Advice To President Muhammadu Buhari On Suspension Of SGF, NIA DG – Pebble News Editorial

Exclusive: By Staff writer at the Pebble News

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari recently suspended the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Babachir David Lawal over the dubious awarding of contracts by the Presidential Initiative on North East, PINE, to his private company.

Mr Lawal, who allegedly benefited from a spurious contract of N220 million that was awarded for the removal of wild grass through his company, Rholavision Engineering Limited had previously been indicted by a Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Humanitarian Crises in the North East.

But the Presidency refused to act on the Senate’s report until recently. After a heated meeting at the Aso Villa, the President finally heeded to calls from anti-corruption campaigners, by ordering an investigation into the allegations of violations of law and due process by Mr Lawal with regard to contract awarded under PINE.

The President also suspended the Director-General NIA, Ayo Oke who claimed ownership of a $43 million that was recovered by the acting chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Following the suspension, the President has institute a three-man panel, headed by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, to investigate both men.

A staff writer at the Pebbles News, has written exclusively for DENISAURUS News, about the investigation and why President Buhari must reconstitute the panel investigating the matter.

The writer a senior investigator, hopes this article will influence the President to reconstitute the Probe Panel on PINE & NIA investigation, being headed by Professor Osinajo and NSA Babagana Monguno.

Why Magu Must Go and Osinbajo/Monguno Must Follow’

For many months, this newspaper has published reports of corruption against the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Reporters from DENISAURUS News, discovered from staff how desperate their boss was to become the fourth substantive chair, he was going to do anything to achieve his aim.

The Senate received a report from the Department of State Services which backed much of our claims about Mr Magu.

Subsequently, Mr Magu’s nomination as chairman was rejected by the NASS lawmakers.

For the VP to continue to support such character is beyond imagination. The VP, who recently threw his support for Mr Magu, is heavily compromised and is not neutral to be in a panel that would need to investigate Mr Magu over the recent discovery at the Ikoyi Osborne Towers.

Likewise, the supervisory security chief, Gen Monguno, Rtd, who has close association with Mr Magu, should be excluded from the panel because the DG NIA said he was aware of the covert operation for which it needed the money, but the retired Major General did not inform the President.

Gen Monguno might be hoping to use his position to absolve the anti-graft boss from the scandal he caused having botched a “Covert Operations” of NIA.

Security and financial analyst say “it would have been appropriate to include the DG- DSS Lawal M Daura.”

DENISAURUS News has in the past published dubious activities of NSA Monguno, while he held sway as the Chief of Intelligence at Directorate of Military Intelligence, DMI. This also include other cases against him, pending at the EFCC for investigation, i.e, Troops Allowance, which were kept in view and protected by Mr Magu.

Of interest is the Gen Garba’s exposé, illegal use of military attaché for money laundering, non-declaration of luxurious assets, allegation illegal recommend action of attaché for retirement for non-cooperation made by DG Gen SD Aliyu, and many more.

EFCC sources say “It would interest PMB to know that, NSA Monguno is a strong supporter and associate of Air Commodore Umar Mohammed and Mr Magu who are both culpable at #DSS, based on records.”

They say: “President Buhari must apply the same punishment of SGF Babachir on NSA Monguno and Mr Magu, and get their replacement soon.”

Sometimes in late 2016, the Senate reported the criminal act of SGF Babachir, and rejected Mr Magu based on DSS Report.

Many Nigerians came out to condemn the NASS Senate, alleging they were sabotaging President Buhari’s anti-graft war, because they are corrupt.

Certainly, the NASS Senators are not all “saints”, yet we must understand that they represent every constituent in Nigeria to the least LGA.

In most cases, these NASS Senators led by Bukola Saraki receive bashing from their electorates, if they do not represent them well.

Many have alleged that because Senate President and other Senators have corruption against them, and investigated by Mr Magu, is the reason why they are furious and making effort to protect themselves, using SGF Babachir and Mr Magu as bargaining chips against the Executive.

Nigerians fail to realise that the NASS Senate as a whole is an Institution, hence, it is greater than the wishes and aspirations of an individual. In Nigeria, we have accorded greater hope on individual rather institution, thereby rendering the interest of the country as irrelevant.

That is where we got it wrong. Today, like we saw last night, PMB had upheld the investigation of NASS Senate, by asking SGF Babachir to step aside, while a Presidential Panel investigates the genuineness or otherwise of the allegations, as regards to PINE.

Similarly, PMB would be doing justice, if same is applied to Mr Magu, after a thorough investigation by the DSS, revealed the anti-graft agency’s boss as a “liability to the anti-graft war of President Buhari’s government.”

First in first, DSS as a security and Intel agency, would not for the sake of politics, relegates professionalism to the background. Because, they sure know that posterity would be the judge, when they leave office or after the tenure of the regime, they had played politics, elapsed.

Therefore, PMB should also take a decisive step, and ask Mr Magu to take a bow, and thank him for what may seem a “job well done”. Since among over 180m Nigerians, we still have capable hands who can even do better, in the fight against corruption agenda of this government. This would pave way for Mr Magu to be given fair hearing as if has hopes. He can finally make that visit to the DSS and tell his own account on two major allegations; 1. Link with Air Commodore Umar Muhammed, 2. Punitive action against his unprofessional conduct at EFCC in 2008.

By this the anti-graft corruption fight of PMB, would begin to have a direction, and would put to bed all this allegations against its leadership that’s springing from right -left-centre.

A harmonious relationship devoid of any form of acrimony would have been bonded, officially, between Executive and Legislature.

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