ANTI-GRAFT: Sowore Promised To Settle Magu’s EFCC With Large Sums Of Money In Order To Scuttle Fraud Investigation

👤 By Adenike Lucas, Editor DENISAURUS News

More troubles lie ahead for Omoyele Sowore, the arrested publisher of the US based news website (Sahara Reporter), who called for a revolution to overthrow a sitting President.

A close friend of the detained journalist and presidential candidate, has revealed how he was almost blackmailed and told to pay 100 Million Naira, in order to settle officials at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC – where Mr Sowore has access to make corruption cases disappear

According to Lekan Fatodu, also a journalist, Mr Sowore heard he had worked on a government project worth 1.5 billion Naira. Mr Sowore believed his close friend would have made a gain of 500 Million Naira as commission for himself, and he wanted a very large share from it, which Mr Fatodu refused.

So Mr Sowore made a call to Mr Fatodu asking him to pay the money. When he still refused, he told Mr Fatodu, he had a tip off about a case against him with the EFCC led by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

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Mr Fatodu wisely tapped the conversation between himself and Mr Sowore.

In the secretly recorded conversation, Mr Sowore is heard boasting about how he can help to “kill all of these.”

“Hey bros, there is an issue, the EFCC is after you,” he said: “You know, I know them and I have friends there. I publish stories for them, actually they even serve as my informant about what is going on in government, so sometimes before some stories are out, they would pass on to me.”

“To kill all of these…” Mr Sowore explained that money would have to be spent in the EFCC. “Guys are waiting and will need 100 Million Naira,” he said.

Mr Fatodu said he asked Mr Sowore why did not he “deem it necessary for us to probably wait for the EFCC to just call me that, Lekan Fatodu there’s something like this come to this place and we see how it goes.”

But, Mr Sowore interjected saying, “was I not the one who called? Lekan, when I told you yesterday, you know if people contact me and said that EFCC wants to invite you to something, and I said to them, let me work on it.”

The revelation by Mr Fatodu, made to an online TV station, not only shows how corrupt cases get killed, but proves how Mr Magu, the desperate anti-graft boss of the EFCC was working in associate with the Sahara Reporters, founded by Mr Sowore in 2006, to blackmail and kill cases.

In 2017, DENISAURUS News, exclusively reported about Nigeria’s suspension from a world financial intelligence unit.

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At the time, the editor of the paper, Adenike Lucas was reliably informed that Nigeria’s suspension from the Toronto-based server was caused by Mr Magu.

In his desperate bid for confirmation, Mr Magu was “exposing privileged information to those who should not be allowed access.”

SR was one of the papers, DENISAURUS News was informed to be receiving classified information from Mr Magu.

Similarly, the anti graft boss, was exposed by the secret police to be releasing documents to friends which is later used to blackmail suspects.

Mr Magu who was described as a “perennial offender,” was also blackmailing people using “highly sensitive information from the NFIU.

Mr Magu denied the exclusive report by DENISAURUS News, claiming that Miss Lucas that it was the work of “her” paymasters.

The allegation against Mrs Lucas were false as the Egmont confirmed months after that they really did suspend Nigeria from accessing its server.

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The Department of State Services, DSS, discovered that Umar Mohammed an ally of Mr Magu, had in his possession classified EFCC documents.

It led an erstwhile director of the secret police to write an indicting report against Mr Magu.  In it he said, “at one level, he is the czar who has no friends, no favourites and is ready to fight corruption to a standstill. However, with a key friend in the person of Umar Mohammed (Air Commodore/Rtd), a controversial businessman, he has betrayed the confidence reposed in him by the present administration.

“Whereas Magu portrays himself as very secretive, he has fostered a mutually beneficial relationship with Mohammed who, by his confession, approaches ‘clients’ for possible exploitation, favours and associated returns.

“This was facilitated with official secrets divulged by Magu and from which dealings he is believed to have been drawing considerable benefits.

“In the light of the foregoing, Magu has failed the integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption drive of the present administration,” the 16-paragraph letter concludes.

DENISAURUS News, also the first to publish the indicting report – which advised that Mr Magu should not be confirmed as he would be a “liability” to the corruption fight, had revealed how medium like Sahara Reporters were given information in order to persecute perceived enemies.

A former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke in his memoir makes a similar allegation.

He said: “the media and civil society collaborators may not altogether be blamed, considering the extensive grand plan of the EFCC. But they can’t be totally absolved either for not independently digging deeper. They have failed in their role to closely interrogate whatever they are being fed with. They must take responsibility for abandoning their sacred duty to humanity. They failed me by swallowing twisted facts hook, line and sinker, despite unassailable documents that I had placed at their disposal. My story here will, hopefully, offer the public the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and set the records straight.”

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Mr Magu who is desperate to remain at the EFCC, despite being rejected twice, has devised many plans in other to achieve his aim. Many of the ploy, DENISAURUS News can reveal has failed.

In 2016, DENISAURUS News reported how the rejected anti-graft boss was “‘blackmailing’ top class Emirs from the North West, North Central and North East whom he assumed had benefited from the Cash-For-Arms deal, with the hope that they would speak to President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, before the Senate reconvenes on the 20th of this month.”

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Though the paper sought for a response from the Commission on the report published September 7, 2016, a response was issued through mediums like Sahara Reporters.

DENISAURUS News has since reported many other exclusive news on how desperate Mr Magu has worked to prolong his stay in office.

This includes spiritual consultation which failed and led to the arrest of the marabout involved.

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The paper, exclusively published Mr Magu’s promotion as Commissioner of Police, before the announcement was made by the Police Service Commissioner. The promotion comes with a mandatory move to  National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, where he is to attend a Senior Executive Course for a year.

Yet, the Borno born anti-graft boss, who is not willing to leave the Commission, DENISAURUS News was exclusively informed will be attending the course “whether he likes it or not.” His name has been added as one of the next batch,” a government source said.

This is not the first time Mr Sowore, who boasted of his ability to squash cases, is accused of blackmailing people with information. The publisher was sued by the President of the eight Senate, Bukola Saraki. The former lawmaker was awarded a sum of 4 billion in compensation by a judge at the Ilorin High Court

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The Presidential candidate of the African Action Alliance, who wants to force wants to force President Buhari, out of the Presidential Office, believes remains in detention after calling for RevolutionNow.

President Buhari was announced the winner of the 2019 elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Despite receiving 15,191,847 (55.6%) of the vote, Mr Sowore believes President Buhari, should not have been declared winner.

Having said “voting is no longer going to solve the problem in Nigeria,” Mr Sowore said publicly he’d remove President Buhari from office using other methods.


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