Staff Appeal To PMB To Seek Opinion Of “FEARLESS REPORTERS- Abusidiqu and Denisaurus” Before Appointing NEW EFCC Chair

By Staff Reporter at The Pebbles News

Staff members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC are suggesting that President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB must seek the advice of Abusidiqu and DENISAURUS News Service, when appointing the next head of the commission.

Abusidiqu and DENISAURUS News paper have both reported concerns made by staff about the three musketeers (Nuhu Ribadu, Ibrahim Lamorde and Ibrahim Magu).

In a letter that they plan to send to the President, they urged him “not to ignore the admonishment of the two news blog, in the event of deciding who should become the next chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC.”

Mago-Mago Magu

They made their request following the decision of the Senate to reject Mr Magu’s nomination due to an incriminating report written by the Department of State Security, DSS.

On December 15, 2016, the NASS Senate had during its Executive session, rejected the nomination of Mr Magu as a nominee for the office of substantive EFCC Chair.

According to the senior lawmakers, the rejection of Mr Magu of EFCC is premised on the DSS’ Indicting Report, which detailed the “double life” that Mr Magu has been living in guise to gullible Nigerians and the Presidency.

Furthermore, the DSS also explained that Mr Magu should not be considered for the position as EFCC Chair, as he would be a log in the wheel of anti-corruption fight of President Buhari led administration.

As a result of Mr Magu of EFCC’s integrity test failure, the desperate acting chair has embarked on his ‘Plan B’ mechanism, against the President Buhari’s government, by way of intensifying effort to use media propaganda, such as Sahara Reporter and other CSOs, NGOs, foreign organizations to embarrass PMB, DSS, NASS et al.

Reliable source have exposed the works of those desperately working to keep the corruption cases hidden from PMB. They say the plan is to have another of their loyalist head the commission so as to prevent their secrets from coming out.

This is why staff want the President to consult both Abusidiq and DENISAURUS News Service over the  “appointment of a substantive boss of the anti-graft agency, because the issue has become dicey with every power brokers presenting names of candidates to PMB, despite antecedents of corruption surrounding these recommendations.”

However, with more other exposé by Abusidiqu, the blogger became a centre of attraction, as any information needed on the activities with the anti-graft agency, could be found on the online media site.

This would at a later date compel another online media journalist ( to embarked on similar investigative journalism on the EFCC.

It will be recalled, that from the time and era of the immediate past EFCC Chair, Ibrahim Lamorde, a popular blogger Abubakar Sidiq Usman ( had been very vocal in its exposé on the impunity and corruption that was prevalent under the then leadership of the anti-graft agency.

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On August 2, 2016, Abusidiqu had assisted in publishing an article which was written by the Editor-In-Chief of DENISAURUS News Service, Miss Adenike Lucas.

The article which detailed the ordeal of EFCC core staff in the hands of their bullying and victimizing boss, threw banters on Mr Magu of EFCC, for arresting Abusidiqu on spurious claims of “cyber stalking”. The article titled “Magu Commences Total War With EFCC Staff” and others led to the arrest of Abusidiqu.

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Thus, the author of the said article, Adenike Lucas, later came out and lambasted Mr Magu for not having the balls to investigate those allegations but had instead he had instructed some EFCC operatives to arrest Abusidiqu.

Mr Magu later denied that it was the handwork of his “overzealous operatives”. Insiders say “this is the antics being used by the anti-graft agency’s boss, whenever he is up to mischief.”

The Pebbles News further learnt that with this impunity and atrocities of Mr Magu, DENISAURUS  was not deterred by Abusidiqu’s arrest but instead became embolden and has continued to expose the corruption and other injustices being perpetrated by Mr Magu at the anti-graft agency.

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These and many more had been exposed by DENISAURUS News Service, which has put mainstream media in Nigeria into reporting about corruption at the EFCC.

Miss Lucas is not relenting on her struggle to bring to the knowledge of PMB, most of the impunity of Mr Magu which the anti-graft agencies had claimed its corruption fighting Back”.

The Pebbles News is urging PMB to “ignore those calling for a renomination of Mr Magu to the Senate, or that any attempt to allow the impunity of Mr Magu and co to fester at the anti-graft agency, using any guise of media propaganda must be resisted by the Federal Government.”

In the past, Mr Magu had always believed that, his ‘arrest and recovery’ gimmicks will blind, deafen or even cajole PMB into ignoring all the exposé by the duo of Abusidiqu and DENISAURUS. Today, the game is up for Mr Magu”

The Pebbles News calls on President Muhammadu Buhari, “not to in any way listen to those whom Mr Magu of EFCC is using to pressure him into re-presenting him to the Senate.

“Rather PMB should as a matter of urgency seek from these two prominent reporters of impunity, corruption and injustice at the EFCC; Abusidiqu and DENISAURUS NEWS before a determined decision would be taken on who becomes the substantive EFCC Chair.

“We learnt that the two fearless media reporters happen to be even closer to Mr President himself than most Nigerians, as they have been quite helpful in publishing details of “whistle-blowers” from the anti-graft agency.”

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