👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Staff members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have made another call to President Muhammadu Buhari over their ‘corrupt’ boss.

Operatives also “commended the effort” of Adenike Lucas, the Editor in Chief of DENISAURUS News.

They did so in a statement received a week ago, where they quoted the anti-corruption campaign slogan, Not In My Country, saying that “Mr Magu was not wanted at the EFCC because he is corrupt.”


According to the staff who have spoken anonymously about the dubious act done by the Acting Chair of the Anti-graft agency, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, had it not been for the reportage done by Miss Lucas, which resulted in “President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB knowing about the true deceptive nature of Mr Magu, it would have been our remains that Nigerians may witness.”

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Miss Lucas said she recently received a tip off about a conference where Mr Magu was to lambaste President Buhari, because he refused to interfere with NASS over his confirmation.

Insiders say, Mr Magu was left fuming, after DENISAURUS News revealed the details of the press conference. Because the press conference was exposed before it could take place, Mr Magu had to make it a low key affair to prevent further embarrassments.

Sources within the EFCC say their boss now plans to travel to Canada for two weeks, on an official engagement.

For the atrocities he has caused and for the corruption cases that plague his regime, they want PMB to “hand him his sack letter and make an announcement while he is abroad within the week.”


Reasons for his dismissal have been reported extensively in this news webiste. The sources who have spoken to this website over the months, want the Chief Executive of the anti-graft commission to be given the boot because of the evidence of corruption they have seen for themselves while working with him.


Staff called for the Department of State Services, DSS to screen Mr Magu, but they have gotten wind of how he has sabotaged the effort of the security outfit.

A security source said, in a twisted and saddening exposé development, Mr Magu of EFCC has played a smart one on the DSS.

They said that Mr Magu knew that the Secret Police had written to Police Service Commission (PSC) for “Disciplinary Misconducts” on him in Nigeria Police. Mr Magu is said to have “quickly had a ‘TRADE BY BARTER’ with a suspect Director from PSC, who had a case at EFCC.

“By so doing, the Director had removed and expunged all incriminating evidence from Mr Magu’s official File at PSC.

To staff in the know, this is not the sort of characteristics an anti-corrupt Tsar should have. One person said, Mr Magu claims to be “Mr Integrity yet his action does not fit his words.”

Another reliable source within the EFCC, informed this website, that since the establishment of the EFCC, they have only had a relief, which motivated them to work and that was during the tenure of two of their former bosses.

“Each in terms of Operations on one hand and Staff Welfare on the other hand. They believe that boss’ (Mrs Farida Waziri) tenure was marred with sponsored castigation from Sahara Reporters, who were being paid to do the dirty Job – (and are still doing the bidding of those paying them in propping Mr Magu),  yet staffers could boast of no other peaceful and well equipped atmosphere to work than during her reign.

“There have been appeals from EFCC staff to PMB, since his inauguration to come to their aid, due to the prevalence of injustice meted out to EFCC Core staff by their supposed tutors.

Those who are on secondment from the Nigerian police, are accused of doing it solely for monetary reasons.

A detective at the commission said seconded police men“own some of the most expensive properties in and around the country (from Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Port Harcourt and many other high brow areas.) Often, they say  the tutors have “left the teaming dedicated, and hardworking staff ready to move the country forward, to become a laughing stock.”

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Owing to the way and manner in which one of the most recently sacked boss of the EFCC steered the agency, his loyalist were just up and doing with ‘looting and injustice’. Some of them, the seconded policemen, ensure that when they went back to the Nigeria Police, with enough to last their tenth generation. They are made for life and would never lack. All of which was mostly proceeds of corrupt practices” an insider opined to this blog.

Some say: “one way in which they have silenced the EFCC Core Staff, was through the use of ‘unjust dismissals’ without regards to the interest of the anti-graft agency on pending court cases, as has been suffered by many till today, who could as well give Court Witness Evidence for the benefit of EFCC uplifting. Staffers are made to believe that since you cannot join in the illegality, then be ready to be booted out in whatever crooked set-up.


A concerned staff laments that: “Even when the EFCC Core staff who have been unjustly dismissed sought redress in the law courts and are given favourable judgements, the then Executive Chair, Ibrahim Lamorde through Mr Magu’s led EFCC rushed to appeal the Court’s verdict.

This is with the intention to create unnecessary delay, thereby destroying the career of young, dedicated and virile EFCC Core staff.

Two examples of when the Court had given favourable judgement to staff were given by the staff. In one case, a female International arbitrator, an EFCC Core Managerial Staff was humiliated out of the agency, and another male Lawyer, an EFCC Core staff too who had similar experience. Both won their case at the National Industrial Court NIC, but Mr Magu and his predecessor Mr Lamorde, are still working hand in hand to mess up EFCC Core Staff till date.

This situation was quite highly limited, when the Anti-graft agency was headed by its only former retired Senior Female Police Boss.

