UPDATE | EFCC’s MAGU: Pastor Omale Sends Emissaries To PLEAD For “Pull Down” Of Indicting Money Laundering Report

👤 EXCLUSIVEAdenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

The pastor of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja who was exposed for being a conduit pipe for laundering money for a “perennial offender,” has sent emissaries to try and have the story removed “by fire or by force.”

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DENISAURUS News, the first newspaper to publish exclusively, the report by the Department of State Service, DSS, on Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, and also the first to exclusively publish his promotion as Commissioner of Police, revealed that the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, was using the clergy man as a front.

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Following the publication of the exclusive story, the pastor, Emmanuel Omale has indirectly reached out to this paper.


One of the emissaries sent to DENISAURUS News called on Friday, 24 April 2020, saying the Pastor has not travelled anywhere (impliedly saying he did not visit Dubai) this year.

However, this paper is aware of the immigration details of Mr Magu and Prophet Omale’s travel to Dubai in March this year.

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The paper also has the hotel information where they lodged in Dubai – including the credit card used for payment of good and services while on their trip.

All these information are readily available at our disposal.

According to the aides of Prophet Omale, sent to this paper, the pastor, who charges 100 dollars for people to see him per time, would like to write something for us “to publish on the website, DENISAURUS News.”

But, he might have changed his mind, for fear that evidential document, which may be published as a follow up to his response if he had, will be published, a close informed church official noted to DENISAURUS News.

A member of the church, who reached out to DENISAURUS News on phone and on messages, attested that this story was 100 percent accurate and confirmed to this paper that Prophet Omale, is not a righteous man.

Another emissary sent to get the story pulled down, asked if the news has been shared with other media houses and if it would go viral.

That man, who called to defend the pastor, went cold after being challenged with evidential details of document at our disposal. He then asked that the document be released to him in confidence.

The prophet, who is also from Kogi State, Nigeria, and is said to work in tandem with his wife in the deals done with Mr Magu, was worried that he had been caught in a scheme he could not defend.

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A source said that the “prophet Omale can never explain why he went to Dubai with the EFCC boss.” The clergy man is deceiving his congregation when he says he has not travelled out of the country this year.

Having succeeded so far, to calm the storm, the clergyman has now decided not to write a statement again. “He hopes the story will die on its own a natural death,” the source added, explaining that the prophet has said that DENISAURUS News, which exclusively reported Nigeria’s suspension from Egmont, would be cajoled to drop the story.


Prophet Omale, whose deputy is his wife, is now seeking ways to reach out to this newspaper, so as to “either get the story removed by force or by fire.”

Phrank Shaibu

People have even come under the guise of wanting to run an advertorial with the paper. But it was obvious and investigation shows that those people who are close aides of Prophet Omale, had a sinister scheme they were orchestrating.

The idea was to use a Kogi State popular communication strategists, to collect the account details and BVN of this paper, in order to plant a large amount of money in our account.

They will send the large money and accuse the paper’s staff of duping people, and then cause for an investigation to be carried out on the medium, DENISUAURUS News understands.

The recent trip to Dubai in March this year, was taken along with his wife, Mr Magu and Mr Magu’s own wife, who works at the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS.

The idea of the trip, was for the prophet to note down some properties and for him to return back to the United Arab Emirate, and help the EFCC boss to buy those properties in his name.

Prophet Omale has previously bought other properties in Nigeria and abroad, for the ‘rejected’ EFCC boss.


Mr Magu, who is also described as a “liability” to President Muhammadu Buhari’s corruption fight, no longer goes to the office, since he returned from Dubai in March 2020.

Close informant say that he may have taken some documents away from the office.

In 2008, EFCC’s Magu was dismissed from office for taking away important documents, which he intended to use to blackmail politically exposed persons.

It is believed that Mr Magu might want to do the same with the documents he has retrieved from the office now.

Mr Magu, this paper previously stated had already been compiling documents using one Chidi – who was seconded from Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC.

Mr Magu has since returned Chidi to his mother organisation, because DENISAURUS News, exclusively revealed that he was also photocopying those documents for himself, so as to use same to make money as well.

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The source said the editor of this paper, Adenike Lucas’ name was sent out by one of the clergy man’s emissaries to the Prophet.

They say that since their boss is known for his fetishism, one can imagine what they want to do with the name and photo.

In her response, Miss Lucas, said “whatever or whichever marabout they wish to use the name, it will be futile,”  she noted in a statement for this story.

A phone call was made to Prophet Omale on +234803 *** 7644, in order to enquire on his own side of the story, however, he did not pick up his calls.


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