EFCC CHAIR: Magu Continues Fraudulent Recruitment Of Children Of Friends And Power Brokers In Order To Secure Confirmation

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has ordered a recruitment exercise at the Economics and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, DENISAURUS News has been informed. 

The recruitment order for new staff, made to zonal heads, breaches the protocol for an institution like the EFCC.

Normally, such job adverts should be made on at least three national newspapers, but this was not the case.

Instead, Mr Magu asked each zonal heads to provide “20 Detective Assistants, 20 Detective Inspectors and 20 Detective Superintendents.”

Sources who provided us with an exclusive copy of the memo sent to Zonal heads were upset about the “failure to follow due process.”

They say that the EFCC is gradually been populated by “nincompoops.” Even the ones that can not read have gained employment because “Mr Magu knows their relatives, who just happens to be a big man in this country.”

Among those who have received employment letters under Mr Magu in recent times, includes the cousin of a top minister and the distant relative of a senior lawmaker.

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Our whistle-blowers, a rank and file police officer, who have worked in the anti-graft agency for many years, say “members of the public will not be given the chance to apply for this roles.

They note that the recruitment which ends today is all “whitewash” as their boss “has already earmarked this position to friends of his associates.”

It is not the first employment scandal to be traced to Mr Magu. This paper has reported in the past how Mr Magu called for a recruitment drive only for him to pick names from ‘his list.”

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The anti-graft boss has also inflated the wage bill at other times.

Meanwhile in a latest development, Mr Magu has suddenly seconded over 60 new police officers to the anti-graft agency, in an attempt to gain the favour of top Police Chiefs from supporting his non attendance at National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, and removal from the EFCC, DENISAURUS News learned.

This paper was also informed that rather than rely on the annual unsolicited recruitment to fill vacancies at the EFCC, Mr Magu is busy propagating the influx of more Policemen to the agency, which staff say has reached almost two decades of establishment to facilitate it’s stand alone.

DENISAURUS News gathered that Mr Magu is doing everything possible to turn the EFCC into another Nigeria Police Force, NPF formation (branch of Police), so as to give the agency poor credibility status in the long-run.

DENISAURUS News also gathered authoritatively that EFCC’s Magu would rather desecond few police officers to NPF, in order to make believe that he is reducing number of Police officers at anti-graft Agency. But he “allows the stay put of lackeys at EFCC, whom he uses to perpetrate numerous though fraudulent financial infractions, and have long overdue their secondment at anti-graft Agency based on public service rule.”

Mr Magu, whose nomination as the fourth substantive chairman of the commission was denied twice by lawmakers of the eight Senate, due to an indicting report from the Department of State Services, DSS, remains in office.

The Borno Commissioner of Police, whose promotion was exclusively reported by this paper, wishes to stay-put in the EFCC and has refused to attend a mandatory Senior Executive Course at NIPSS in Jos Kuru.

A senior officer at the Police Service Commission has informed DENISAURUS News that Mr Magu has managed to get his name removed from the list again.

Before now, Mr Magu approached the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to request that his name be removed from the list.

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Professor Osinbajo, an ally of Mr Magu, who has an oversight of NIPSS, is said to have serious allegation of corruption hanging over his head.

Insiders say it is why he continues to support Mr Magu’s continued stay at EFCC, despite it being unconstitutional to have an anti-graft chair who was not confirmed being in office.

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Mr Magu, who should have left the commission last month, is doing the bidding of Ahmad Lawan, the current Senate President in an attempt to remain in office.

The anti-graft boss, insiders say has offered to employ people close to the lawmaker in order to get a favourable result should his name be re-presented to the Senate.

But sources close to Dr Lawan say that Mr Magu is “on a wild goose chase.”




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