Senate announced that it had decided to reject the nomination of Mr Magu because of an indicting report written by the Department of State Security, DSS against him.

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The DSS which was initially prevented from screening Mr Magu before the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo had presented the name to the Senate in June 2016, while President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB was on vacation in the UK, submitted it report to the Senate in October.

The Director General of the SSS, Lawal Duara conducted a long and thorough investigation and found Mr Magu wanting.

The DSS report was submitted to the Senate on October 31st and it confirmed many of the allegations reported by this blog following a six to seven month investigation with core staff of the agency.

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NSA Chief Doctored DSS Report

Sources within the Office of the National Security Advicer, ONSA have revealed that it was the NSA chief, Mohammed Babagana Monguno (rtd) who doctored another report to favour Mr Magu, who is known to be his Godson.

The DSS falls under the Office of the National Security Advicer. For several months, this blog has reported the unholy deal struck by Mr Magu and Major-General Monguno (rtd).

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DSS DG Report Finds Magu Guilty

Despite, the fact that the security outfit tasked with the responsibility of screening government officials, had found Mr Magu wanting, a leading member of the Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay has defended Mr Magu, stating that “Magu’s appointment will be renewed whether he is confirmed or not.”

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But under EFCC staff regulation there is no “provision for an acting chair” and Section 2(3) of the EFCC Act Cap.E17 LFN, 2004 states that “The chairman and members of the Commission other than ex-officio members shall be appointed by the President and the appointment shall be subjected to the confirmation of the Senate.”

The Senate has rejected Mr Magu based on a security report.

EFCC Recruits Relations Of PACAC Members

A source with knowledge of how the EFCC works told this blog that PACAC members had compromised its duties in overseeing the fight against corruption by wrongly fixing jobs for their relatives at the anti-graft agency.

Staff who were very close to Mr Magu confessed that they didn’t know whether the relationship between both agencies was professional.

There are questions being asked about the relationship the chair and secretary of PACAC has with Mr Magu.

“Is it a professional relationship or a relationship of convenience between PACAC and the EFCC?

“Who is the current Chief of Staff of the EFCC? and why “is the EFCC employing children of PACAC members?”

This blog had once reported the fraudulent recruitment which had led to the resignation of five managerial core staff.

In our original report, one of the reasons given by a senior HR staff for wanting to resign was “the fact that Mr Magu of EFCC made the agency to call for recruitment but instead of following due process in appointing new staff members, Mr Magu ordered some of the list to be replaced with his ‘Confirmation Lobbying List.’

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Sly As Sagay 

Long standing members of staff of the commission slammed Prof Sagay, who had previously accused Mr Magu of EFCC and others of being unjust and complicit on corruption.

The irony is that Prof Sagay had accused Mr Magu of EFCC and other anti-graft agencies to be complicit in corruption and impunity (victimization; dismissal, suspension etc).

READ – https://politics.naij.com/1011178-anti-corruption-agencies-complicit-in-corruption-allegations-pacac.html

In October 2016, Prof Sagay who was the Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, had submitted its one year report to PMB.

Although, no agency was named in the report, the PACAC said all petitions have been reviewed and most of the petitions sent to relevant agencies for action.

“The petitions cover a myriad of corruption-related issues including alleged cases of fraud, misappropriation of funds, unlawful dismissals, etc.” the committee said.

“The committee also said there were some allegations against some anti-corruption agencies.”

Sources within the EFCC accused Prof Sagay “of citing half truths in the report.”

A former student of the Delta state professor who works at the EFCC asked if “this is the same Prof Sagay who reported corruption and impunity on Magu of EFCC now speaking Like “god” on behalf of the Anti-graft Agency’s boss.

The staff said “Professor Sagay is a sly fox. He collected several petition from us and we later learnt that he was working in connivance with Mr Magu, showing him our petition and grievances.”

Prof Sagay and Magu

Hundreds of operational staff, most of whom had sent petitions to the chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC but heard nothing back said they discovered that their petition had  been passed on to Mr Magu – what they say was an “abuse of power by Prof Sagay.”

The erudite lawyer, who is a Managing Partner of Itse Sagay & Co Legal Practitioner and Consultant was also slated for deliberately misleading the public.

They urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow Prof Sagay’s utterances override the DSS report written by Alhaji Duara, which our investigations shows correctly Mr Magu is unsuitable to head the commission.

An online media, whose editor in chief  has links with Mr Magu, did an hatchet job on the DSS report with the aim of gathering public sympathy for Mr Magu, but DENISAURUS has provided a correct version of event.


The report which claimed that anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria were involved in so many impunity did not make mention of the names of the agencies.

An officer said, “Prof Sagay was probably trying to protect Mr Magu hence the reason why he didn’t expose his name.  The staff noted that there are two anti corruption agencies in Nigeria.

Another person who spoke to the editor of this blog confirmed that “they had personally delivered a petition to Prof Sagay and the legal luminary had assured him he would take the matters up.

“In the last minute, the staff, who did not want to reveal his identity for fear of reprisal said he could no longer get in touch with Prof Sagay as he had stopped picking his calls.”

At least, up to a hundred other staff member made the same allegation against the senior advocate, that he had dismissed them and not put their petition through.”

Insiders have told this blog that a few SANs have been approached by Mr Magu to look for any loop holes that will allow him to stay in his role, despite the confirmed allegation made against him.

Mr Magu is doing all he can to reverse the decision of the Senate.

The editor of DENISAURUS, Adenike Lucas says the blog remains committed to ensuring that the right thing is done and the allegation made by staff are not swept under the carpet.




















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