#100 Questions Magu of EFCC MUST Answer, To Become Substantive EFCC Chair

By Adenike Lucas

The Senate has set Thursday, 15 December, 2016, for the screening of the acting boss of the Economic and Financial Crimea Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Senators had previously refused to screen Mr Magu due to an indicting report by the Department of State Security, DSS.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/08/breaking-senior-lawmakers-refuse-to-screen-efcc-magu-because-of-incriminating-dss-report/

Many believe Mr Magu would not scale through his screening because of the incriminating DSS report and several information that has been documented on this blog, about him.

In summary to all the exposé made by DENISAURUS Breaking News Service in the last six months, staff members have suggested that the National Assembly should insist that Mr Magu avail Nigerians with answers to the following ” 100″ Questions.

  1. Who is Ibrahim Mustafa Magu?
  1. What is your highest level of academic qualification?
  1. What is your relationship with the National Security Adviser, NSA Chief, Major-General Mohammed Babagana Monguno (rtd)?
  1. Why have you concealed information on cases against the NSA Chief, Babagana Monguno, at EFCC?
  1. Who are the Seconded Policemen fronts at EFCC used by you, to collect kickbacks?
  1. Why are you afraid of whistle-blowers at the EFCC?
  1. What do you understand by cyberstalking, as it relates to Financial Crime?
  1. Who is Abubakar Sadiq, the Bureau De Change operator at INKIYA BDC?
  1. What is your relationship with the above BDC owner?
  1. Who is the Most Senior EFCC Core Managerial operative?
  1. Why have you suspended some EFCC core staff with impunity for more than six months?
  1. Who is the EFCC core staff you tagged a cultist and recommended his dismissal?
  1. What is your relationship with a DSS Suspect Air Commodore Umar Mohammed (rtd)?
  1. What was EFCC files and documents doing at the home of Air Chief Mohammed?
  1. Why did you award a N43m contract to renovate a Maitama residence to Air Chief Mohammed?
  1. What is your relationship with Sahara Reporters?
  1. How many official confidential documents and information have you passed to SR?
  1. Why do you derive joy in using SR to tarnish your presumed enemies in PMB’s government?
  1. Why are you always not articulate when speaking in public function?
  1. Why did you decide to train new EFCC Cadets outside the EFCC Academy Abuja?
  1. Who authorised the expenses you have incurred by wasting government resources for the Nigeria Air Force Training Institute, Kaduna State?
  1. Why do you often link the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki to your perceived enemies in government?
  1. Why did you arrest a blogger (Abusidiqu) who published an article you deemed not favourable to your person?
  1. When did government apparatus became tool for fighting personal vendetta?
  1. Why did you make an attempt to blackmail traditional rulers over #Dasukigate?
  1. Why were some of the EFCC core managerial staff resigning their appointment?
  1. Why do you victimise and bully the EFCC core staff?
  1. What is your relationship with Ibanga Akpabio?
  1. Why did you suddenly arrested him (Mr Ibanga), after  he revealed his ties with you?
  1. How many EFCC core staff have resigned under your tenure?
  1. Why do you give verbal instructions to EFCC core staff, and later deny and sacrifice them?
  1. Who ordered the issuance of “Anti-Corruption Ambassador” to the Deputy Senate President, Mr Ike Ekweremadu?
  1. Why did you publicly deny and embarrass the ‘NASS’ EFCC  liaison Officer?
  1. What is your relationship with the Attorney General of the Federation?
  1. Why did you publicly condemn his (AGF) authority without inquiring for facts?
  1. How were you screened by the Department of State Services, DSS?
  1. Why do you think you should be confirmed as EFCC Chair?
  1. Why do you run the EFCC with impunity, and relegate the opinion of your lieutenants?
  1. Why did you protect a bribe giver, and punish an EFCC core staff who received the bribe?
  1. Who created the Assets Forfeiture Unit at the EFCC?
  1. What happened to most assets you recovered without documentation between 2003 and 2008?
  1. When did you join the Nigeria Police Force?
  1. When were you posted to EFCC in the first instance?
  1. What was your reason for previously leaving the EFCC?
  1. Who started the case regarding diversion of Troop Allowances by Major-General B. Monguno (rtd)?
  1. Who ordered for the freeze of the domiciliary account of  NSA Chief, Babagana Monguno?
  1. What are the grievances of your staff against your leadership style?
  1. Why have you never attempted to probe allegations on your predecessor, Ibrahim Lamorde?
  1. Where is Mr Ibrahim Lamorde?
  1. Why do you think staff have said you are not fit to head the EFCC?
  1. Who is the Director of Finance and Accounts that aided Mr Ibrahim Lamorde to loot EFCC?
  1. Where is the EFCC staff that was assigned to PTAD, but was earning about N5m from the then DG?
  1. Who are the Police staff that worked in Adhoc Committee that investigated Subsidy?
  1. Why did you return some of them back to the Nigeria Police Force without investigating them?
