Staff Reporter Looks At “Monotonous Attributes” Of Past EFCC Executive Leaders, Including Magu

👤 Exclusive: By Staff Reporter From The Pebbles News

This piece makes an attempt to call on the attention of many Nigerians over recent events at the EFCC.

It also challenges all readers of this article to ensure they  pressurize President Muhammadu Buhari, not to allow what has happened in the past at the commission to happen under his watch – Bearing in mind that he promised CHANGE and Justice to all.

Misinterpretation of The Law

Since the establishment of the EFCC in 2003, the anti-graft agency has had three successive leadership.

And since then, the EFCC has been headed by members of the Force. Now, many have wrongly perceived that the Chief Executive of the agency must come from the Nigerian Police Force.

Introduction / The EFCC ACT

The EFCC Act 2004 stipulates that the EFCC can be headed by any member of a Security or Law Enforcement Agency.

In Nigeria, Security or Law Enforcement Agencies includes: Department of States Services DSS, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, National Intelligence Agency NIA, Nigeria Police Force NPF, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA, Nigeria Immigration Service NIS, Nigeria Army NA (Military), et al.

The EFCC Act further states that the Executive Chairman Must possess 15 years cognate experience, and not below the rank Equivalent of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Below are the EFCC Executive leaders, that pivoted this affairs of the anti-graft agency in the last decades;

  1. Nuhu Ribadu- He was the pioneer Executive Chairman of the EFCC. Also, he was a police officer (NPF) seconded to head the commission. We learn that he is a Muslim, from the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Adamawa State.
  1. Farida M Waziri- She was the successor to the pioneer chairman of the EFCC. Mrs Farida was a retired senior police officer (NPF), though her maiden state of origin is Benue State. However, her appointment came through the state of her marital status, Gombe State, North Eastern Nigeria. She is also a Muslim by faith.
  1. Ibrahim Lamorde- He succeeded Mrs Farida as the third Executive Chairman of EFCC. On authority, Lamorde is also a police officer, and a Muslim. He hails from Adamawa State, North Eastern Nigeria.

Stop The Trend, Act Now

The Nigeria Senate had just recently rejected the nomination of the acting boss of the EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu. Had he been confirmed by the NASS Senate, Magu of EFCC would have been the fourth Executive Chairman of the Anti-graft agency, who is also a Police officer (NPF). Just same as he is a Muslim, from Borno State, North Eastern Nigeria.

The question here is, why have the selection, nomination and appointment of EFCC Chairmen come from persons with same attributes, as outlined above. No government have ever taken time to ask, if the EFCC is meant to be headed by ONLY one Security or Law Enforcement Agency.

Most importantly, I believe it is a deliberate attempt to prevent other LEAs mentioned earlier, from having the opportunity to give their own contributions, to the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

This calls me to call PMB to give opportunity, even to internal staff members at the EFCC, who possibly may be more qualified and credible

Magu Hoodwinked Most Nigerians

Most Nigerians thought Magu was working. Until, I saw evidence on the contrary, I was one of the gullible ones.

Why are Nigerians suceptible to Magu’s lies?

Its because we often judge a book by its cover. Well, I want to believe there is no smoke without fire. If Magu of EFCC is actually a man of integrity, I see no reason why DENISAURUS ( will carry out over six months in dept investigation, on all allegations against the anti-graft agency’s boss by staff members.

To make things easier for some of us, who are blindly supporting Magu of EFCC, let’s try and get to meet with any EFCC Core Staff, they will covertly furnish you with their ordeals in the hand of their pretentious Boss.

Looking Forward

The rejection of Magu’s nomination was a needful act done by the Senate. By doing so, senior lawmakers in the NASS  were able to salvage the EFCC in particular from the hands of hawks, and Nigeria at large.

Looking forward, the Senate must not relent in it stands. PMB must be advised to look at the details above when making a decision on the appointment of a new EFCC Chair.

As making a difference and deviation from the known mono-trend, will increase your good will appeal in the eyes of most Nigerians.

God bless President Buhari and Nigeria.

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