REVEALED | 2019 POLITICS: How Top Government Official And Magu Of EFCC et al Are Scheming For A Party Chieftain

Exclusive: By Staff Reporter From The Pebbles News

The Independent National Electoral Commission officially released the timetable for the 2019 elections in March of this year.

The elections might be a good two years away, but the battle for supremacy to grasp power come 2019, has already began.

According to Government sources, the battle for 2019 might have commenced as soon as the 2015 Presidential elections ended and President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in.

‘Fight For Power’

During the 2015 elections, so many interests came together to wrestle power from the then ruling party, People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

These include the merger of political parties, All Nigeria Peoples Party ANPP; Action Congress Of Nigeria ACN; Congress For Progressive Change CPC and a section of the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA to form the All Progressives Congress, APC.

However, with the assumption of power, there was the need to satisfy the divergent interest which culminated into the actualisation and taking over from the previous administration of Ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The source stated that “Even though the powers that be, may have anticipated to have some share from the labour they may have contributed, but truth is, in politics, you don’t always get what you want.

“This is due to some exigencies that could come up, as the mantle of leadership begins to roll from one direction to the other.”

The source explained that “satisfying everyone would be an impossibility. There were clashes due to personal and selfish interests.”

‘Sour Grapes’

In 2015, the administration of President Buhari took a long while, before it appointed Ministers to fill all ministries according to the federal character principles.

“Thus, many at this time fell out with the new government, believing they were not given much slot and opportunity to nominate their preferred candidate for the Ministerial position,” a top official of the APC explained in an exclusive telephone interview.

The APC member further explained that since “President Buhari made it known, that if he would not seek for slot from Governors, party officials among others, then he too must be allowed to choose those he feels he can work with.

“Even though, some agreed with the President, for others it was the beginning of sidelining them and they did everything possible to fight back, not minding any sordid consequence and damages.”

“Liabilities To Corruption Fight”

DENISAURUS News has been consistent with so many exposé on the scheming activities of some party members and appointees, and how their acts could lead to so much destruction and dent on the success of PMB’s administration.

On the fight against corruption, this online news media along with The Pebbles News, have exposed a lot that has been happening at the Nigeria anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC.

All of these have been corroborated by the Department of States Services DSS, in their recent report and revelations on the lack of integrity status of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the anti-graft agency’s boss.

A Government source who did not want to be named due to the nature of their job, stated that the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU of the EFCC was a key reason why Mr Magu’s key supporters are fighting tooth and nail to keep him there.

Despite the report from the DSS that put Mr Magu as a liability to the corruption fight, the Vice President continues to support him.


‘$43 M Cover up’

A few days ago, Mr Magu breached security protocols by raiding a safe house belonging to the National Intelligence Agency, NIA.

An EFCC source said that “the Director General of the NIA, Ayo Oke went to see Mr Magu before the operation and he spoke to him but Mr Magu gave a separate directive contrary to the assurances he gave to Mr Oke.

The DG NIA states that he informed the supervisory security chief, NSA Babagana Monguno of the covert operation, for which it was keeping the money.

However, it was gathered that Gen Monguno, Rtd, who is Mr Magu’s Godfather, did not brief the President with the information, despite it being his responsibility to do so.

‘PMB Lonely Fight’

Operatives of the EFCC believe President Buhari is no fighting corruption alone. Their argument is backed up by the DSS report.

According to the report Mr Magu is a corrupt officer. This online newspaper has also carried out a long investigation which revealed how the Borno born Deputy Police Commissioner was involved in dirty dealing and was desperate to hide it from President Buhari.

Profusely, the scheme around the President went as far as the number one citizen being “Poisoned”, all in an effort to achieve a selfish desire by some ghost persons and individual, who felt they were not getting what  they anticipated from the government of PMB, like the normal business as usual.


Meanwhile, the said news media, DENISAURUS News was never relenting, in revealing so many exclusive reports, and plans by the wrong persons within and outside corridors of power.