Another source said “Mr Magu of EFCC is well informed on the injustice, victimization, impunity and corruption that reigned under his predecessor, Mr Lamorde.

They say, he knows to” an extend that, they will deny EFCC Core Staff their long overdue Promotions and Entitlements, just to make sure one remains under a perpetual servitude, so as to make you agree to compromise your discipline and integrity”.

Therefore, if you subsequently agree to play the game, you will remain a ‘loyal boy’, but otherwise, you are a threat that must be discarded.

This is the ‘Modus Operandi’ used till date, even by ‘Mr Integrity Magu’. That is why the rate of allegations of Bullying, Victimisation has rather skyrocket, instead of dealing with the menace created by Ibrahim Lamorde.

An insider, who has exposed Mr Magu in the past, says: “for the record, so many illegalities carried out by Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, is well in the knowledge of Mr Magu of EFCC, as he also engineered some of them.

“But the point is, if he (Mr Magu) believes he is doing a total war against corruption, by now, all those whom his predecessor used in milking the anti-graft agency and Nigeria dry through dubious ways, would by now be cooling off at the best place of confinement. Including the Ibrahim Lamorde himself, and these persons; DCP. Mohammed Wakili, CSP. Bello Yahaya, CSP. Baba Azare, CSP. Ibrahim Yidi, ASP. Bashir Mu’azu, SP. Ishaku Sharu, CSP. Iliyasu Kwarbai, CSP. Ishaq Salihu, CSP. Abdul Suleiman amongst others.

Rather than do the needful, Mr Magu  only returned a few of this corrupt officer back to their mother organisation, the Nigeria Police despite some of them being investigated by Mr Magu in 2013/ 2014 for Corruption, where the investigation report never saw the light of the day.

While Mr Magu of EFCC uses the rest to continue with the same illegalities perpetrated by his predecessor. As the saying goes: ‘He who must come to equity, must come with clean hands’” added another anonymous source who fears being victimised if identity is revealed.

A bold whistle blower revealed that, “one DCP. Mohammed Wakili, before being returned to Police recently was involved fully on extorting from Pension suspects and thereafter shared with his then boss, Mr Ibrahim Lamorde. In one of the scenarios, an EFCC Core Staff’s name was fraudulently used by the duo, claiming the staff had travelled to United States of America USA, for “Pension Biometric Exercise”, which necessitates the 7th NASS Senate to invite the staff, to throw more light on the allegations. This was masterminded by DCP. Wakili, being the head of Pension Investigations at the time.”

The source says “if anyone is in doubt on how CP. Ibrahim Lamorde had helped in destroying the EFCC, alongside most of his then Lieutenants to include Mr Magu of EFCC, a thorough review of the budget of the Anti-graft agency from 2012 to 2015, and a corresponding check at the Nigeria Budget Office will corroborate the authenticity of this report.

“This is because, there were instance when fund meant to carter for the needs of EFCC Staff, was diverted into some unbudgeted ventures, in order to satisfy political accolades.

“An instance is the ‘side-recruitment’ which Ibrahim Lamorde had embarked to pay his dues to politicians, at the detriment of the existing staff of the EFCC. In that case, Mr Lamorde went to the Budget Office to ask that they should include those illegally recruited personnel, but the Budget Office objected. Yet, thereafter, Mr Lamorde went ahead to divert fund meant for EFCC Staff entitlements.

“These are all what Magu of EFCC knew about, refused to do anything, but rather towing the same line as his predecessor. Even as the Head of Accounts Department of the EFCC under Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, was the most corrupt accomplice, that aided all the looting of the Anti-graft agency. With instances of flagrant disregard for Financial Regulations, alongside a Senior Police Officer who was involved fraud on the “Purchase of Tyres” for the vehicles of the Commission.

“That case was all under Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, superintended by  Mr Magu, yet it has been washed away under the bridge. Imagine this case had involved an EFCC Core Managerial Staff, all Nigeria media would have been asked to publish the case in order to discredit the EFCC Core Staff and the agency.

The source asked that has “the EFCC under Mr  Magu, ever publish the corrupt practices of any seconded policemen? ” It has not, “such will never happen.”



Meanwhile, when Mr Magu of EFCC came on board, the initial belief was, he was going to demolish all the “Empire Buildings” kick started by his predecessor, thereby addressing various complaints by EFCC Core Staff. Instead, he set out on more victimisation, bullying, injustice and worst of all repelling of whistle blowers.

Check by DENISAURUS News revealed that, what has even been seen as the most awkward on Mr Magu is the wastefulness of government scarce resources, just to satisfy his personal and egoistic interest. At a time the Federal government of PMB is battling with a lot of financial challenges, Mr Magu is thinking of how to make his own loot, before the whirlwind catapults him out of the anti-graft agency.

