ANTI-GRAFT: DENISAURUS News Exposé On EFCC’s Magu And Prophet Omale Must Be Probed By FG

👤 EXCLUSIVEAdenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu’s link to Prophet Emmanuel Omale must be probed, a popular radio presenter has stated.

The calls for the investigation comes after an exposé from DENISAURUS News, revealed the prophet was a front for Mr Magu.

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DENISAURUS News published information that showed that Prophet Omale, who constantly prophesied about Mr Magu’s confirmation (although it never came to pass), purchases properties for the anti-graft boss, in places like Dubai.

A popular radio station in Abuja is now calling for Prophet Omale, the lead founder of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja, and Mr Magu, a Commissioner of Police, whose promotion was first published by this paper, to be investigated by the Federal Government.

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Vision FM and Farin Wata TV Station, which has a weekly programme called “Idon Mikiya,” presented by Umar Faruk Musa, had professionals invited to discuss matters on pressing national issues that affects the nation on its station on Monday 4 May, 2020.

This was when DENISAURUS News published a third update on the details on EFCC’s Magu and Prophet Omale.

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In the weekly programme, several allegations this paper has made against the EFCC boss, were talked about.

DENISAURUS News, the only one to exclusively publish ten additional charges made against Mr Magu, by the secret police, before he appeared at the senate for screening, had accused him of leaking confidential documents to allies.

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The accusation confirmed in the Department of State Services, DSS report, shows that Mr Magu, “a perennial offender,” was a liability to the corruption fight of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Further allegations, such as that of Mr Magu’s younger brother, ASP Bashir Magu being deployed at the Lagos Operations Office, and how the younger Magu is used to collect “huge amount of money both in local and international currencies to settled high profile cases,” were also brought to light by this paper.

They were all discussed on the show, in Hausa language.

The presenter and professionals stated that before commencing the said radio program, they placed calls to EFCC’s Magu so as to balance their story, but no response.

On the other hand, DENISAURUS News had at various instances as well placed phone calls to  Prophet Omale seeking for comment, although he did not provide any.

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Many of those working for the prophet have called the paper, acknowledging the authenticity of the story, but they pleaded that the news be removed.

One of the image launderer of the prophet, who works for a recognised paper said, “On this pastor Omale, we are  actually doing a media engagement for the man, concerning his personality and when this story of EFCC and Magu popped up, we are actually working to see how we can work together on it. I did not have any fault to the story, but I am pleading on  what help can you do for us on that particular story?”

“I am begging that the story on the EFCC with Omale,” he went on to say should be put down.

“Is it possible to take it down the story?” But, when asked that since you have no fault in the story, why do you want it off, he said: “in media engagement, like media laundering, this kind of story is very damaging to the pastor.”

“I am a journalist as well and as I said earlier, I have no fault with the story,” he further stated, while he continued to plead “help,” on removing the story which he acknowledged to be “authentic.”

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In the conversation, he said: “with my profession, I can’t call this thorough investigative story as something that is not true, that is why we are pleading.”

The Editor of DENISAURUS News, Adenike Lucas, noted that the website “is not what the editor can just wake up and take down a story.

She explained that the mandate of the paper is to fight injustice and it is not a profit making paper, and it does not seek any compensation, and the idea to be rewarded financially for writing the truth should be totally perished.

When the caller continued to plead, Miss Lucas stated that she would see what the editorial board says, adding that the paper never takes down a story that he himself has acknowledged to be factual.

In a call, another media aide of Prophet Omale, stated that there is disunity among his boss and Mr Magu now.

Mr Magu, 58, whose name was rejected twice by the NASS on a report by the DSS, is using the prophet to launder “funds and buying choice properties in Nigeria, Dubai and other places,” listeners of Farin Wata heard.

Mr Magu is also said to have employed prophet Omale’s daughter into the EFCC, and placed her in a department that is responsible for procuring items for the Commission.

In their discussion the panellist stated that by employing his younger brother into the Commission, Mr Magu has violated the Public Service law.

He is also alleged of breaching financial regulations, procurement laws and several other abuses of office.

Meanwhile, prophet Omale continues to send emissaries to the website seeking that the story be removed.


A media aide of the prophet, said they will do the needful, if the story is removed.

When asked about what he meant by “do the needful,” he replied saying “needful – I will keep our conversation secret and probably compensate you if you desire.”


003 AYHowever, Miss Lucas stated that “We are not a profit making organisation. We are not working for compensation – whether financial or otherwise.” “The work is for posterity to judge that we contributed in sanitising Nigeria.”

DENISAURUS News, it should be noted was the first to publish exclusively Nigeria’s suspension from a prominent financial intelligent unit, EGMONT Group.

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It remains committed to revealing corruption in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to the country.

In a nutshell, listeners have called on the Federal Government to commence the probe of all allegations on Mr Magu, Prophet Omale and ASP Bashir Magu.

However, it was averred that should the younger Magu be investigated for money laundering and other financial infractions, the agency charged for this duty is the EFCC.

Therefore, such probe cannot be done under the leadership of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, in order to avoid conflict of interest.





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