REVEALED | $50M PANEL: Magu of EFCC And Party Chieftain, Teleguiding Panel By Rumored Resignation Of CoS And DG DSS.

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

New allegations that the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is cooking up mischief against those who rejected his nomination, has been further substantiated by this online newspaper.

DENISAURUS News gathered from a very authentic and reliable source that the anti-graft boss was planning to falsify evidence against those he thinks prevented his confirmation as chairman.


Following the discovery of the said $43M, the anti-graft agency’s boss was heard saying that he would show people how to cook up evidence against someone.

Speaking in his native Hausa language, Mr Magu said: “Wadannan Mugun Mutane, basu San ni ba. Da goyin bayan Shugaban Jam’iyar su, Sai na nuna masu Iyayin Shar’ri, Kamar yanda suke so su kulla mani. Ashe basu San ce wa, nima Dansanda ba ne. Meyasa baza su daure mani gindi ba. Ina nifin Daura na SSS, da Kyari, shugaban masu aikin Villa.”

Our source, a native of Borno State translated Mr Magu’s word as: “This wicked people, do not know me. I will show them how to cook up against someone, like they did to me.

“Since they do not recall that I am a policeman,” he said: “Why did not they cover up for me? I meant Daura of SSS, and Kyari, chief of staff’.”

Mr Magu is said to be bitterly upset at rejection of his nomination as the 4th substantive chairman of the EFCC.

On Wednesday, 15 March, 2017, the NASS Senate, for the second time rejected Mr Magu following a report by the Department of State Services, DSS, which described the Borno born Deputy Commissioner of Police as a “liability to the corruption fight.”


The EFCC acting boss was also accused of fraternising with a DSS Suspect, Air Commodore Umar Mohammed.

Sensitive documents belonging to the EFCC where found in the Maitama home of he retired Air pilot, during a DSS raid.

EFCC staff members say the anti-graft agency’s boss has not given his account regarding, how vital confidential EFCC documents and that of Presidency, was found at the Maitama, Abuja home of the Air Chief.”

In a memo leaked, the DSS gave further evidence against Mr Magu by way of a confessional statement from Mr Mohammed.


“Revenge Mission”

Mr Magu bent on getting revenge will now do so as he gives evidence to a three man panel set up to investigate cases of corruption.

Multiple sources have expressed their lack of confidence in the panel headed by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

They say that Professor Osinbajo, a key ally of Mr Magu is being teleguided by a certain Party Chieftain.

“Rumours of CoS + DG DSS’ Resignation”

Government sources believe that those teleguiding the VP are behind the ongoing rumour of Abba Kyari and Lawal Daura’s resignation.

They say that the aim is to fool Nigerians into thinking the President was shielding corrupt staff.

Those peddling the rumour of Mallam Kyari’s resignation are doing so” to pass a wrong signal to gullible Nigerians, that the duo may have been involved in the discovered NIA cash, an official enthused.

He say, their plan in doing so is in tandem with the instructions given by President Buhari to Professor Osinbajo led probe panel, that any official that features in the case, be immediately suspended.

The source said it was another game by Mr Magu, to hoodwink those that have allowed him fools them about his ‘Mr Integrity’ gimmicks.

DENISAURUS News previously published details of how Mr Magu, alongside a Party Chieftain and some loyal media allies have attempted, to silence some PMB’s appointees and associates, believing they were against the confirmation of the anti-graft agency’s boss.

EFCC workers say their boss has employed a New York Online media, Sahara Reporters, for this hatchet task.

An investigation by the editor of this website showed how SR tries to undermine appointees and ministers of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The investigation revealed that SR has managed to do so by falsely accusing the Chief of Staff to PMB, Abba Kyari and Director General of Department of States Services DSS Lawal M Daura of wrong doings, so as to give a doubt to President Buhari on sabotage by them on his government.

Many staff members at the EFCC, had in past times alleged on several impunity of Mr Magu, which DENISAURUS News have fully documented and reported through its news site ( The allegation ranges from bullying, victimisation, Corruption, blackmails among several other atrocities of the anti-graft agency’s boss. Some, he (Mr Magu) did single handedly, while others involves his allies in Media, CSO, Senior Lawyers, Groups and all that.


“$43 Recovered NIA Money”

This website recently published an advise to President Buhari on the ongoing investigation into the full details of the recovery at the Osborne Tower, Ikoyi, Lagos.

In the editorial exclusively penned by a staff writer from The Pebbles News, the President was advised to reconstitute the panel as the VP and NSA chief are said to be compromised.

The argument states that the supervisory security chief, Gen Monguno, Rtd, who has close association with Mr Magu, should be excluded from the panel because the DG NIA said he was aware of the covert operation for which it needed the money, but the retired Major General did not inform the President.


An EFCC worker who opted to remain anonymous, for fear of reprimand, says “I just want to believe that President Buhari is only taking his time on the issue of Mr Magu.

The staff expressed hope, saying that President Buhari, who surprised many when he suspended the SGF Babachir, is going to do the same to the anti-graft boss.


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