BOMBSHELL: Magnitude Of Suspended Magu, Prophet Omale’s Crimes And War Chess Of Tinubu’s Desperation

👤 EXCLUSIVEAdenike Lucas and Danjuma AliyuDENISAURUS News

The destructive impact of the crimes of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, a “perennial offender,” recently suspended as the acting chairman of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is humongous and sure to expose many close allies.

Have you heard the proverbial saying, “when the shit hits the fan?” Well, this is a classic case of the shit hitting the fan for Mr Magu, who was twice rejected by the lawmakers meant to legalise his nomination into office.

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Mr Magu, out of the other three individuals that have occupied that office is the only one who was not confirmed. He was rejected based on an intelligence report from the Department of State Service, DSS.

DENISAURUS News has at many times, even before the indicting dossier from the secret police was released and after, reported exclusively about Mr Magu’s corrupt ways.

One of the revelation from this paper was a link to a clergy who acted as a front for the suspended EFCC boss.

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In April this year, this newspaper was authoritatively informed that Prophet Emmanuel Omale, the lead founder of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja,  travelled to Dubai in March of the same year to scout for choice properties for the only rejected EFCC boss.

The report, also went on to state that the clergy man from Kogi State was one of Mr Magu’s fronts.

An assessment by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU, confirmed the report of this paper to be factual. The NFIU has statements showing that Prophet Omale had indeed bought properties for Mr Magu in Dubai.

Prophet Omale, rather than hands up, went on to release a video denying the statement of report from the NFIU.

He also promised to sue the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, that reported his links with Mr Magu, but when DENISAURUS News first reported the news on Prophet Omale and the suspended EFCC boss, both sent emissaries to plead for the story to be removed from the website.

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To cover up his links to Mr Magu, Prophet Omale doctored his bank statement with FCMB, a new generation bank. It shows how little the clergy understands of the workings of the NFIU.

However, little is the scandal of the Prophet compared to what Mr Magu is hiding on behalf of some highly placed politicians in the country.

It is why many of them are fighting tooth and nail for him to remain in office and have gone to the extent of sponsoring media attacks against the Attorney General of the Federation and the Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami, who is Mr Magu’s L plus one (substantive boss), advised President Muhammadu Buhari to sack the anti-graft boss, following his failure to account for recovered loots.

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Issues of the re-looting of recovered loot was first uncovered by the editor of this newspaper, Adenike Lucas, who had at the time written in a blog owned by Abusidiq, that Mr Magu was not documenting all assets recovered.

One of the assets not documented in the assets forfeiture lists is a plaza in Kaduna, which the paper reported in August 2016. The assets was returned to the owner without due process or legal authorization. Many other properties have either been sold off or fraudulently dashed to friends of Mr Magu, DENISAURUS News can exclusively reveal.

This issue about asset recovery has and would certainly go beyond Mr Magu.

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We expect supporters like a ruling party chieftain, who once had an EFCC investigative unit disbanded by Mr Magu, to be exposed in earnest.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who nominated Yemi Osinbajo as President Buhari’s Vice, is worked up about the removal of the anti-graft boss as it could lead to several cases opened against him.

Sources close to the former Governor of Lagos say that he must be worried, that the calls for investigation against the bullion vans pictured in his Ikoyi house, days before the 2019 elections, and ignored by Mr Magu, would be investigated.

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For many years, Mr Magu has remained in office despite being rejected twice, due to the insistence of Professor Osinbajo.

The VP had at one time stated that Mr Magu could remain in acting position for as long as he wished. But, lawyers stated this was contrary to the EFCC ACT 2004.

A former political appointee of the President, also noted that Professor Osinbajo only wanted to keep Mr Magu to fight perceived enemies of his and his benefactor, who is a former Governor seeking Presidential ambition in 2023.

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The permutation for 2023 is high and Asiwaju Tinubu, might be willing to do all it takes to save Mr Magu.  DENISAURUS News has previously reported that the party chieftain has control of several judges on his pay-roll, and he is able to direct them to give judgement favourable to him.

This might be what happens with Mr Magu’s case after the Presidential Panel concludes its report, and the case is eventually charged to court.




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