MUST READ: Former Chief Of Staff To President Buhari, Hid Over 650 Memos In Office Before Death

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Abba Kyari had over 650 memos, which he should have passed to President Muhammadu Buhari, hidden in his office at the time of his death.

Among the list of 682 memos which the president had authorised for the CoS to handle, includes the release of appointment letters of some notable individuals.

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DENISAURUS News also understands that the powerful Chief of Staff, CoS, kept certain files locked up in his cabinet and it was unchecked before his untimely death to COVID-19.

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Recently, it was announced that the President had signed two executive orders into law.

President Buhari on Thursday (May 21, 2020) signed an Amended Executive Order 008 on Voluntary Offshore Assets Regularization Scheme, VOAR.

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The Order was reviewed, according to a press statement issued by the Government, “As a result of stakeholders input and need to strengthen implementation mechanisms and structures.”

“VOARS gives all relevant persons and their intermediaries who have defaulted in declaration of their offshore assets the opportunity to voluntarily declare and regularise their offshore assets, subject to fulfilment of the terms and conditions stipulated in the Order and other subsequent regulations.”

A few days after, Nigeria’s President also signed Executive order 10, a bill that gives financial autonomy to the legislature and the judiciary at the state levels.

It means governors – the executive arm of government, who usually have immunity against prosecution, are no longer in total control of the budgets of their states.

This makes it easier to hold people in government to account over the spending of state resources, DENISAURUS News was told.

As the search continues into the office of the deceased chief of staff, this paper has been made to understand that some people’s appointment letter have been discovered.

The powerful late chief of staff to the president, who was succeeded by Ibrahim Gambari, held back the appointment letters of certain individual and he also prevented the removal of some, such as the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

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MAGU01Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, 58, was rejected twice by the NASS senate due to an indicting report from the Department of State Services, DSS, who described him as a “perennial offender.”

The EFCC boss was recently expose by this paper for using a Kogi prophet as a front for laundering money.

Mr Magu and prophet Emmanuel Omale were both exposed for travelling to Dubai to scout for houses – which are above the pay grade of the anti-graft boss.

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The DSS had stated that Mr Magu likes to live above his pay grade. This revelation about his relationship with Prophet Omale – who leads Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja, proved the secret police right.

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Under Mr Magu’s tenure the anti-corruption fight of President Buhari has suffered several set back, including drop in rating with Transparency International, TI.

As predicted the “rejected” anti-graft boss has become a liability to the President’s anti-corruption fight.



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