Magu OF EFCC Cooks Up Stories Against Senate President Because He Failed To Get Confirmation

By Adenike Lucas

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the rejected chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is proving to be the very corrupt, desperate, bitter and nasty man, his staff said he was.

An indicting report already proves that he is ‘corrupt’ and would be a liability to the war against corruption.

Desperately Corrupt

Now, failure to cheat his way to his confirmation has definitely brought out the ‘nasty’ in Mr Magu, for the whole world to see. The world can now see what EFCC workers have always said about their rejected boss.

But DENISAURUS News warned and published reports about the ‘desperately corrupt’ officer in the past.

On October 31, 2016, this news site warned about the intending plans Mr Magu had for those he perceived to be against his confirmation.

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This was not the only time we warned about Mr Magu, for whom evidence of his indictment was provided in a leaked memo from the Department of State Service to the Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice.

Earlier this month, DENISAURUS News informed the public that Mr Magu was planning to cook and disseminate more lies against his perceived foes.

On the 15 March, 2017, Mr Magu was screened for the role of the substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency.

Failed Screening

Unfortunately, an Accounting student like Mr Magu, could not answer basic questions on monies recovered by the agency.

Neither could the Borno born Deputy Police Commissioner, provide any good reasons for a) frolicking with an air commodore who remains in custody, b) explaining the role of the EFCC  and C) Was not aware of investigations at the commission.

So, if we are to take his word for it, Mr Magu, at times does not know about what’s happening in the commission, he leads.

By the way, the arrested air pilot, Umar Mohammed, rtd, in whose home sensitive documents of the EFCC were found has provided a confessional statement of his involvement with Mr Magu.

Desperate Magu

Based on his performance and the heavily indicting report, the NASS Senate had no choice but to reject Mr Magu’s nomination for the second time running.

Evidently pained, Mr Magu, still desperate as resorted to his media propaganda. His allies in the Premium Times and Sahara Reporters have been instructed to get to work.

‘Corrupt’ Magu Corruptly Fighting Back

Sahara Reporters in its report claimed Senator Dino Melaye, who happens to be a leading opposing against the confirmation of Mr Magu, was not a graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU. A claim that is not true.

Senator Melaye is An Authentic Student Of Ahmadu Bello University

Today, Senator Melaye presented documents to the ethics committee which includes his acceptance letter, acceptance of offer of admission, result from ABU and his final year project as proof of his study at the prestigious university.

Likewise,  Professor Ibrahim Garba, the Vice Chancellor of the Ahamadu Bello University, ABU, appeared before the same committee to reaffirm that the representative for Kogi West, had completed his studies at the prestigious university.

He said, the 43-year-old graduated as Daniel Jonah Melaye. BA Geography Third Class, BA Geography in 2000.

The Senator for Borno South, used his special privileges to ask for an investigation into his colleague certificate, following a shoddy report by an online newspaper, which was unhappy at the rejection of Mr Magu.

Senator Ndume backtracks, “Says he did not petition, raised point of order on privilege, decision to refer matter to Committee is that of the Senate.

Today, he said he was “satisfied in the good job” the committee had done in investigating and clearing Senator Melaye.

Days after his nomination was rejected, Mr Magu said he has sent a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB.

In the backdated letter, Mr Magu claims that the Senate President Bukola Saraki, his aides and a former managing director of Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, Robert Mbonu were involved in the diversion of about N19bn from the N522bn London-Paris Club refund.

However, Mr Magu who thought he could bargain his confirmation with the Senators had previously said that the EFCC had nothing to indict the former Governor.

Last month, Wilson Uwujaren, the spokesperson for the anti-graft agency denied a report that claimed the Senate President Saraki pocketed billions of Naira from the Paris Loan Refund.

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has been drawn to a report captioned, Nigerian State Governors, Senate President Saraki Pocketed Billions of Naira from Paris Loan Refund, which appeared in the online news portal, Sahara Reporters on Sunday February 12, 2017,”  Uwujaren’s statement reads

DENISAURUS News previously warned that Mr Magu was planning to tarnish the image of those who he perceived to be against his nomination.

An investigation by DENISAURUS News revealed that Mr Magu along with his media allies such as Sahara Reporters where deliberately spreading the wrong information, which allowed them to keep gullible Nigerians clueless on the anti-corruption fight.

Mr Magu’s letter to President Buhari where he tried to rope Senator Saraki in crime is obvious sign of how pained he is about his rejection and how right we were about him all along.

A spokesman for the Senate President, has denied the allegations of the EFCC chairman against Senator Saraki, adding that they were “baseless and unfounded.”

Yusuph Olanionu called the public’s attention to the fact that the EFCC itself had before now come out to deny a report saying the Senate President had been indicated.

He stated that the EFCC statement went on to say that it had nothing to indict the Senate President.

“It is obvious that at this point when Mr. Magu believes the Senate President should be blamed for his failure to secure confirmation as Chairman of EFCC by the Senate, he would want to fight back by cooking up reports and masterminding its leakage.  We maintain our stand that Dr. Saraki has no direct or indirect link to the distribution of the NGF money. No money from the Paris Club refund was paid to Dr. Saraki.

“In addressing the specifics of the allegation in the reports as we gathered from the press, EFCC believe that since the Senate President has worked in the same organisation with Mr. Robert Mbonu before, whatever transaction he is involved in should be linked to the Senate President in this era of mud-slinging and much-raking. We would like to say that Mr. Mbonu is not representing Mr. Saraki in any transaction he does with the NGF and no money from his company, Melrose, in his dealing with Nigeria

Governors Forum came to Dr. Saraki either directly or indirectly. And if the EFCC has any information to the contrary, we challenge them to make it public.

“We state categorically that no aide of the Senate President acted on Saraki’s behalf in whatever they do with Mr. Mbonu.

“Again, If Melrose paid any money to a jeweller or any shop that has nothing to do with the Senate President. We believe Melrose must have the necessary documentation in support of their transaction and we are sure the EFCC is aware of all these.

“In the same vein, if Melrose chose to invest in another company, that decision has nothing to do with the Senate President and the act of drawing a link between Mbonu and Saraki can at best be only pure mischief.

“At this point, it should be noted that Xtract Energy Services Limited is a well-known foreign exchange dealer with almost 15 years of existence in the market and the company is widely known to do business with many organisations in the country.

The last time the Senate President patronised the company was on December 19, 2014 and we challenge Mr. Magu and the EFCC to prove that the Senate President transacted any form of business with the foreign exchange dealer in the period of the payment of the Paris Club refund.

“We call on members of the public to view this concocted and leaked report as Mr. Magu’s form of fighting back. The report has no truth in it. It should be noted that the Senate President was not behind Magu’s failure to get confirmation from the Senate. That was democracy in action. Dr. Saraki is merely a presiding officer and first among equals. Dr. Saraki did not in any way interfere with the confirmation process.”



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