EFCC CHAIR: How Ibrahim Magu “Crying Baby” Went Pleading With VIPs To Assist Him Retain Position At Agency

👤 EXCLUSIVE: By Pebbles News Reporter,  DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been caught crying to keep his job, information available to The Pebbles News can reveal.

The EFCC acting boss, whose nomination as the substantive chairman was rejected twice by the NASS senate, is so desperate to be confirmed, but since news of his corrupt act began to re-surface and may led to his removal, he went to a Very Important Personality, VIP, this week to “beg and cry” for them to help him keep his job, despite the stories coming out about him.

Mr Magu, 58, tried to get the story removed, but he failed to achieve this goal, and now he believes the factual report will have negative consequence on his career, a source close to the anti-graft boss noted.

His antic and attempt to trick the public about corruption fighting back has also failed, those close to him also stated.

The EFCC boss, whom the Department of State Services, DSS, describe as a “perennial offender,” was recently exposed by a very active and vociferous media newspaper, for using a prophet as a front for siphoning money.

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The story exposed Prophet Emmanuel Omale as a “conduit pipe,” for money laundering for EFCC’s Magu, who he travelled to Dubai with in March 2020.

The Pebbles News gathered that the EFCC boss made several attempts to scuttle further revelations from the well known media newspaper, such effort was futile.

This has made Mr Magu to embark on another wild goose chase, with a gimmick to cajole gullible and Very Important Personalities, VIPs, into his whims and caprices.

According to a very reliable ally of EFCC’s Magu, “Our friend has been demoralised in recent times, coupled with the way a UK based media newspaper swept him off his feet with a link with Prophet Omale.

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“You won’t believe that Magu shocked us, when he proceeded to meet with some highly placed Nigerians, and tried to work on their minds, by making them feel they would be at the loosing end, should he be sacked.

“Magu was crying like a new born baby, who believes that he is in a world filled with pains, and there was no hope of redemption or succour.

“The man told these personalities that they must wake up from their slumber, and ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari does not sack him as the acting Chair of EFCC, otherwise their whole secret indulgence would be exposed by his successor.

“When Magu returned from them (the VIPs), he started laughing, implying that he has hoodwinked them. He (Magu) said that was the best way to make them save his inevitable removal from EFCC.

“That is to say, he (our friend Magu) informed me that he needed to present his ordeal to those VIPs, in such a manner that they would be the victims, hence, they have to save him from imminent sack, so as to cover their fraudulent activities.”

The Pebbles News was not in anyway shocked with the revelation, owing to the past antecedents of Mr Magu, who believes he can have his way to get confirmation as EFCC Chairman, or embark on media blackmailing spree of Politicians who might be a barrier to his adventure.

In the past, the Department of State Services, DSS, had warned that NASS Senate must be weary of Ibrahim Magu, and he should not be confirmed as the anti-graft Czar.

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The secret police had revealed in a report sent to lawmakers on October 2016, that Mr Magu would be “a liability to the anti-corruption fight of President Buhari’s administration.”

The worry is that, “how can such a single individual, be made more significant than a revered government institution like DSS. So much that, the secret police was ridiculed and relegated by the Vice President, Pastor, Professor, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo.

“The same Professor Osinbajo who has now been discovered to be enmeshed in several financial infractions, but hiding behind being the most well read in the government of President Buhari.”

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Staff members at the EFCC had also in the past sent petitions to the Presidency through VP,  Prof Osinbajo, who is a benefactor to Mr Magu, and is also alleged to be among those being blackmailed of recent by the anti-graft boss.

Those close to Mr Magu note that he will not fail to open the file of the VP should he fail to stop doing his bidding. It is why the VP kept taking Mr Magu’s name  off the list of participant to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS.

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01Similarly, several petition have been sent to the anti-graft commission against a party chieftain, associated to the VP, but nothing has been done about it.

“In as much as Ibrahim Mustafa Magu remains at the EFCC, Nigerians must be rest assured that the party chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu calls the shot, and would be the author and finisher of faith at the anti-graft agency,” another source revealed to The Pebbles News



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