EFCC’s Rejected Chair, Magu Intensifies Spiritual Warfare

By Danjuma Aliyu

The rejected chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has imported Marabout from the Republic of Niger.

A source said they are currently lodged at his personal house, located at Karu, Abuja.

Mr Magu, a Deputy Police Commissioner from Borno State, has employed them to “ensure they sustain the grip on the decision of PMB, not to sack him as the chair of the anti-graft agency,” the source, a close friend of Mr Magu said.

EFCC sources have long spoken to this website about the desperation of Mr Magu to be confirmed as the 4th substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency.

DENISAURUS News had reported months back, on how Magu of EFCC, went to see a spiritualist Sat Guru Mahraji at Ibadan, southwest Nigeria.

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Close friends of Mr Magu confirmed to DENISAURUS News that he (Mr Magu) was not backing down, as regards his initial activities on use of marabout over his confirmation.

Mr Magu’s friend who spoke under condition of anonymity explained that the anti-graft agency’s boss had also been using his Borno Police boy as a link between himself and the marabouts.

“There are a lot yet to be answered as in related to Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (Rtd), who was recently arrested and released by the Department of States Services DSS, the source said.

“Despite the DSS report and Mr Mohammed’s confession, President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to decide on Mr Magu’s fate.  I tell you Magu’s charms are working.”

The source who also hails from Borno said: “President Buhari’s close Associates and appointees to as a matter of urgency should do all in their best, to break the jinx of indecision by PMB, as regards the removal and prosecution” of their boss.

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Reporters from DENISAURUS News discovered that a dismissal letter had already been but, some powerful forces are bent on keeping Mr Magu.

Last week, Mr Magu travelled to the United State after he received a query from the Presidency asking for him to give an account on monies recovered during his tenure.

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According to a staff at the Presidency, “There are two camps here! Those who are deliberately misleading PMB to support Mr Magu and those that have read the DSS report, seen Mr Magu’s woeful presentation at NASS.”





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