REVEALED: EFCC’s MAGU Teams Up With VP @ProfOsinbajo Over Last Minute Fight-Back On CABALS

👤 By Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News 

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu’s four year tenure at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commisison, EFCC comes to a close in 48 hours time, DENISAURUS News can report. 

Mr Magu, described as a “perennial offender” by the Department of State Services, DSS, who was conspicuously promoted as a Commissioner of Police, is so desperate to remain at the anti-graft agency, where he has become a mini “general.”

Despite the requirement for him to attend a mandatory course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS – Kuru, Mr Magu has played many tricks just to blindfold the entire government of President Muhammadu Buhari in order to avoid leaving the Commission.

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The EFCC acting boss, 57,  has been able to stay put till now, but his luck has finally run out.

DENISAURUS News had noted in previous reports, that a continuous cover up of the sins of the anti-graft boss was done in alliance with a top government official.

The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, sources had said, worked with ‘Rule of Men’ rather than ‘Rule of Law’ to perpetuate EFCC’s Magu’s continued stay in office.

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Professor Osinbajo, a Pastor, Senior Advocate of Nigeria who became a politican, was said to have convinced the President at many attempt not to get rid of Mr Magu, arguing that the Borno-born Commissioner of Police had become the face of  anti-corruption.

Even though an indicting DSS report stated otherwise. The report which DENISAURUS News published a month before Mr Magu’s screening, asserted another report which made it clear that the police officer had failed an integrity test.

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Unknown to many, this paper was told that the former Pastor, who served as Commissioner of Justice in Lagos from 1999 – 2007, kept Mr Magu for his own personal reason.

The VP, we were told, engaged in this unholy alliance with the anti-graft boss, just to evade the visit on all the financial sins reported against him from all angles.

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However, recently the VP refused to help Mr Magu evade NIPSS. The VP said to be unhappy that even though he had put his neck on the line for Mr Magu, the anti-graft boss betrayed him.

Our sources briefed us further on the acrimony existing between VP Prof Osinbajo and EFCC’s Magu, saying that the anti-graft boss was a “betrayal.”

Information at the disposal of our reporters, revealed that exposé about the shot-fall in revenue generation by Federal Inland Revenue Services, FIRS, under Babatunde Fowler to the tune of N90 Billion, as investigated by anti-graft boss was dicey.

Mr Magu had played a fast one on Prof Osinbajo, by way of giving the VP a report which exonerated the Revenue Boss on the one hand.

But, he forwarded a very indicting report against Mr Fowler, to the cabals in order to create acrimony and favour his stay-put at the EFCC.

That betrayal has been a matter that saw Mr Magu lost further support he would get from the Vice President in a long time to come.

The anti-graft boss, as gathered by DENISAURUS News, was described by the number two citizen as a “plaque and snitch.”

But the anti-graft boss has no “shame” insiders have said, and when he received a letter instructing him to proceed to NIPSS this month, he went to see the VP for help.

DENISAURUS News gathered that, after a visit from the anti-graft boss to Prof Osinbajo, over the instruction to the former to proceed for NIPSS, effort to get an interference from the latter was said to be met with stiff refusal.

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However, the two are setting asides their differences for a last minute battle against their common enemies.

With the recent attack from the cabal and the plans to send Mr Magu to NIPSS, both men have have found a common enemy in the cabals, which is a group of men loyal to President Buhari.

“This led to the search for a common ground, which coincidentally rests within the control of both falling angels,” a mutual friend of the two explained to this Newspaper.

It was revealed that the VP, who former Ministers of Aviation described as a “Short Man Devil,” gave Ghana-must-go bag containing a few millions to the anti-graft boss, which was delivered to the editor of a widely read online media platform.

The Vice President has in the past, been on the same page with the Editor of the online media, during the reign of military dictator, General Sani Abacha. While on the other hand, EFCC’s Magu found succour for being a member of the three musketeers, whom their most senior accomplice is the boss and owner of the online media managed by the front Editor. DENISAURUS News was reliably informed.

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According to one of our sources, “the essence of this package, was strictly for the online media to commence a thorough fight-back against the cabals, who have made life unbearable for the two cunning men of dishonour.”

The former Pastor, reiterated the fact that most of the actions he took while as acting president, which may be part of the reasons for the price he is paying today, was ill advised by his former benefactor.

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The action taken by Professor Osinbajo, such as the sack of erstwhile DSS Director General, Lawal M Daura and the confirmation push for former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, were made following direct instruction from his former benefactor, who is also planning to become a President in 2023.

DENISAURUS News further gathered that the VP was only believing his former benefactor wanted to guide him, since he was just a novice in the game of Nigeria politics.

However, it turned out that the party chieftain only wants the Senior Advocate of Nigeria to fall into a trap, in order to make him knock horns with the cabals.

It was further revealed that the party chieftain, being in control of EFCC’s Magu and the running of the anti-graft agency, promised Prof Osinbajo he would ensure that any plans from the cabals to investigate him, is met with back-to-back resistance using judges under his pay-roll, and other ancillaries such as Civil Society Organisations and media allies.

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A source averred to DENISAURUS News that, it was the firm grip of the party chieftain on the anti-graft boss, that made the former Pastor crave in for the antics of his former benefactor.



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