EXPOSED: EFCC’s Ibrahim MAGU Using “Job Slots” As Bargaining Tool To Remain At Agency

đŸ‘€Â EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have revealed how their boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu is using job offers to bargain his position at the anti-graft agency. 

The anti-graft boss, whose nomination was twice rejected by the Senate of the eight National Assembly, has been trading job places with politically exposed persons, in order to secure his future at the anti-graft agency, according to reliable sources.

The over hundred sources whose identities have been protected for fear of reprisal from Mr Magu, told DENISAURUS News that the anti-graft Czar gives job slots to children of cronies without genuine qualifications.

Many of them have come with forged results, and the anti-graft boss has arm-twisted relevant units to screen them as qualified, for the recruitment at the anti-graft Agency, a seconded staff member went on to explain to DENISAURUS News.

It is not the first employment scandal to be traced to Mr Magu. In the past, the anti-graft boss was inflating the wage bill.

The acting EFCC chairman, whose tenure is over in days, would budget a large amount of money as salaries of seconded police officers, but in reality he only paid them a token from the amount he received as approved budget by the Senate. The rest of the money is diverted into his private pocket, an aggrieved police officer revealed to this paper.

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DENISAURUS News gathered that in the past three years, EFCC’s Magu has carried out several recruitments, which he used as bargaining chip for his stay-put at the anti-graft agency.

A few political and government officials have been able to sneak in their unqualified relatives into the EFCC with Mr Magu’s permission and connivance.

Some of the employment were illegally given to the children or wards of Marabouts, which Mr Magu uses for his spiritual consultations, although none of those involved possess the requisite requirements to fit into the EFCC.

For example, sometimes back, Mr Magu seconded several Assistant Superintendent of Police in order to perfect his pay-roll fraud. However, the President Buhari’s government refused to allow him keep those staff at the agency.

Some insiders noted that the police officers, who are trained to learn police general duties and not serve as EFCC officers, were not allowed to stay as the plans Mr Magu had for them was wrong. He just wanted to use them to buffer the pay-roll of the agency.

According to our police sources at the EFCC, “the anti-graft boss usually instruct relevant units at the agency, saddled with the screening of physically and mentally fit applicants, to cut-corners and certify the unqualified as qualified.”

DENISAURUS News understands that presently, an influx of unqualified personnel recruited by EFCC’s Magu into the organisation, is causing serious pandemonium among staff members.

Many, it was learned, have retired to fate and resolved to un-look the chaos being built up by Mr Magu, which would take any successor at least another decade to fix.

DENISAURUS News is also well informed that since most of the Marabouts working for EFCC’s Magu are foreigners, the personnel recruited with connection to the spiritual consultants, are non-Nigerians as some could not express themselves in simple grammar.

It therefore goes to show that the anti-graft boss is filling up our Law Enforcement Agency with foreigners, against the law of the country.

“Mr Ibrahim Mustafa Magu is committing a serious espionage, without the knowledge of the government of the day under President Muhammadu Buhari,” one of our reliable rank and file policeman at the EFCC exclusively revealed to DENISAURUS News.

Recently, a Civil Society Organisation raised alarm over the “Job-slot” fraud going on in the country. DENISAURUS News can authoritatively report that EFCC’s Magu is culpable and must be checked with immediate effect.

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project said employment slots  were “allegedly sold for as much as N1.5m.”

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Mr Magu, 57, who is desperate not to leave the EFCC to attend a compulsory senior executive course, has in the past consulted spiritualists over his bid to stay put. However, the work did not yield the right result, as he was recently handed a notice from the Presidency, directing that he attend the educational programme at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS in Kuru, Jos.

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A close friend to the rejected anti-graft boss revealed that Mr Magu, whose nomination was rejected twice by lawmakers in the eight National Assembly, has also been using spiritualists from India to perpetuate his stay at the anti-graft agency. The work has not been productive either.

Mr Magu scared he is on his last legs at the EFCC, went to seek the Vice President’s help to no avail.

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The source claims that Mr Magu is now unceremoniously releasing exhibits, especially in dollars to victims and he does so without documentations.

According to insiders, Mr Magu releases the money exhibit to the victims, but he demands for 10 percent as his own cut, thereby bringing the revered anti-graft agency to disrepute.

Meanwhile, DENISAURUS News was informed that the anti-graft boss uses proceeds from this illegal dealings to acquire exotic cars, which are sold on his behalf at designated car stands in some part of Nigeria.

Our reporter made frantic effort to reach out to the EFCC Spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren on the “job-slot” fraud allegations, but the phone rang out without any response.


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