REVEALED: Cadets On Training Plan To Protest Due To Negligence By Magu Of EFCC


Cadets who started training at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC this year, have accused their boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu of denying them of their welfare and allowances.

The new recruits who are about to complete their six month training in the next few days, have not collected any form of allowance, this news website has learnt.

In a telephone interview conducted on Sunday evening, they said: “their welfare has been poorly handled,” despite the huge sums of money alleged to have been expended by Mr Magu for the training of new cadets.

The Editor-In-Chief of DENISAURUS News, Adenike Lucas published several reports on Mr Magu of EFCC over a few months ago.

A few of the report mentioned the relocation of the newly recruited cadets to the Air Force Training Institute in Kaduna, instead of the world class EFCC Academy Abuja.

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An EFCC source said the transfer of the training facility from Abuja to Kaduna “is a conduit pipe for diverting money out of the commission by Mr Magu.”

The staff who said this, stated that “if it was not so, why is he not using the EFCC Academy, Abuja which has all the  world training standard facilities to train the cadet.”

DENISAURUS News has just received authoritatively from a reliable source, what the cadets on Training at Kaduna are presently going through.

They alleged the non- care by Mr Magu’s EFCC, most especially over welfare (feeding), allowances needs proper attention.

All of the agitation is even different from the non-conductive learning conditions, which they (cadets) are being subjected.

“Contrary to what is now obtainable, the EFCC Academy Abuja has a serene atmosphere of learning, where based on its template, only 25 cadets are taught in a class.

“But at the Air Force Institute, Kaduna, Mr Magu’s EFCC does not care, hence in a class you’d find 300 cadets, thus leading to half-baked graduates at the end of the training.”

Senior staff say they are beginning to wonder if indeed Mr Magu has an interest in the future growth and development of the anti-graft agency. As he has succeeded in destroying all the training structural legacies set up by past chairpersons and commandant of the EFCC academy.”

A cadet, who did not want to be named, informed this website that “they plan to take their grievances to the street in the form of a protest.”

Meanwhile, DENISAURUS News had reported earlier on how Mr Magu of EFCC had spent over ₦500Million, with more still ongoing, with nothing to show for it at the institution.

Cadets in training

One staff told DENISAURUS NEWS: “there was no structure to the commission.”

Another complained “that their boss has made all the professionals redundant because he opposed their professionalism.”

This had even led to an altercation between the anti-graft agency’s boss and the EFCC Commandant, ACP Kaigama Bunu.

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The cadets have complained bitterly over the way much disparity is shown to them, as compared to their counterpart from the Nigeria Air Force who are also on training. All of these had led to severally of the Cadets to abscond from the Air Force Training base, in preference for an alternative job.

Many of the cadets had decried injustice and expressed their regret, for facing such bad treatment especially in an anti-corruption organization, whose responsibilities is to fight all form of injustices and corruption.

They called for President Muhammadu Buhari “to conduct an audit immediately on the agency.”

Staffers from the Commission say: “there is a need to begin to question Mr Magu of EFCC – who is now out of the country on a trip to the United Kingdom – what the rationale is to have relocated the training of these newly recruited cadets outside the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, where the anti-graft agency has one of the best Training Academy, comparable to other foreign standard.”

EFCC staff members have called on President Buhari to as a matter urgency, commence a thorough investigation of Mr Magu of EFCC, in addition to the present DSS (Department of State Security) report hanging, which made the NASS Senate to reject his (Mr Magu’s) confirmation as substantive EFCC Chair.

They said: “not only has he (Mr Magu) been indicted by the DSS report, he is also not competent.”

DENISAURUS News has contacted the commission’s spokesperson for comment.




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