By Ahmed (*Real Name Withheld) 

A few days ago, I read from this website, that DCP Mohammed Wakili was aspiring for the top position at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, following the Senate rejection of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

As a victim of DCP Wakili, I know him to be one of the most corrupt officials who has been in the commission since its inception, hence the thought that he would be vying for the position of the chairman in such a prestigious organisation was shocking and much of a surprise to me.


Corrupt Wakili Extorted Milllions From Pension Suspects

As an operative of the EFCC from 2006 to 2012, DCP Wakili had succeeded in victimising, and then unjustly recommending for my dismissal from service using his God father, Ibrahim Lamorde, a former chairman of the Commission who was known to be a very very corrupt man.

But, I am not the only staff to have suffered in the hands of this corrupt officers, many other core staff known as regular staff,  are still being mistreated, bullied, victimised by them (Mr Magu, DCP Wakili et al).

DCP Wakili and Mr Lamorde had succeeded in destroying the futures and careers of over 30 core staff while pretending to be fighting corruption.

I vowed to testify against DCP Wakili and Mr Lamorde on how they extorted millions and properties from pension suspects such as Dr Sani Teidi Shuaibu, John Yakubu Yusuf who siphoned and kept over 4 Billion Naira in his toilet.

Reliable evidence seen by staff can prove how DCP Wakili and team extorted over 300 million naira and properties in Abuja, Jigawa and Sokoto, from pension suspects.

DCP Wakili and team has been petitioned severally by individuals and organisations about the fraud perpetrated by him but Mr Lamorde swept the issue under the carpet because of the kick back he had also collected through his boys i.e Habibu Adamu Aliyu and Mustapha Gadanya.

Seeing that in previous circumstances, DCP Wakili has extorted millions of Naira from cases he investigated; it’s unbecoming for people like him to aspire for EFCC chairman. It is in fact an embarrassment to the President Buhari, should such a person be elevated the supreme position of such an agency.

I call on President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB to urgently review the pension cases which the Mr Lamorde’s led EFCC and Wakili investigated.

I am also appealing to President Buhari and members of the upper chamber (The Senate) to investigate all senior policemen who investigated high profile cases right from the tenure of Mr  Lamorde and the present leadership of Mr Magu.

The National Assembly should immediately review all pension cases so as to bring people like DCP Wakili and Mr Lamorde to book as well as to ascertain my claims.


Petition Against Corrupt Officers 

Following my indictment by Mr Lamorde and DCP Wakili, I wrote several petitions to the former National Security Advicer, NSA, Sambo Dasuki and the former Minister of Justice, Bello Adoke.

Mr Dasuki instructed a thorough investigation through Col Bello Fadile and his SA on Legal Matters, Barrister Njoku on my matter.

However, due to some policemen who previously worked in EFCC, who also are Mr Lamorde boys succeeded in frustrating my petitions. After appearing at the NSA office twice nothing positive came out of the entire process.

Most people at the office are aware of how one DCP Bolaji Salami was awarding contracts without due process. Staffers are also aware of the employment scam but Mr Lamorde refused to investigate and prosecute him because of the kick back he was collecting.

The same DCP Salami is alleged of having criminal cases against him right from the police but he still made his way into the EFCC where he made millions from mismanagement of commission’s fund and other fraud and he left nothing happens. His record is there in the Nigeria Police and the Police Service Commission; the authority concern should investigate to ascertain our claims. How can this type of people should be allowed to serve in EFCC while having bad record?

Many corrupt policemen who served in EFCC right from inception had made millions and they are moving freely enjoying their loots. Many have acquired large farmlands, plazas, hotels, mansions, transportation companies and they usually own the largest shares in many companies but none of this people have been investigated and prosecuted.

 Magu and Lamorde: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Similarly during the emergence of Mr Magu, I was advised to write an appeal stating the injustices done to me by the previous leadership of Mr Lamorde, but to my surprise, Mr Magu deceived my mediator that he will see that justice is done.

I later discovered that Mr Magu and Mr Lamorde where working from the same book. There are indeed, the two sides of the same coin. Mr Magu is an extension to Mr Lamorde; hence, the appeal was kept under the carpet without anything positive result.

SAME COIN: Magu and Lamorde

I speak boldly when I say that Mr Lamorde and Mr Magu are corrupt. Mr Lamorde and Mr Magu have been in the commission since inception. If Mr Lamorde was sacked for corruption, and intelligence report has indicted Mr Magu why then is he still allowed to man the place.

I Want Justice

I am very much concerned about the wellbeing and future of the EFCC, if it will continue as it is presently, then there is no hope and fighting corruption would not succeed.

We will continue praying God to curse them for the wickedness and hardship they subjected us to.

I call and appeal to our dear President Buhari, the Senate President Bukola Saraki, Attorney General of Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN and all other stake holders and Nigerians to remove Mr Magu and ensure that whoever emerges the next chairman ensures that justice is meted out to all staff wrongly victimised and abused by the past chairs.

We suffered much injustice under Mr Lamorde, DCP Wakili, DCP Salami and Mr Magu, however, we rest our case to God, the supreme being to do us justice through the intervention of our dear President and the Senate.

The whistle has started blowing and we shall continue to blow it until justice come to us and until all Nigerians know the real internal corruption in EFCC. Thank you all for your attention while you extend this message to the next person

The new chair must also look at how we can restructure the EFCC for effective and efficient service to Nigerians.

Many of us are ever ready to provide information and facts on how cases of pension subsidy and arms deal were frustrated by both Mr Lamorde and Mr Magu.


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