EDITORIAL | @Denisaurus_UK Views On @ProfOsinbajo’s Sins And The Push Back From Cabals (Part II)

ūüϧ¬†EXCLUSIVE:¬†By Adenike Lucas,¬†DENISAURUS News¬†

Professor Yemi Osinbajo laughed loud on August 7, 2018, when he ordered the sack of Lawal M Daura, the erstwhile Director General of the Department of State Services, DSS. 

Alhaji Daura, the security chief once commended by USA former President, Barack Obama for work on the arrest of a highly dangerous terrorist, and the same man who wrote the Intel report against a “corrupt” Ibrahim Mustafa Magu of EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), was distastefully marched out of office on the orders of the VP.

Many unpalatable stories about Alhaji Daura emerged from media outlets loyal to Professor Osinbajo, following that incidence. The source of the stories were soon traced to the office of the VP and President Buhari’s deputy was soon marked by the cabal as the arrow head of the campaign against the former DSS boss.

The VP, a strong supporter of EFCC’s Mr Magu, who excitedly gave Alhaji Daura the boots, the moment President Muhammadu Buhari was away in the United Kingdom, and had transferred power to him as acting President in 2017, was never trusted by the cabal anyway. The attack of one of their own worried the kitchen cabinet of the President.

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At the time, sources had informed DENISAURUS News that the VP’s laugh would be short lived. The source, a member of the government, noted that once the 2019 election were conducted and won, Professor Osinbajo would be made to pay back.

The cabal vowed that action taken by the VP, while the President was away, must never happen again. No wonder, the President never hands over to him again whenever he is travelling out of the country.

Till date, that offence has not been mitigated, and while Alhaji Daura has not made much public appearance, his close associates believed he is still working underground with the government.

Close friends, who relayed a second report written by Alhaji Daura against Mr Magu to DENISAURUS News, a month before it was read out by the 8th Senate, say true to their words, Professor Osinbajo is no longer laughing now.

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Exactly a year after the sacking of Alhaji Daura, and the cabal has started fighting the Pastor, Professor and Senior Advocate of Nigeria who became a politician.

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According to insiders, one of the nuzzle used to strangle Professor Osinbajo, is the allegation of embezzlement of funds gathered during the 2019 elections.

While serving as acting President, Nigeria’s second in command, made an approval of N5.8billion for emergency intervention of food security to the north east.

Mr Osinbajo, as chairman of the governing board of the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, did not get the approval of the National Assembly for that act.

He has “questions to answer” over the matter where the money was moved without “due process, no contract, yet the money was released and expended,” an indicting report from the House of Representative states.

Professor Osinbajo, who was also in charge of TraderMoni funds, is accused of hiring consultants, who benefited more from the money than the poor citizen it was allocated for.

One of his daughter is allegedly one of the consultants who benefited from the TraderMoni funds.

The VP was also said to have tried to attract senior members and allies of the Government to work for his Presidential ambition. Power is sweet and who does not like sweet things. Certainly, the VP too wants to remain in power for as long as possible, which is why he is nursing plans to become the next President of the country.

Among those he tried to bring to his team was the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, who has been having troubles with her husband since 2015. Mrs Buhari is not a fan of the cabal and they don’t like her either. In fact, a recent video released by a daughter of Mamman Daura, a top member of the cabal, confirms this fact.

But, DENISAURUS News understands that to help Mrs Buhari defeat the cabal, Professor Osinbajo took her to a spiritualist for consultation. The consultation which took place in a south west state was discovered by the cabal. They noted this as another offence against Professor Osinbajo.

The cabals also accuse the VP of performing a special magic, that made wads of cash disappear during a visit to Kogi state in the wake of 2019 elections.

While Professor Osinbajo suffered a helicopter crash, the cabal believed the money in the plane did not burn to ashes, as the Professor would like them to believe.

They believe Professor Osinbajo who has ambitions to be Commander in Chief, is staking up money for his 2023 presidential plans and this burnt money is in his custody.

Other ways to finance his 2023 ambition includes the deliberate installation of friends in budget and financial ministries, department and agencies.

Babatunde Fowler, a Redeemed Pastor, who was confirmed as the chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS in 2015, on the recommendation of his fellow clergy friend, Professor Osinbajo is now in trouble with the cabals too.

Mr Fowler, who is accused of releasing over N90 Billion to the VP before 2019 elections, has been asked to “account for the variances between the budgeted collections and actual collections.”

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The group loyal to President Buhari are not going to seat and watch the Professor now known as VP academics, accumulate any more.

So a¬†few days ago, the Presidency decided to sack some of Professor Osinbajo’s close aides.

The idea was to reduce the cost of government. Yeah right! The First Lady, whose office is not recognised by the constitution, was given more aides this year.

Yet, the VP, who had appointed many of his aides while in acting president duties, had his staff sacked. He knows this is the cabal’s way of clipping his wings. It is part of the pay back!

Not only have they sacked his aides, he has also been relieved of his primary duty of heading the economic team. What does he now need any aides for?

Those close to Professor Osinbajo have often spoken about his fixation with Abubakar Malami’s role.

Professor Osinbajo, a former Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, during the tenure of former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, probably missed his former role as a lawyer.

It is probably why he set up a parallel unit at the Ministry of Justice, where the Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr Malami is in charge of.

The “Rule of Law” Unit had at many times being used to function outside its scope, and at many times it undermined Mr Malami, SAN.

Although now, DENISAURUS News was told by an ally of the VP that the aim of setting up the unit was to provide a helping hand for Mr Malami, SAN.

The AGF who retained his role after the 2019 elections might not buy that argument, as it is glaring the VP assigned moles at the unit he created in the ministry of justice.

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In short words, Professor Osinbajo’s meddling ways that include the misinterpretation of the EFCC Act, which led to the stay put of Mr Magu at the anti-graft agency, can be identified as many of the reason he is facing so much attack from the cabals.

It was also the VP, who advised and recommended that two lawyers be engaged on the recoveries of the Sani Abacha loots from Switzerland.

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The two Yoruba lawyers who were paid $17 million made several headlines, but the VP never made mention that he had recommended them for the job.

Instead, Mr Malami, whose role as AGF does not include administration of funds, was made to take the blame.

The VP’s fixation with the anti-graft agencies, government officials say is to cover his many sins and allegations.

The senior official says that the moment Mr Magu is sacked out of the EFCC, the VP would have more allegations of corruption revealed about him.

Adenike Lucas is the editor and publisher of DENISAURUS News.

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Barrister Abubakar Malami SAN, President Muhammadu Buhari and Alhaji Daura



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