PETROLEUM VESSELS: Magu Of EFCC Sacrificed FG’s Collective Interest For His Personal Interest

ūüϧ¬†EXCLUSIVE:¬†Adenike Lucas,¬†DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu is in the news again for the wrong reasons.

Information gathered from a reliable source has provided details of how the rejected chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, caused the sinking of at least two vessels which led to loss of revenue for the Federal Government.

This newspaper gathered the massive loss was caused due to Mr Magu’s¬†greed

Staff have previously warned about their boss, saying he was corrupt. A senior worker with close links to Mr Magu stated then that “Impunity and corrupt acts of Mr Magu did not start today, as many Nigerians are still living in denial of his culpability.”


DENISAURUS News¬†was reliably informed¬†that Mr Magu, said to be¬†a ‘liability to the corruption fight’ approached Pinacle Nig. Ltd, which was awarded as auctioneer for the disposal of the petroleum products, to request that he includes his private company in the deal.

The auctioneer was not too happy with Mr Magu’s proposal. The auctioneer stated that “as an anti-graft czar, Mr Magu should not be making such request.”

According to the source, His (the auctioneer) refusal to include Mr Magu’s¬†companies obviously annoyed the Deputy Police Commissioner.

Mr Magu  who has been exposed for using a bureau the change operator, Abubakar Sadiq as a major front, continues to fool Nigerians, an EFCC staff said.

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The anti-graft boss whose nomination was rejected twice by the Senate due to an intel report from the Department of State Services, decided to punish the auctioneer by pulling the contract back from him.

“In an attempt to mess the name of a Top Management Staff of the anti-graft agency, Mr Magu set-up a committee, with virtually all the members being Seconded Policemen, just to indict and link the Management staff to procedural inefficiency on the award of the contract”.

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A report published¬†This Day¬†published states that “Mr. Ibrahim Magu, and Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Emmanuel Aremo, was responsible for the delay in engaging an auctioneer to dispose of the products aboard the vessels.”

But our source remains adamant about his story, adding that the anti-graft boss openly demanded for another colleague to issue a letter to terminate the contract because of the auctioneers unwillingness to do his bidding.

Similarly, DENISAURUS News also gathered reliably, that due to the revocation of the contract to the auctioneer, by Mr Magu, the contracted had concluded plans to sue the anti-graft agency in Court.

Mr Magu made several attempt to persuading the contractor so as to prevent the exposé from leaking to President Buhari.

However, the officers appeal to settle the matter from within the commission, was rejected by the contractor.

According to a source who spoke to DENISAURUS News on the condition of anonymity, said, “The committee found no proof of the allegation that the top management staff had done anything wrong.

“Thus, the report stated that the top management staff was doing the job within purview, and that it‚Äôs just advisable to have sought a second opinion from Mr Magu as the Acting Chair, but no offence.”

Imagine that if the engaged auctioneer contractor had sued the EFCC to Court, two things are involved here;

“1. An embarrassment to the Federal Government under President Buhari, and

“2. Incurring expenses to the Federal government, in the event of payment of damages to the contractor.

‚ÄúThis does not tell well of a Chief Executive, of an anti-graft agency like Magu. This is really not good,” said the source

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