Former Speaker, Na’Abba Tells DENISAURUS News, He Is Not Dead BUT STUCK IN LONDON

👤 Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

Former speaker of the House of Representative, Umar Ghali Na’Abba CFR, 62, is not dead, but he is stuck in the United Kingdom, where he went for medical check-up four weeks ago.

Rumour of the death of the man born on September 27, 1958, circulated the media platform – including a US website which was once sued for 4 billion for libel.

But Mallam Na’Abba who spoke exclusively to DENISAURUS News over the telephone, said he was in London with two of his children.

“I came to London,” he said, “normally, I come to have a medical check every year and that was what has brought me. I was supposed to go back four weeks ago, but unfortunately, because of the lock down there has been no flight for me to go back to Nigeria.”

The former lawmaker, who is from Kano state said he was lock down and stranded.

“I am tired, and I want to go back, but I have no alternative,” he said.

He also refuted claims that his wife was in London, saying “my wife is in Nigeria, fortunately, because if I had come with her, my children will have suffered our absence, but I have two children here that are with me.”

There have been several numbers of deaths since the first index case of coronavirus in Kano state, where Mallam Na’Abba comes from.

He said: “unfortunately there is a gross incompetence in the way Kano State is being governed and that accounts for the reason that some of this things are happening. In recent days, they were many death and unfortunately I lost a very dear one just two days ago.”

DENISAURUS News learnt that Mallam Na’Abba lost his brother in law.

“My brother in law who died two days ago was a medical doctor… a very experienced medical doctor and apart from him, I think we have also lost others.”

He adds: “it is a sad commentary on the way the state is being run – that people are not sure where to go, when they are sick. That they go to hospitals and they are turned back, and this is very serious. ”

Experts have said that to understand the deadly disease, testing must be conducted across the globes.

Many countries are carrying out intensive testing. The UK, where over 28 thousand have died, the government pledged to test over 100,000 per day.

Mallam Na’Abba said though Nigeria is not as developed as other countries that have succeeded in almost containing the COVID-19 pandemic, it has to increase the number of tests being conducted.

“I urge that a methodology for testing should evolved as soon as possible so that people who have the infection with them when they do not know may be recognised, may be traced and isolated.”


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