ANTI-GRAFT: EFCC’s Magu Admits Corruption Fight Has Failed in Entirety Under His Leadership

👤 Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the Acting Chairman of the Economics and Financial Crimes Commisison, EFCC, has admitted that the fight the corruption has “spread” under his watch. 

In a speech given at a workshop in Calabar by a representative of Mr Magu, it was noted that the “Corruption has defied every solution thrown at it and is still spreading like cancer.”


During the workshop, Theresa Nwosu, Head, Public Affairs Department of the Commission, Uyo Office said: “Nigerians must come to the realisation that they are the ones that suffer more if it is allowed to continue to fester.”

“It is important to note that prevention can only be enhanced through sensitisation because a lot of people are unaware and ignorant of the dangers of corruption to the nation.

She said: “Nigeria has just one problem, corruption, but if it is sincerely dealt with every other thing will naturally fall into place.”

Mr Magu, whose nomination was rejected twice by lawmakers due to an indicting report from the Department of State Services, DSS, has also been accused of corruption by members of his own staff.

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DENISAURUS News has over the years published exclusively issues of corruption perpetuated by Mr Magu.

One of the exclusive published in May 2017, stated how Mr Magu was releasing sensitive information to close allies – which led to Nigeria’s suspension from a world financial intelligence unit.

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At the time, Mr Magu denied that Nigeria was suspended from Egmont. He instead accused Adenike Lucas, the editor of DENISAURUS News of working with “paymaster,” an allegation the Egmont’s plenary with details of the suspension proved to be false.

DENISAURUS News was also able to publish a month before the Senate read out a second report from the DSS.

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The DSS report published in 2017, expressed that Mr Magu is a “perennial offender who would become a liability to the corruption fight.”

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