By Nnamdi Wogu

Magu is a level 14 civil servant. He is a Deputy Commissioner of Police with a terrible record. He was once detained for 4 months and kicked out of the EFCC by Farida Waziri for his criminal activities such as bribe taking and stealing recovered funds.

Even the Police IG suspended him from the police for some time as a result of that.

It was the former Minster of Police Affairs, Adamu Waziri, that had him reinstated in the police Force after Alhaji Kashim Imam and Mallam Nuhu Ribadu made appeals on his behalf.

They eventually got him back into the EFCC after Waziri was sacked and Lamorde was brought in as Chairman. Magu is Ribadus boy but even Ribadu can no longer control him.

Many have died in mysterious circumstances in the EFCC cells in the last one year under his watch.

Many are people locked up illegally in the EFCC cells including kids as young as 3 month old baby.

Many court orders are regularly breached. Many innocent people have had their bank accounts frozen illegally.

Many people have been coerced into giving money back to EFCC by threats and extortion and such monies were never accounted for or documented. Many people are in long term illegal detention.

Many of his friends of the likes of Ribadu and Lamorde are being protected from prosecution even though they took so much money.

Ribadu collected one hundred million naira in 2015 from Jonathan’s presidential campaign organization yet he was never questioned as Magu covered him up.

EFCC under him is a northern enclave where christians and southerners and middle belters are treated like faeces .

His job was to torment and humiliate leading members of the opposition and to keep them busy. Especially those that are very vocal and that criticise the government.

He got carried away in these acts in a bid to ensure his confirmation.

His problem was that he enjoyed doing it and he did it with so much impunity that he made even more enemies for the government.

He couldn’t make a difference between persecution and prosecution. To him they were one and the same thing .

The SSS report exposed his front who is a retired Air Vice Marshall Usman who was toll recently in SSS custody.

Air Vice Marshall Usman has completely exposed Magu and all the kickbacks he was collecting on his behalf. Usman is also reported as having had a love affair with the wife of a Major leader in government and Magu used that to blackmail him and as leverage aginst him.

There is one Saru in the zone 7 office of EFCC in Abuja who is another of Magu’s fronts and he has collected millions of dollars in cash from accused people who he terrorised into giving him money on Magus behalf. There is also one Iliyasu who heads the Lagos office who does the same. These two police officers are very corrupt and very close to Magu.

Magu takes drugs. He is addicted to indian hemp and cocaine which is why he behaves like a madman.

He also uses the media to conduct media trials and witchunts on his victims including other members of the government such as the Presidential Chief of Staff Alhaji Abba Kyari and the DG SSS Alhaji Lawal Daura. He has sworn to get the two of them sacked and to prosecute them only because they have refused to cover him up with the President.

He is very close to the National Security Advisor Maj. Gen. Monguno who also uses him to collect money from his victims. He and Monguno are very close and they share many dirty secrets.

Magu’s contacts in the media are Yusuf Alli of the Nation newspaper, one Eniola in the Punch Newspaper and Sowore of Saharareporters. He gives them millions of naira regularly. His official spokesman Wilson Uwajaren is the main link with the rest of the media and he has been given a large budget just to bribe them and keep them happy. The main media consultant to Magu is Kayode Komolafe of Thisday and he controls a network of reporters whose job is to protect and promote Magu and attack and demonise his victims and enemies. These people are all on his payroll and he uses them to churn out lies about those that he targets.

Magu is hated and feared by his own staff at the EFCC because they know that he is wicked and corrupt. And prior to this confirmation so many fetish acts were observed at the commission which left most of the staff worried for their lives.

He is a criminal and a sadist and they are planning to prosecute and jail him.

Please share this information and pass it on to as many people as possible.

The world must know the truth about Ibrahim Magu.



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