  1. Why do you treat with bias EFCC Staff, but shield some seconded Police staff at the Agency despite concrete evidence of offences?
  1. How much have you expended on the training of the Newly Recruited EFCC Cadets?
  1. Who is the Police Service Commission Director being investigated by EFCC?
  1. What is the basis of a Trade by Barter you entered with the PSC Director for his freedom?
  1. Where is Ibanga Akpabio?
  1. What led to the death of Desmond Nwogwu?
  1. Why did you deny him (Mr Desmond) to make call in order to ascertain if he had any terminal ailments?
  1. Who is the suspect that Brekete Family FM 104.5 spoke to you about?
  1. Why did you later deceive the FM anchor, ordinary president Ahmed and send the suspect to prison?
  1. What is your relationship with the Lagos Head of and Deputy Director Operations of EFCC, Chief Superintendent, CSP Iliyasu Kwarbai?
CSP Kwarbai
  1. How many of your dirty deals does he (Kwarbai) front and protects for you, including assets and properties?
  1. Who are your close allies that benefited from Arms Deal Fund (A.K.A. #Dasukigate)?
  1. Why did you protect Nuhu Ribadu who possibly got slush cash during the 2015 Adamawa Governorship Elections?
  1. What is your relationship with Air Chief Yushau Salisu that was investigated for Arms Deal?
  1. Why did you protect and conceal some exhibits meant to have been seized from Air Chief Yushau in Kaduna State?
  1. Who were the political appointees you tried to bribe with “Confirmation Lobbying List” of EFCC recruitment?
  1. Why have you still retained some seconded policemen officers that were used as fronts by Mr Ibrahim Lamorde?
  1. Why is CSP Salihu Ishaq, one of your lieutenants you indicted in 2013, still heading a zonal office?
  1. What are you using the policemen officers that perpetrated so much illegalities under your predecessor for?
  1. Why are your EFCC staff speaking out against your arbitrariness and highhandedness?
  1. Why are you acting on behalf of Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, and feeding him with details of activities at the EFCC?
  1. Who are you answerable to in the country, is it Mr Ibrahim Lamorde or the Federal Government of Nigeria?
  1. Why do you fly in a Private Jet of Air Chief Umar Mohammed, DSS Suspect in and around Nigeria?
  1. How many seconded policemen officers have committed any offence under your leadership?
  1. Where are the record of their illegal activities at the EFCC?
  1. How have you ensured that similar punishment meted to EFCC core staff are replicated to Seconded Policemen officers at the NPF?
  1. Who is the Team Head SP Ishaku Sharu in charge of Arms Deal Investigation?
  1. Why did you chose to retain him (Sharu) at the EFCC, despite his known corrupt activities?
  1. What about CSP Ibrahim Yidi who lead the Subsidy Investigation during the time of Mr Ibrahim Lamorde?
  1. How do Sahara Reporters get to publish some damming falsehood on top government officials, then mention you as one who must be confirmed as EFCC Boss?
  1. When has Sahara Reporters become your personal/ Official spokesperson on vital national issues?
  1. What was the allegation against CSP Salihu Ishaq that you investigated in 2013, while you were Deputy Director Internal Affairs?
  1. Why do you still keep the CSP Ishaq at the EFCC despite his known corrupt practices?
  1. Why have you flouted public service rule on the term for seconded policemen at the EFCC?
  1. What is your justification for returning few policemen from the EFCC to NPF, while you keep others whom you use to do shaddy deals?
  1. What is your reason for populating the EFCC with more seconded policemen?
  1. Why do you neglect the manpower of EFCC core staff, but utilise more of seconded policemen?
  1. Why do you train more of policemen officers on foreign courses, but neglect manpower development for EFCC core staff?
  1. What is your reason for depriving Staff of their entitlement to partake in Mortgage?
  1. When will you ever stop the vast disparity you allow to fester between EFCC core staff and seconded policemen?
  1. Why are you carrying out media trials, but behind the scene you negotiate for personal aggrandisement?
  1. Why are you fond of harassing female EFCC staff without any just course?
  1. What was your motive for wrongly accusing a female staff that she was fraternising with an Ex-Governor?
  1. Why did you deny a female staff her right to relocate to her husband’s location based on public service rule?
  1. What was your reason for subjecting female candidates seeking recruitment into EFCC, to unethical corporate culture?
  1. Why did you flout the Federal Character Commission rules in the recent EFCC recruitment?

BONUS: #101. What do you know about the diversion of over N2billion of Police Intervention Fund reported to you by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU?

BONUS: #102.  Why were you dismissed from the NPF, and how did you find yourself back into the system?

BONUS: #103. Why do you dismiss or suspend EFCC core staff, some for mere flimsy offences (of first instance) without putting the interest of EFCC at heart?

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