EFCC Operatives Call On PMB To Order Arrest of Rejected Boss, Magu

By Adenike Lucas

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC are calling for President Muhammadu Buhari to call the Department of State Security, DSS to immediately arrest their boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu whose nomination was today, rejected by the Senate.

Staff members of the anti-corruption agency who complained of their bullying boss warn that “Mr Magu must not be allowed to return to the office for fears he might physically abuse perceived whistle-blowers or damage files.”


For more than six month the editor of this blog, Adenike Lucas has had the privilege of speaking to several core staff at the commission who complained of the high level of corruption perpetuated by their boss.

Miss Lucas took the bold decision to stand in solidarity with the victimised staff members and gave massive coverage to their plights at the hand of Mr Magu.

The staff proposed 100 question for Mr Magu to answer before his confirmation.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/14/100-questions-magu-of-efcc-must-answer-to-become-substantive-efcc-chair/


One of such coverage, which detailed the bullying by Mr Magu was published on Abusidiqu.com. This led to the arrest of the publisher.

Nonetheless, Miss Lucas was not discouraged and she went as far as calling for the DSS release of the report on Mr Magu.

This call received the backing of a few senior law makers, this month.

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/05/senators-back-denisaurus-call-for-the-release-of-dss-report-on-efcc-acting-chair-magu/


The Senate had first refused to screen the Deputy Commissioner of  Police even though the Deputy Senate President had stated that it would, last week (December 8).

READ- https://denisaurus.com/2016/12/08/breaking-senior-lawmakers-refuse-to-screen-efcc-magu-because-of-incriminating-dss-report/

According to the report submitted by the DSS Director, Alhaji Lawal Musa Daura, Mr Magu was indicted for gross abuse and his confirmation has been rejected today.

The Senate’s Spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, made the announcement this afternoon, after the Executive session where Senators had spent over one hour behind closed doors discussing the issue.

“The Senate wish to inform the public that based om available security report, the Senate can not proceed with confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as the Chairman od the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Mr Abudullahi said: “The nomination of Ibrahim Magu is herby rejected and has been returned to the President for further action.”

Sources told Denisaurus that Mr Magu was snuck out through the underground of Senate chamber after his rejection by senators.

Staff at the EFCC say that Mr Magu “had overstayed his welcome and had broken the public service rule which states that one is only meant to be in the acting role for 3-6 months.

Many who were holding a vigil before the decision was made against Mr Magu, confirmed the news to this blog.

They say it is a “welcome development for transformation, and revamping, re-invorgation and total overhaul of the system.”

They now look forward to doing their “professionally work without hindrances.”

According, to them, “Mr Magu was brought down by victimisation of core staff.”

“They now call for his arrest and must be prevented from going to the office where he can tamper with files or putting lives at risk.”



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