EXCLUSIVE: Diversion Of Public Funds, Abuse Of Office, Stealing And Contract Scam Discovered At The National Teachers’ Institutes


Indeed, with the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as President, many in Nigeria believed that corruption was about to be kicked to the grave. 

In 2015, President Buhari, 75, promised to fight corruption, but barely three years of the All Progressives Congress, APC at the centre, and the fight against graft has taken a new dimension whereby there is “widespread corruption” affecting all levels of the government.

A report by Transparency International showed that corruption had worsened under Nigeria’s 75-year-old President.

The TI report ranked the West African country 148/180 in 2017. Yet in 2015, when the country was led by Goodluck Jonathan, the ranking was 136/180. The latest data is seen as an indictment of the corruption fight led primarily by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

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DENISAURUS News has often reported exclusively the level of corruption perpetuated by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the acting chairman of the EFCC.

There have also been several report on how Chief Executives of Agencies and Ministries are busy stealing public funds as well as victimising and persecuting staff unjustly.

Following the exclusive reportage a whistle blower from the National Teachers Institutes, NTI, Kaduna got in touch to give a detailed report of the way management staff have consistently mismanaged the institutions fund.

The NTI Kaduna was established to meet the demand for trained teachers, as a result of the introduction of Universal Primary Education scheme in 1976.

Various sources say when funds allocated for Sustainable Development Goals, SDG which replaced Millenium Development Goal, are allocated it is not fully disbursed to staff.

DENISAURUS News also learnt that when necessary foreign trip are being created and whenever there’s a programme of SGG, each participants is expected to occupy a room but they are given one room shared by three participants.

Although, our Kaduna based reporter who interviewed an insider on the condition of anonymity, testified that during the emergence of the new Director General,  Garba Azare which was about two years ago, staff morale were boosted.

He noted that Professor Azare “has been working tirelessly to ensure all staff welfare is been paid promptly particularly the junior staff.

Compared to all other DG’s of the training school, the new boss made sure that all staff members are treated equally.

The current DG during his tenure ensures that the Junior Staff Duty Tour Allowances and Mileage is been equally paid.

However,  this paper discovered that even though the new DG “has all his staff at heart,” some Acting Directors who are “kitchen cabinet to the DG are overriding the substantive Directors in the discharge of administrative roles,”a whistle blower  told DENISAURUS News.

With all the effort being made by the present DG, DENISAURUS News discovered that there are new policies and programmes been introduced by the DG which his kitchen cabinet members are taking advantage of stealing the Institute funds.

Our investigations shows that the DG has abolished Centre Desk Officers, CDO which initially was introduced by the then Minister of State Education, Nyesom Wike.

That the dissolution of the Centre Desk Officer, which is the administrative head of the Centre. has created room for Centre Managers to extort huge amount of money from students.

Some of the corruption and diversion of fund is done through lack of “prompt payment of states facilitators, Courses and Tutorials allowances.”

Other ways are through “short payment of SDG allowances to participating staff members as well reduction of other benefits.”

A staff who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisal, explained that “CDO’s are actual staff of the NTI while CM are people selected from outside. The issue of centralisng the affairs of the Institute to the Registrar office without involving any Director has also help in siphoning the Institute funds.

“Awarding unnecessary contracts to relatives and friends without recourse to due process.  One among these is publications of sensitive exam documents and training materials outside the institute which was supposed to be done at the Institute press centre.”

They say “NTI staff members have never being taken part in any training locally or internationally in capacity building particularly the Junior ones. There are staff that have worked for over ten years but never sent for training despite the huge amount of money budget for the Institute.”

The whistleblower complained that staff are being denied the right to constitute a Union capable of protecting their rights or devoid of any form of victimisation, persecution, promotion, welfare and unjust transfer.

They are calling on the Federal government and other stake holders in the Education sector to wade into the matter so that the Institute would regain its lost glory.

DENISAURUS News called the NTI on the contact lines found on their website, however, we were unable to speak to an authorised official about the issue.



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