EXPOSED: How EFCC’s Magu Continues Victimisation Of An Operative To Impress ExIGP Ehindero And Tinubu

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

A former Head of the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering, SCUML, a department within the Economics and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has been using personal grudges and influences to deal with a subordinate, DENISAURUS News has learned. 

Toyin Ehindero, is the daughter of Sunday Gabriel Ehindero, who served as Inspector General of Police from 2005 – 2007. She is said to be using her father’s influence to deal with a Senior Operative much junior than her at the anti-graft agency.

Whistle blowers say that the ordeal began five years ago, when Ms Ehindero, who is in her mid to late 40’s had personal grudges against the Senior Operative, who was her subordinate at the EFCC. She planned to get him fired, so she wrote a fake petition which resulted in his sack by the Acting Chair, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

“Everyone knows that Mr Ehindero as a former IGP has influence on the current acting chairman of this commission. His daughter has constantly used his name to torment this man,” a staff told DENISAURUS News.

According to the staff, the older Ehindero is said to have recommended the promotion of Nuhu Ribadu from Commissioner of Police to an Assistant Inspector-General of Police.

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The action which was later seen as “illegal, null and void.”

However, many in the office still believe there is a link between Mallam Ribadu and the current acting chairman of the commission.

Mr Magu, an officer whose promotion was exclusively reported by this paper, is one of the pioneer staff who worked with Mallam Ribadu.

A whistle blower, George Uboh has alluded to the fact that Mr Magu is covering up on some dirty dealings of the pioneer chairman.

The two men along with another chairman of the Commission, Ibrahim Lamorde are known as the three musketeers. They have worked together and continue to do so till date.

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A staff explained that anyone who is not friends with one of them becomes an enemy to all of them.

It might explain the relationship between Ms Ehindero, whose father helped Mallam Ribadu in the past. The help means she has the favour of the current acting chairman, Mr Magu, who remains in touch with Mallam Ribadu.

Ms Ehindero, who is still in the commission, is said to have spoken through her father to the acting chairman to work out her plan against the Senior Operative, who sources asked not to disclose his name for his protection.

The woman DENISAURUS News gathered,  is also recently accused of requesting N15 million as kick back from a suspect. Those in the office, who leaked this information say she was recorded and the audio was handed over to Mr Magu, whom the Department of State Services, DSS described as a perennial offender and a liability to the corruption fight.

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This paper understands that the senior operative who had also began an investigation on a petition against Alphabeta, remains in suspension since five years ago, despite a recommendation from the EFCC Disciplinary Committee for his return to work without any indictment.

But, the senior operative became a marked man for the case he began against the owner of a tax consulting LLP in Lagos.

A Managing Director, Dapo Apara has also written a petition against Alphabeta Consulting LLP and Asiwaju Tinubu, however, nothing is yet to be done about the matter, this website has gathered.

DENISAURUS News which has reported exclusively matters of internal corruption, victimisation and bullying at the EFCC led by Mr Magu, was reliably informed that this is not the first time the company has been linked with corruption.

Apparently a case against Alphabeta LLP was first brought to light in 2015 under EFCC Magu’s Leadership, but turned deaf ears to avoid a sledge hammer of a party chieftain.

This paper was reliably informed by a rank and file Police officer at the EFCC, that at the time, a Senior Operative had written several inquiry letter to the tax consultancy firm linked to Asiwaju Tinubu, a leading chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

The company refused to cooperate with the senior operative and unfortunately, the staff who was already being victimised by the head of his department, was sacked after taking light threat from his superiors for him to desist from the investigation.

Till date nothing has happened to the petition written against the company. The EFCC boss without any investigation said there was no evidence to back the petition, despite it being written by a former senior EFCC investigator/ lawyer.

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DENISAURUS News, having seen what had happened in the past, reached out to other staff willing to speak about the matter and was reliably informed that somebody was blocking Mr Apara’s PETITION.

Mr Apara is no longer in the country.

Several attempts were made to speak to staff members at SCUML in Lagos and a request for comment directed to Wilson Uwujaren, the spokesperson of the Commission on the senior operative was unsuccessful, as phone was never responded to.

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