Insiders in Abuja, have identified a Top government official as one of those involved in the scheme. According to the source, the Top government official may seem to be “humble,” but he is more dangerous than he appears.

“Loyalty by this fellow is neither to Nigeria nor the government, but to an individual who is believed to be more important than the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

An exclusive report by DENISAURUS News, on the poisoning of President Buhari in January 2017, must have been a long time plan, which was actualized recently.

Although, the report indicated that the DSS was fully on top of the situation, as several arrests have been made. The condition led President Buhari to be rushed out of the country for medical attention in the United Kingdom UK, after a letter to the NASS Senate.

While the President was in London, he got so many unsolicited visitors. Among them were genuine ones, though others actually visited to confirm the level of damage which the Poison, must have caused to PMB.

Unfortunately, they were shocked to see the veteran Military General, gallantly hale and hearty to their disappointment.

In one of the instances, it was learned that the party Chieftain sent fronts, as emissaries to buy the conscience and interest of Dr Saraki.

Many didn’t know that there was effort and plots to compel the NASS Senate and Senate President Bukola Saraki to announce PMB as incapacitated and be removed from office as President. But the smart politician Dr Saraki, would later visit the President in London.

Dr Saraki stated then that PMB was fine and fit. This gave Nigerians confidence and hope on the return of their President.IMG_2448If Nigerians were smart enough to make a search, at that scheming period, most of the media propaganda against Dr Saraki, were halted to observe and see if he would dance to the tune of these persons and individuals. But he never did, hence an intense opening of certain cases against him, with the order coming from the top government official.

The lonely fight against corruption by President Buhari is the reason why this scheme would have succeeded, if not for the effort of dedicated and loyal Director General, DSS Lawal M Daura.

Now the dimension on how this whole scheme is linked can be seen in the further explanation.

A party Chieftain was reported to be the most corrupt public office holder, by the government of Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, based on a report received from the then EFCC under the regime. Precisely, the political office holder was aided and guided very well by a current top government official. Therefore, the need to use Mr Magu to keep protecting and evading investigation becomes imperative.

Recall that during the tenure of a former EFCC Chair, Mrs Farida Waziri, a senior seconded policeman to the anti-graft agency, had sold out the case file details to this Part Chieftain for a sum N300million. A case that led to the removal of the officer back to the Nigeria Police, by Mrs Waziri.

The reason the Party Chieftain needs Mr Magu now in this scheme, is to pave the way for 2019 political plots. Where so many prospective politicians would be rubbished by Mr Magu on behalf of the Chieftain, in preparation for election being conducted by a stooge Official, if the poisoning of PMB is unsuccessful.


Abusing ‘Rule Of Law’

A staff at the Ministry of Justice revealed that the Top Government Official who continues to support Mr Magu has set up a parallel office at the Ministry.

The staff say, the Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and a very corrupt and lousy Senior Lawyer, are usurping the power of Chief Legal Prosecutor AGF Abubakar Malami.

By this act, they would give conflicting and misleading advice to PMB on National issues, which if complied may lead to an impeachable offence against President Buhari.

More so, we have been inundated on how the said Chieftain, who is believed to be a “Media Godfather”, uses most allies in media, CSO, Senior Lawyers and others to orchestrate wrong impression against politicians and official persons he sees would oppose his 2019 ambition. While at the same time, uses them to project the image laundering of Mr Magu, after assisting in giving back up media ideas and financial support for the recent “Billions” being discovered especially in commercial Hub State.

EFCC workers say “President Buhari should summon the courage and take a bold step, listen to the DSS advice and reports on so many anomalies.”

They say failure to react quickly, PMB would allow the ‘Ship-Nigeria’ capsize under his watch.

“Everyone knows that there are no permanent friends, but only permanent interest in politics. President Buhari should not be afraid to step on toes for the national interest.”

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