EXPOSED: EFCC’s Magu Desperately Shopping For “Awards” To Cover His Dishonest Corruption Fight

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, 58, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, whose nomination as the fourth substantive boss was twice rejected by the NASS senate, has been caught in a shady award scheme, DENISAURUS News can disclose. 

Mr Magu, dubbed as a “perennial offender” by the Department of State Services, DSS, whose indicting report resulted in his rejection by lawmakers meant to legalise his stay in office, has been buying awards in order to prove that he is worth retaining.

Sources told DENISAURUS News that Mr Magu desperately wants President Muhammadu Buhari to resubmit his name to the National Assembly, NASS Senate, even though there is a report from the secret police, which already indicts him and says he has failed the “integrity test,” and would be a liability to the President’s war against corruption – qualities that his colleagues noted should not be found in any anti-graft boss.

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Mr Magu, the only person not to be confirmed as EFCC chairman, has proven himself to be a liability to the corruption fight, by taking Nigeria’s corruption index to a worse ranking than he met it.

Transparency International’s index showed that Nigeria was 146/180 in 2019; compared to 2015, when the country was ranked 136/176.

But seeing that Mr Magu made corruption worse, and after he even admitted that corruption has failed under his leadership, this paper has uncovered how the 58-year-old has began a deceptive plan on Nigerians, about his bad performance in office.

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Police sources close to Mr Magu noted that he is busy spending huge amounts acquiring  awards, to give an impression that he is doing well, and to also make the President more confident that he is the right man for the job.

Mr Magu hopes that those fraudulently acquired awards, will also allow for his name to be re-presented to the NASS senate.

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MAGU01DENISAURUS News has been informed that Mr Magu has spent almost a million dollars $1million, in order to have the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, ICAN’s 2020 Merit Award on May 16, along with an award from the Arewa House, who last week, claimed to have inducted Ibrahim Magu into PMB Hall of Fame, in recognition of his record of integrity, despite the indicting report from the secret police.

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The anti-graft boss, is understood to have syndicated the news of the awards, to all notable media with the hope that President Buhari would read about it.

The issue of Mr Magu’s integrity has been heavily punctured by a recent link with a prophet, Emmanuel Omale, who he uses as a conduit for money laundering, as well as illegal acquisition of properties at home and abroad.

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The duo, who many have called for their arrest and probe, have constantly pleaded for the paper to drop the “factual” exposĂ© on them.

However, DENISAURUS News refused all forms of financial inducement promised by Mr Magu and Prophet Omale through their emissaries, but insisted that the newspaper was working along with President Buhari in his fight against corruption for posterity sake.

Mr Magu then contracted some political allies in the United Kingdom to run a virtual programme, just to boost his image, so as to reduce the impact of the negative stories, arising from the exposé on the recent trip embarked by prophet Omale and himself to Dubai, where they went to scout for new properties.

The anti-graft boss has also been fake-crying and running from pillar to post, pleading with Very Important Personalities, VIPs to help him get the President to retain him and re-present his name to NASS Senate.

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EFCC’s Magu,  a man DENISAURUS News knows as “Mr Integreedy” rather than “Mr Integrity,” is also heard saying that he will spend as much money as he can for now, with the hope of recouping same when he is officially announced as the substantive anti-graft boss.

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DENISAURUS News tried to reach out to the EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu for a statement to confirm the genuineness of those awards, however till now, no response has been given.

Similarly, the spokesman for the anti-graft agency, Dele Oyewale, also failed to pick up his calls to authenticate some of the enquires by DENISAURUS News. 






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