Six months ago, DENISAURUS News had carried out an in-depth investigation on the atrocities of Mr Magu and all his pretence, which most gullible Nigerians are innocent about.

One of such is on the current employee recruitment exercise.


We had informed our teaming readers of over two million, with information of how Mr Magu  abandoned a multi-million Naira EFCC Academy Abuja, established by the pioneer chair, and raised to a world class by the only Female Chair of the Anti-graft agency ever.

Despite the standard upgrade and good finishing given to the academy, which houses most training, workshops and conferences by Local and Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies, Mr Magu of EFCC abandoned the place for another training institute. Not even within the FCT Abuja metropolis, but far away Kaduna State, for the training of the New Cadets who are to join the employ of the EFCC.

Information at the disposal of DENISAURUS News revealed that, the Old Detectives Assistance (Arms Guard) so employed and trained for EFCC by the DSS during the Female Boss of the anti-graft agency, with high tech-weapons, till date have never been given weapon to man the formations of the EFCC? Staff questions  Mr Magu’s justification for embarking on such an expedition?

A reliable source, who does not want to be named, had informed DENISAURUS that Mr Magu of EFCC has spent over N520.3 million within few months, with the claim that he is training the cadets at the Nigeria Air Force Institute, Mando, Kaduna State. This is not yet all of the spending, as more is still awaiting Magu of EFCC to share with his DSS Suspect, Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (rtd), Who had been fronting for him in a blackmailing cartel on Arms Deal Committee.


We have been forced to ask Mr Magu of EFCC some heart-breaking questions, which may interest him to answer; 1.) Where did Mr Magu get the money he used to acquire the Maitama House which he gave Air Chief Mohammed (rtd) to renovate with N43 million? Same residence that Mr Magu has now abandoned, after the DSS arrest of the Air Chief. 2.) Where did Magu of EFCC get the money he used in acquiring the properties in Lagos? – Which his EFCC police front is helping him to conceal. 3.) Why is Mr Magu of EFCC afraid to train the New Cadets at the world class EFCC Academy Abuja? Is not this prove for already diverted funds of the anti-graft agency.

DENISAURUS News is inundated with the fact that most of the boys of Mr Magu of EFCC’s predecessor, Ibrahim Lamorde, were asked to go back to their mother organisation, Nigeria Police, in spite of the so many atrocities they did to several cases, which today cannot go anywhere in our courts.

As most of the cases have been compromised, and vital evidence destroyed forever as a negotiation to scuttle them from seeing the light of the day. Just like we have witnessed Stalled Court cases in most politically exposed Persons matter recently, example Ex-Gov Gbenga Daniel.


All of these were the happenings in the Anti-graft agency at the first time when the EFCC was set up. There was no Unit or Department in the Agency that controls the Exhibits and Assets recovered from suspect. Hence, it is whatever that was presented to the Federal Government that the Public accepts, as proceeds of crime. Until the arrival of a New Boss for the Anti-graft agency in the second quarter of 2008, that was when an “Assets Forfeiture Unit” was set-up to checkmate whatever that have been or will be recovered in the course of investigations.


It is on this premise that staff who have refused to stay quiet are calling “on President Buhari to have a total review and investigation of cases of Injustice to EFCC Core Staff, and those seconded policemen who soiled their hands with illegitimate deals respectively.”

They say: “these were the issues observed by a House of Representative Member, Honourable Oladipupo Adebutu, as a way to liberate the EFCC and its Core Staff from the grip of persons without decorum. This Reps Member seems to be well acquainted with all the ills at the Anti-graft agency.


Finally, operatives of the anti-graft commission would like to urge “President Muhammadu Buhari, to investigate all of them who were once ever posted or seconded to EFCC, as well as look into all injustice done to EFCC Core Staff, from inception to date. As a way of charting a new course for the anti-graft agency.

One person who has spoken to this website at length, quoted a famous legal luminary, and human right activist, stating it as the determination not to give up. “Stand for what is right, even if you will stand alone,” the quote states.

Similarly, another gave special commendation to the Former Ghanaian Military Ruler, Jerry K. Rowlings. Mr Rowlings averred in one of his speeches that; ‘if you want to know what a man is like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors (subordinates, staff etc), not his equals.’.

“This is an admonishment to Mr Magu, when he finds himself at Kenya, where his allies have said he is most needed, since they claimed PMB is not appreciative of the work of their paymaster.

“As well, the same ally alleged that Mr Magu did not beg PMB for the acting Job, hence will not beg to keep the substantive Job. What an unruly assertion against PMB! Certainly, not in Nigeria anymore, as a man cannot eat his cake and have it.

Calls were put across to the EFCC Spokesman, Mr Wilson Uwujaren, to ascertain why the Anti-graft agency decided to abandone a “Cost Effective” EFCC  Academy Abuja, to pay over N500 million in another state and to another organization.

However, at the time of filing this report, Mr Uwujaren did not get back to our reporters.



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