EXPOSED | N2.5B SCANDAL: President Buhari Covering Corruption Of Wife By Ordering DSS Incarceration Of ADC

👤 By Danjuma Aliyu

A relative of Sani Baban-Inna, the Aide De Camp to Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, the wife of the Nigerian President, has spoken out about the allegation made against him. 

Last month, Sani Baban-Inna, a Chief Superintendent of Police was accused of collecting a total of N2.5 billion on behalf of Mrs Buhari.

At the time of his arrest, investigation into the activities of the officer revealed no such amount in his bank account. Mr Baba-Inna who said he did not have the money, was then released only to be re-detained by operatives from the Department of State Services, DSS.

But, in a new revelation, his family member who spoke to a leading activist agreed that he has the money, however, they say the first lady was using him as a front and he has promised not to release the cash to her.

Deji Adeyanju, who revealed the conversation he had with the family member of the ADC said: “Ok, so I met some members of the family of detained ADC to Aisha Buhari and they have given me insights into how he was accused of stealing or diverting N2.5 billion of madam’s money.

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Mr Adeyanju, a former director of social media for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said the ADC is still “been detained at the SSS headquarters as we speak. His wife regularly visits him.”

He said: “The ADC has written a statement denying allegations that N2.5 billion is in his custody. But his family members confirmed to me that indeed the money is with him and he will never release it even if they kill him.

“They say he usually collect money and bribes for madam as he acts as a front for her.

“They say he knows where all her property are because he helped her to buy some in Asokoro and Maitama for her daughters. They say she bought a house in London. He has photocopies of documents.”

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The response from the family has revealed what DENISAURUS News has previously highlighted as the lack of will by the present administration to fight graft.

President Buhari who was elected as the Commander-in-Chief in 2015, promised to kill corruption. Unfortunately, this paper discovered that corruption has thrived under this regime far worse than all other administration.

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The 75-year-old who is the first to unseat an incumbent President in Nigeria, appointed a corrupt police officer to head a leading anti-graft agency.

Despite an indicting report from the DSS, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu remains in office and has used the instrument of that position to target members of the opposition while ignoring members of government accused of corruption.

The notion has always been that President Buhari is a man of integrity and he is not aware of what’s happening under his noise.

But, Mr Adeyanju, Aso Rock argued in his tweets that this is not so. He said President Buhari is aware of the corruption allegation involving the first lady and her ADC. He said that the Yusuf Bichi, the New Director General of the Director of State Services, DSS, was in fact taking orders from Aso Rock over the matter.

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“Madam’s ADC has a lot of dossier on her,” Mr Adeyanju said:  “The new DG of SSS is taking orders from Aso Rock not to allow him public access of any kind. I also met one of his colleagues who was with his family. He told me how they ran various errands for Madam & how they collect money for her.

“He said the ADC has a photocopy of a house belonging to madam and other sensitive documents. One of the family members of the ADC said the ADC wrote in his statement that madam should be asked how N2.5 billion got into his custody.

“She told me that the ADC has collected billions and billions on behalf of madam and that she will never be able say where he collected the money from.

“Madam had planned to replace her ADC because he was diverting her money, etc and he heard then decided to pocket the N2.5 billion as settlement. That the only reason she reported him was because he refused to give that money

“I have audio recordings of everything including the meetings I had with them. They even took me to a house in Asokoro they claimed was bought by Madam for one of her daughters. I don’t know why the Nigerian media are not interested in the case of the ADC.”

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