REVEALED: Magu Runs To USA Amid Presidency Query

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

The acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, disappeared to America, despite receiving a query from the Presidency.

Mr Magu, whose nomination as chair of the anti-graft agency was rejected by the Senate, due to an intel report, recently granted an interview to the media, where he deliberately provided inaccurate information on the recoveries made thus far.

DENISAURUS News gathered that Mr Magu’s interview with BBC Hausa Service, was severely falsified, which resulted in the query from the Presidency.

In the interview with the BBC Hausa programme, Mr Magu who found it very cumbersome and could not furnish lawmakers with an estimate figure of amount recovered during his confirmation screening as EFCC boss, gave a cock and bull story on the amount recovered thus far.

On the show, Mr Magu claimed to have recovered $9.5 billion. But, staff at the agency say the Borno born Deputy Commissioner of Police, was lying to the world about the amount recovered.

An EFCC source said the rejected boss had “over inflated the amount,” so as to continue to give the impression that he “was working very hard.”

The staff stated that “some of the money are under interim forfeiture, while some are under final forfeiture. Meanwhile others have not been decided by the Court.

“In Mr Magu’s own very deceitful way, he tried to lump them all together, in order to delude Nigerians into thinking he is the anti-graft czar who has recovered the most in Nigeria, which will lead to calls for him to stay.”


In the last one year, this media house has identified the various arrest and recovery gimmicks being used by Mr Magu, to deceive the President and other Arms of government, into believing that he is the Saint and best Anti-graft Czar Nigeria never had since inception.

Many have wondered why DENISAURUS News never backed down in exposing the impunity, atrocities, corruption and blackmails of Mr Magu.

The simple reason is that, credible and reliable sources have gotten in contact with us, and their allegations against their boss was further corroborated by the recent viral DSS indicting report against Mr Magu.

Hence, the sudden invitation of suspects by his (Mr Magu’s) fronts, to collect bribes and share among themselves.

Listeners told this news site that Mr Magu made a seriously attempt to misrepresent/ misinform/ mislead the whole world, based on this interview he granted.

DENISAURUS News was authoritatively told that a senior Management Staff at the EFCC was invited by the Presidency within the previous week, and he had to clear the misinformation given by Mr Magu, during his interview.

Accordingly, the top EFCC Management staff, reportedly explained to the Presidency, in a satisfactory manner, the actual position of Assets Recovery by the Commission.

Reliable sources present, said “the senior EFCC official furnished the Presidency with accurate and articulate briefing on the recoveries made, interim forfeiture, and final forfeiture by courts, as against the uncoordinated and misinformation by unlearned Mr Magu, who so wished to become EFCC Chair in his dreams.

The President Buhari is said to been a firm listener of the BBC Hausa Service. Government sources say the President has listened to BBC for more than three decades.

An insider explained that “Mr Magu must not be aware about this or why would he (Mr Magu) have felt could use that same platform to further carryout his ignobleness, like he had done and still doing to the mind of many Nigerians.”

“The Presidency was quite impressed,” and it is believed that, “the anti-graft agency’s boss, Mr Magu, may be on his way out of the EFCC in the week to come. As even the President is now certain that it will be a slap on his person, to ask such a person like Mr Magu to the substantive boss of the EFCC.”

Pleas For Magu Intensifies

Last week, a different source informed DENISAURUS News that members of the Presidency visited the anti-graft office to present Mr Magu with a letter.

DENISAURUS News has learned that some prominent people are still desperate to keep Mr Magu at the EFCC.

Understanding Magu’s Psy Ops

The anti-graft agency’s boss had been away to the United States of America USA, since last week, where he may have gone to furnish his New York online media ally (Sahara Reporters SR) some information.

But our sources say he is deemed to return today, and possibly hold his final meeting with the fronts he had been using to do his dirty dealings on Sunday.

Similarly, staff say a more needs to be done to educate people on activities of the agency, as they believe much of the support that the anti-graft agency’s boss gets, is from those gullible Nigerians, who feels the efforts of DENISAURUS News, was “Corruption Fighting Back” instead of “Whistle-Blowing”.

Staff members at the anti-graft agency who have long argued, say, “This was how our boss deceived Nigerians, saying he recovered the sum of N49 million at Kaduna Airport, just a day before his appearance at NASS Senate for confirmation screening.

“The whole money was actually a packaged Mint, purportedly from the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.  Nigerians should think very well and not allow the media (Sahara Reporters SR et al) to be used by Mr Magu to make them look stupid.”


You will agree with DENISAURUS News that in the past, due to the fear if more exposé against his (Mr Magu’s) corrupt and impunity tendency, the anti-graft agency’s boss had ordered the arrest of a popular political blogger Abubakar Sidiq Usman (Abusidiqu), over a publication written by DENISAURUS News Editor, Adenike Lucas, which was published in August 2016 by Abusidiqu.

This was the one singular act that finally exposed all hidden secret of Mr Magu.

Mr Magu thought that Abusidiq would shut us up. However, the editor of DENISAURUS News never backed down.

She said, she will continue to dedicate as much energy and effort to ensure the mainstream media begins to pick up and begins to carry out more investigation on Mr Magu’s atrocities at the anti-graft agency.

Staff believe Mr Magu has lost it, as his deceptive ways are exhausted. They said: “Soon, we expect the DSS to call him (Mr Magu) in, to account for all the allegations against him and the corruption he had allow to fester among his lackeys, at the EFCC.”


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