JUST IN: EFCC Staff Members Unanimously Reject Prof Sagay’s Endorsement Of Magu, Advises PACAC Chair To Quit Propaganda Work

👤 By Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News 

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the first man to be rejected as the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, was dealt another bitter blow, after his attempt to be re-nominated fell flat on its face.

Mr Magu’s nomination was rejected twice by senior lawmakers of the eight assembly, based on an indicting Intel report written against him by Lawal Daura, the erstwhile Director of the Department of State Services, DSS.


Additional charges made against Mr Magu, was exclusively published by DENISAURUS News, a month before it was read out by the Senate in 2017

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Despite his rejection and a failing performance at his screening on 15 March 2017, the man described as a “perennial offender” remains in office as Acting Chairman.

However, his tenure expires this month.

The 57-year-old Police Officer, who was promoted and needs to attend a Senior Executive Course at the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, in Kuru, Jos, had hoped that President Muhammadu Buhari would have sent his name to the ninth National Assembly for confirmation again.

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The move to NIPSS, which is a result of a promotion first reported by this paper should have happened in 2018.

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Mr Magu, who is hoping for another four-year term, has tried many tricks to avoid leaving the Commission, including holding talks with marabouts and spiritualists in India, those familiar disclosed exclusively to DENISAURUS News.

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But, the President, who this paper, discovered was previously allowing Mr Magu stay-put in office, due to pressure from his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo, has now authorised the move of the anti-graft boss to NIPSS.

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Mr Magu, sad about the news, went to seek help from his ally, the Vice President, but sources familiar with the two, revealed that Professor Osinbajo, a pastor cum politician, refused to help, stating that he could not longer do so.

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Failing to achieve his aim, Mr Magu, then tried to use the Chairman of The Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, to put pressure on the President instead.

The PACAC Chairman, Itse Sagay, who staff of the EFCC have always warned about, held a solidarity meeting with Mr Magu, where he openly appealed to the President to send the name of the anti-graft boss to the ninth Senate.

He assured Mr Magu that the ninth senate would confirm him.

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But, staff of the anti-graft Commission, have exclusively reached out to DENISAURUS News again, stating equivocally that they were right when they exposed the corrupt acts of their boss, which was later confirmed by the secret police.

They say any attempt to paint Mr Magu as an angel is “mere propaganda,” and the work the PACAC chair is doing on behalf of the anti-graft boss, must be seen as “image laundering.”

“It is the professor trying to force the hand of the President,” they say.

A top government official revealed that those close to the President have also voiced their annoyance at the interference made by Professor Sagay.

According to an insider at the Presidency, “one of the closest men to baba (President Buhari), has called Sagay to warn him.”

Professor Sagay, who is also accused of fraudulently opening a bank account in the name of M. Sagay and Co, and stealing from his estate, was advised, then warned to stop trying to assume the duties of the President.

The member of the cabal (President Buhari’s loyalist) known as the chairman of bullet international – because of his fiery language, lambasted the Professor over the phone on Thursday.

“Who asked you to go out and be talking about the issue of Magu in the National Assembly,” Professor Sagay was asked and then questioned “if  he is “the president?”

The Professor, who attended King’s College, Cambridge University, UK, was told not to interfere in such matters again and he should “allow the president to do his work.”

The top cabal asked Professor Sagay, if the President has sent “Magu’s name to the National Assembly and what necessitates him to go and talk to lawmakers.”

He ended the conversation, which our informant qualified as a monologue – because the Professor could not even speak, with a stern warning for Professor Sagay.

He warned him, saying he is aware of the money “Magu is giving out and he should stop this now.”

The PACAC chairman, a professor of Law, was also advised to “respect himself and stop spreading speculation about the future of Mr Magu.”

Staff, who are planning a huge party once their boss is removed from office, have also rejected the endorsement from Professor Sagay.

They say that, a man who failed to get the clearance of the secret police, and was also described as a liability to the corruption fight, must not be made substantive chairman of an institution like the EFCC.

But, this paper knows that their boss is fighting hard to stay in charge and has deployed various means to achieve his aim.

This month, DENISAURUS News received news that Mr Magu was working with his chief ally to sponsor news media with propaganda.

Sources who briefed of the paper of the actions of the leader of Nigeria’s top anti-graft agency, say it is why there are sudden interests speaking out in favour of Mr Magu’s re-appointment.



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