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The Acting Chair of the EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu is not new in the public domain, coupled with the various impunity and allegations on his “Double-face” conducts, as enumerated by the DSS

Two Faced: Mr Magu

The anti-graft agency’s boss was recently rejected by the NASS Senate on Dec 15, 2016, following revelations contained in a DSS Report.

Even though Mr Magu had from his past and when recently appointed, hoodwinked gullible Nigerians, who see him as “Mr Integrity”.

Impunity and corrupt acts of Mr Magu did not start today, as many Nigerians are still living in denial of his culpability. But in reality, the picture painted by the anti-graft agency’s boss of himself, is far from who he really is or what Nigerians think of him.

A few analyses of activities of Mr Magu , shows that he has been living and feeding on corruption. Without exception to blackmailing, deception, victimization, cruelty and other wrong doings. The EFCC boss is more of a “Sly Fox” than what even DSS discovered. Let us look at three scenarios in isolation, and compare them in arriving at an informed precision of the true nature of Mr Magu.

You will recall that sometime in 2008, Mr Magu was accused of concealing EFCC  Official Case Files at home, which led the then EFCC Chair, Mrs Farida Waziri, to order for his arrest and further action by the Nigeria Police Force Authorities which later dismissed Mr Magu from the force.

But a picture which the anti-graft agency’s boss painted via his media allies is that he was victimized by Mrs Waziri, because she was corrupt (untrue). This has now been corroborated by the DSS independent investigation, and found Mr Magu culpable of the allegations inter alia. However, assuming the whole issue was lies, here is another case of “EFCC Files”.

In June 2016, the DSS arrested a member of Presidential Committee on Arms Deal, Air Commodore Umar Mohammed.

During interrogation and search at his Maitama- Abuja residence, EFCC Case files were recovered, which the Air Chief confessed he was fronting for Mr Magu.


We believe Mr Magu will say it is corruption fighting back. But the anti-graft agency’s boss forgets that these two cases and investigation took place at various long distance intervals of almost a decade.

Worthy of note is that, running a blackmailing cartel by Mr Magu is as similar to blood running in his vein. Therefore, there is no way the anti-graft agency’s boss can deny feign knowledge of all these allegations. We beg to differ on any kind of defense he may offer.

However, another most alarming scenario is that which corroborated a part of the DSS Report, which alleged that Mr Magu hobnobs with suspects whom may be undergoing investigation by the anti-graft agency.

Recall part of the DSS Report spoke on how Magu of EFCC flew in a Private Jet owned by Air Chief Mohammed, alongside an MD of Fidelity Bank, Mr Okwonkwo, en-route Maiduguri, Borno State.

An examination of other acts perpetrated by Mr Magu will show that the anti-graft agency’s boss is neck-deep in corruption, influence peddling and blackmailing of suspects for personal aggrandizement. Thus, a third and most astonishing of this impunity of Mr Magu, can be assessed in the case of a suspect, who is very influential among top politicians. He is the former Board Chair of Skye Bank PLC, Mr Olatunde John Ayeni. Dating back to the tenure of Ex-EFCC boss, Ibrahim Lamorde, when Mr Magu was the Deputy Director of Internal Affairs DIA, Mr Ayeni and Mr Magu have been bonded.

Intimate as both were, was more of mutual symbiosis, where Magu of EFCC help the ex-Bank Chair to do bidding on cases at EFCC.

Recall that recently, the ex-Bank Chair Mr Ayeni was arrested by the EFCC, as a guise to fool gullible Nigerians and the Presidency.

This was just a charade put up by Magu of EFCC to mislead or cover his track relationship with Mr Ayeni.

Earlier, our audience were intimated on the link between Mr Magu and Mr Ayeni, who in several instances have been paying the Bills of the anti-graft agency’s boss. Among such was a case where Magu had requested for the sum of N400,000 to pay School fees of his children from Mr Ayeni. In return, the ex-Bank Chair had given Mr Magu the sum of N1,000,000 to offset the expenses.

This is one among many dealings between “Mr Integrity Mr Magu” and Mr Ayeni. Off course this and many more, were for future benefit

The image that Magu of EFCC portrays to the public is different from what the populace really know about him, plus the media propaganda.

Only in an insane country would persons like Mr Magu be allowed to be deceiving everyone, with his “Arrest and Recovery” hype.

The Nigerian people mostly get carried away with what they are fed with via the Media and bandwagon, without really carrying out more of private inquiries from possible links in such an agency of the Federal Government. Thereby ascertaining the veracity of media.

President Muhammadu Buhari is on this premise advised to replace Mr Magu, and get an urgent replacement as the EFCC Chair.



  1. We are nothing, but pencils in the hand of our creator- WAP.
    The truth is, President Buhari is making most Nigerians see him as “One Chance”.


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